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  1. Inferior or not, or maybe superior, YOU, dont know how the reboot monitoring works! If, you would know, you would have answered correctly already. You are just a moderator, not a technician. The fact is, they - IOBit, has not said conclusively that it does monitor reboots, and told how to prove it for me so i would be calmed. Instead asked for a logg, as if something could have gone wrong and that may be my problem. I get the, of course, the impression that the answering individual do not know himself. That individual pops in and answers, probably hastily, without REALLY trying to understand what he reads. If he did, he would have answered correctly already. When people do not answer "spot on" and professionaly, i do get irritated. When comparing this product with others it does an equal job at cleaning after uninstallation of "normally" installed programs. But an inferior job when it comes to rebooted programs, lika a firewall for instance. It is a pity that this did not work out because i was prepared to better the Swedish translation in the program, it has some faults. Byt this has gone astray because of 2 reasons. 1. A sloppy IOBit representative. 2. A moderator who defends something that does not need to be defended=redundant responses. You are to much - "on their side" - instead of the side of fact. Loyality without intelligence. You will probably, most certainly, respond to this post of mine but for me, this is over. Good bye
  2. I think that that answer was a little bit vague. It does not create certainty that the monitoring continues during and after a reboot, since in the programs gui the info does not change. As i said before, everything, all info, indicates that the monitoring ended when the program says it did. That is to say - before reboot. A technician would answer my question with an explanation on HOW it actually works and why the conclusive info is missing.That is the type of answer i want. Everything else is not - reliable stable data. Do you get me? With the right explaining answer this would be over several posts back. I like the program, but since i can not be shure of its function i will not use it for now but instead stay with what i have got. Something i know works the way it should because i can see the difference between a non monitored reboot install and monitored d.o.
  3. As i said, i have uninstalled your uninstaller. It amazes me that you do not know how your own uninstaller works. If you did, you would have been capable of giving me a straight answer by now. So, If you want to find out, test it yourself. Over and out.
  4. I have tried with several programs, same result. No indication from the uninstaller that a reboot installation was monitored. Since you can not give me a straight answer if your program has that capacity or not i have uninstalled it. I will not engage in this any more.
  5. I have done so, but your uninstaller informs me that it has completed the monitoring when the install is done, prior to reboot. After a reboot i do not get any more messages and i can not see any difference in the program regarding it. So there is no info that makes certainty about a "FULL" monitoring. And before a reboot your program says in the gui - LOGGED. So everything indicates a done deal - before the reboot. So i compared with Soft Organizers uninstaller and it did a much more thorough job when unistalling because of its rebootmonitoring. As far as i could see.
  6. Yes that i know. What i mean and wonder about is, just as i wrote, HOW a monitored install that needs a reboot is done. I can not find any option about it where i have to do something. If i restart my Pc after an installation that require reboot, will the program "know" automatically that it should continue to monitor or what?
  7. Hi I can not find in the manual how a monitored install with reboot is done. Can anyone inform me?
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