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  1. Thanking you, regarding the experience of few years ago, which it had happened the same, doing your mentioned above process, after reinstalling the BIS, it removes again the DB, it does not give enough time to put it in its ignore list, in addition to, I do not have patience to uninstall and re-install the BIS any more.
  2. No, I can download it, but during the installation the process is blocked by the BIS, you can see the DB's setup.exe in my last screenshot.
  3. That is right and the best, which the Iobit must contact with the Bitdefender to solve this problem.
  4. The BIS causes that Iobit notification, because it fails to download the DB due to action of blocking by the BIS, in addition to, I had before uninstalled all the old folder of the DB either in AppaDate or user folder...., also along with using the the Iobit uninstaler, I carried it out again, downloading again the DB using Majorgeks website, but , I faced the same problem, its screenshot is here
  5. In addition to, I always use the main website of the iobit to download the various website, following link: https://www.iobit.com/en/index.php?s
  6. Yes, certainly the defect in connected to the BIS, it may be false positive ( for which I have already sent them email), as you suggested me , I downloaded the DB using the Majorgeek website, but , I faced the same problem, the process of the installing the DB is blocked by the BIS, its screenshot is attached with this post, as following, thanking you again.
  7. Thanking you, just I asked the above question again from the BIS by Live Chat, they told me that the BIS's modules interferes with the Iobit modules!! even if the BIS is turned off, it blocks the DB to be installed or re-installed, as I told you before, when all the security options of the BIS is turned off, its realtime must be turned off, if it remains turned on, despite to disable all of its options in main window of the BIS, and so, it is out of the user's ability and demand to turn it off completely.
  8. As I told you despite disabling the BIS, not only its antivirus option but also all its security options as Firewall, Advanced threat Defense, Vulnerability, Ransomware Remedition, during installing DB again, its process is blocked by the BIS, the solution is to delete completely the BIS, but after re-installing it (BIS), even though the DB is enclosed to is ignore list, again the DB is removed by the BIS, the past experiences show it, today I proved it again, but , I do not have patience to uninstall and reinstall the BIS any more, thanking you
  9. As I told above, even though the Iobit forum is considered as a dangerous website!! its screenshot is attached here.
  10. Respectfully, today I have faced this problem in this sense that my Bitdefender Internet Security (BIS) remove my Iobit Driver booster telling me that it is a dangerous application!! which in fact it is a safe software and I am using it for years, neither I am able to download it again, which is blocked by my BIS, its screenshot is attached with this post, please how I am able to fix this problem, I contacted with them , Bitdefender,by the chat, but they, Bitdefender, do not give a clear and reasonable answer, having sent them two email that I am waiting for their answers, even though they show the Iobit Forum website as a dangerous website!!! thanking you.
  11. the website and the setup.exe shows new version, but, after installing you see that it shows the same old version!! a few month ago I saw the same in connection with the Driver Booster too.
  12. the website does not allow me to post the screenshot!
  13. Respectfully, I would like to download a new version of my software and not to repeat a version of the same software with various number and sources names, the user must have the option to know over the new version, this not logic I download a software and after installing I discover that it is the same version! mustn't the user discover which is the new version and which is the old version? thanking you.
  14. Respectfully, this is the second post but nobody has tried to fix the above problem, I have faced a problem in connection with the Smart Defrag in this sense that in website it shows the version, including its set up,, but ,after installing it show the version of the!!! please how the problem must be fixed, which it happens repeatedly? I do not understand why the Iobit let refer people to such website (MajorGeeks.Com) in order to update its software?!
  15. Respectfully, I have faced a problem in connection with the Smart Defrag in this sense that in website it shows the version, including its set up,, but ,after installing it show the version of the!!! please how the problem must be fixed, which it happens repeatedly?
  16. It is to explain you, just now I discovered, the above link you have sent me, its version is newer ( than that one in iobit website(, and so , I downloaded it, there was not any problem like before, it was clean, thanking you again.
  17. Thanking for your respond, I have already installed the last version of Driver Booster, and so, I am not able to download again from your above link, I had downloaded from Iobit websit, following link, https://www.iobit.com/en/index.php?s, that it also leads to Softonic website, the following link, https://driver-booster-free.en.softonic.com/redirect-download, which makes the malware problem, and it is better that the Iobit provides your above link directly to the Iobit users in order not to face that malware problem or false positive, I also sent the above message to the Bitdefender to consider in the case of a false positive, thanking you again.
  18. Dear Madam/ Sir, Respectfully, I have Driver Booster P (DBP), today when I was installing the last version of the DBP, I noted that it was over to install a malware that was blocked by my Bitdefender Internet Security, its screenshot is attached with this email, however, the process of the installing of the last version of the DBP was continued and it works well, it is to explain that the above problem happened in my both PCs, this is my question is whether my PC is safe at this present regarding the mentioned above problem , please? thanking you.
  19. Respectfully, passing over two months, have you, Iobit, contacted with the Bitdefender? is there any solution? has Iobit fixed the above ASC conflict with the Bitdefender,,please? and so, could I install my ASC Pro again? thanking you.
  20. Please , respectfully, what are you telling???!!! what is advanced System care1.0.0.250??!! who talked about that??!! I am talking about advanced SystemCare Pro from Iobit for which I am a user for several years, you do not read well the posts, this Advanced SystemCare Pro: http://www.iobit.com/en/advancedsystemcarepro.php If you consider the first BIS'email that I posted above, they referred to the Iobit, why have you not contacted with the Bitdefender yet??!! this is not a new matter, but also an old matter, as I told you before(in above posts) and I repeat it here again, in one remote session with BIS, they deleted all the installed my "Iobit" products telling they create problem for the BIS, an then Latter, I re-installed only my Iobit Driver Booster and- Iobit Unlocker, deleting my Advanced SystemCare Pro from my Both PCs.
  21. Respectfully, I had the same above last version, that Pro one, that I had to delete it, thanking you.
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