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    Windows 7 on 2 computers (1 desktop and 1 laptop)
    Windows 8.1 on one laptop
    Zonealarm free antivirus + firewall 2015
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  1. hello, the website https://dw.uptodown.com/dwn/N_96dry-Ep4qweg9fpl0Ka3lp1cfC_Z-7Dfd3dd8v-CkjtrJEF0VECmn0-G8hIfFquZzdvVFggn1B3KGszO7MSbZjq-WfxyBkLqjJbKS_-sGVy_BHjAz4tQB9Thzd8Xz/eYA3G0WJzKN8tIcRIfIWEU7hRGBrvxzuVvrCOQaglRIkBvJNTvYHhoVa3vIBUVt-3eKtj7cUm8NWqImY7LEZ23DmL04L8fn69xf6V6j3kaZPsKii7kuFQZEG_9fMJivk/EMT77JSNdoIcbWXaZ0oMR2G42Ct1TkhX5p1xvp6l3QoLnm-uLAVTSlcJIaGFN-FeoBUKINOpLfd5FSLyw1EP6q6cFTVPJPN3oELK4s2TmaA=/ is down, i can't update my iobit uninstaller software
  2. hi everyone, is it safe if i install zonealarm free firewall + antivirus on another desktop pc with driver booster and asc ?
  3. Hi, i've attached the file debug info .zip to this message i only can go to command prompt in safemode
  4. Hi, What should i do to repair the laptop under win 7 which crashes at boot ? should i reinstall the whole system ?
  5. i did a refresh of my laptop under 8.1 and it worked but i still have issues to boot on the win7 one (bsod irql less or equal at boot)
  6. Hi everyone, i have two laptops that can't boot anymore, one under windows 7 and one under windows 8.1 i have installed driver booster 2 pro with advanced system care 8 pro and Zonealarm free antivirus + firewall 2015 i don't know how i can't recover from these crashes. on the windows 7 laptop i get an irql less or equal bsod at boot, i can't go to safemode, i only can go to command line in safemode on the windows 8.1 one i don't have a bsod but i can't boot anymore, it leads me to the troubleshoot page i read that i had to install asc in compatible mode but i don't know how to do it. hopefully i have a third computer...
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