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  1. @Cicely - I don't know how many other ways to say it, I've said it every time - I can't find the DNS protect settings. I don't know where it is, which program, where to find it inside that program
  2. Something strange happened on the last IMF update. It came up with the same message saying the dns was changed to that bad double DNS, I looked and it was not in the settings and kept working for a bit. Shortly after, the internet went down again but still everything in the DNS settings were set to auto. I did a system restore to just before installing the update and it cleared up again.
  3. Cicely, the connectivity issue was continuous. The only way to get internet with this issue was over a hard wire. Posts 35-37 descripbe my systems and troubleshooting proceeses including the fix. I was never able to find the setting for DNS protect or the restore feature mentioned earlier in this thread. I could fix it with windows system restore on one machine, but the others didn't have restore points because one is barely used and the other is server 2008r2 which does not have system restore. However, each time IMF needed a program update install, the problem came back within 30 seconds consistantly. I could see it happening because your own software that was causing it (IMF) would pop up saying the DNS was MALICIOUSLY CHANGED LOL!!! I even reinfected and restored my machine a few times just for the screen shots I posted here. I used a workaround for a number of months where I would do the install then run system restore, which kept the update intact because the software already exists in the registry, but removed the negative effects, returning the system settings to what they were before install. Then it happened during a Driver Booster software update, then ASC. I finally removed all IOBit software from all my machines but I did want to be sure I posted the fix for other people.
  4. @enoskype - I am aware that those addresses are Google's, are you aware that they were not circled in the picture? They were entered during the diagnostic process to validate the hardware and connection. I used to have Brighthouse, I had AT&T for weeks before this issue happened and it was working fine until I used IOBit software. So as to what kind of accusation, let's look at the evidence: Step 1. A computer working normally. Step 2. IOBIt Malware Fighter, Advanced System Care or Driver Booster pops up asking to be updated. Step 3. Update this software you trusted for years and seconds later a message from YOU - IOBit Malware Fighter - says "Your DNS may have been MALICIOUSLY CHANGED. If you click the button to block and revert the setting, the internet works for another minute or so until it repeats the DNS change without the popup allowing you to block it. Step 4. Hit Refresh on anything you have open and suddenly you are getting errors that you cannot connect. Look down at your taskbar, you will notice a splash over your wireless icon saying limited connectivity. Remarkably, LAN services like wireless printing still work, but no internet. Step 5. System Restore. Lather, rinse, repeat. Do it all again multiple times on other systems, other brands and other operating systems. You get the same results. IT IS IOBIT SOFTWARE CAUSING IT. Step 6. Start internet research and find numerous people complaining about this for OVER HALF A YEAR and after numerous software updates during that time the problem is still not resolved. In this thread, someone else (post #12 this thread - FEBRUARY 19... 7 MONTHS AGO) even refers to a link from University of Florida listing all IOBit software as being known to cause connectivity issues and urging their student to not use it. I even subjected myself to ruining the system again just to get screenshots of it happening which I posted days ago and got no response. It's amazing how everyone is chiming in NOW. The only thing I did was show people an easily repeatable process to fix it. Either you're welcome (IOBit's team of programmers mysteriously couldn't manage to do it in AT LEAST 7 months (the beginning of this thread, but who knows what other threads and sites mention this issue prior) which makes no explanation of how this problem miraculously started in software that has existed and worked for years other than being intentionally programmed in, or I apologize for exposing IOBit for what it is while you pretend this is some sort of widespread accident and offer no working fix in 7 months, which a friend of mine who is a local computer store tech fixed in 5 minutes. A person with a questioning mind may call that suspicious.
  5. FIX FOUND / PROBLEM SOLVED - HOW TO FIX IOBIT malicious DNS change These screenshots are from windows 8.1, other versions will be similar. IOBit is intentionally changing the routing of your DNS through their server TO TRACK YOU. They are trying to route you through 2 of their DNS servers at the same time, creating an invalid DNS address. The reason it works on some computers is Windows is internally separating the 2 addresses on some and not others STEPS - 1 UNINSTALL ALL IOBIT - IT IS ALL MALWARE ROUTING YOU THROUGH THEIR TRACKING SERVERS 2 right click the wireless splash in your toolbar, hit OPEN CONNECTION AND SHARING, click CHANGE ADAPTER SETTINGS 3 right click your wireless setting and hit PROPERTIES 4 click INTERNET PROTOCOL VERSION 4 and hit PROPERTIES 5 click ADVANCED 6 highlight all manually entered DNS addresses and click REMOVE and then OK 7 back at the advanced screen, change to OBTAIN DNS SERVER ADDRESS AUTOMATICALLY 8 keep hitting OK until you are out
  6. I find it hilarious that the software that is causing the problem calls the DNS change malicious [ATTACH=CONFIG]n210679[/ATTACH]
  7. I have also been experiencing this. I am stunned this was brought to your attention in FEBRUARY ( http://forums.iobit.com/forum/iobit-security-software/iobit-malware-fighter-3/204300-the-malware-fighter-is-blocking-my-internet-connection ) and now it is a couple days away from SEPTEMBER and you haven't fixed it yet, even though you say your team has been working on this since April 22 ( http://forums.iobit.com/forum/iobit-security-software/iobit-malware-fighter-3/206246-iobit-malware-fighter-blocked-my-internet-connection ). Even just a few minutes before this posting, I still have this problem. I have been using this program for several years and believed it could be trusted. Now every time I install an update it knocks me off wireless, showing I am connected with full wireless signal but I only have LAN access (I can still print wirelessly) but no passthrough to the internet. My HP laptop with win8.1 x64 was effected first. It isn't the main one I use so when I caught it there were no windows system restore points old enough to go back to, so I'm stuck being tethered to the router by a hardwire until I wipe the system clean to factory. I cannot even find some of these settings you're referring to - where is the restore built in the program? What about DNS protect? My Toshiba Win7 x64 is my main computer and allowed me some diagnostic time to play with because it did have the windows restore points. Immediately after installing iobit malware I got a black & blue popup (advanced system care) saying that my dns was maliciously changed, allow or restore. I hit restore and it continued working... for a minute. It seems to wait until it sees the computer go idle then changes again when you are not there to block it. This happens EVERY TIME i update. Then I do a system restore, and it works, with the update still installed because everything to run the program is still the same in the registry. I update my program weekly or more, and the definition updates don't change anything, but every time there is a program update I have to download, either through the program interface or the web, it happens. What's worse is that the notification pops up in the bottom corner where most people don't see it, and worst of all only stays up for a couple seconds before disappearing and allowing the change. IT IS ABSOLUTELY INFURIATING. Oddly enough, my Acer laptop with win7 x64 (now with free upgrade to 10) never hiccuped once during these installs, with either 7 or 10. My workstation running Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 (basically win7) is behaving even more bizarre. Server does not come with windows system restore and it was the first machine effected, so I didn't notice because I used to run a hard wire connection back when this issue began. Once I moved to a new house, I switched to wireless (WHICH USED TO WORK before I went hard wire), now when I plug in those same USB wireless antennae the hardware is picked up correctly in device manager but it says there are no available connections - it can't see mine or my neighbors, NOTHING at all. What's worse is that a while back I had to replace the motherboard and windows now thinks it is a pirated copy, so I cannot even reformat and start over. I'm stuck with a broken computer. Thank you IOBit. It is absolutely appalling that you people put this "bug" out in the first place, I can't imagine how it wasn't caught in beta, but much much worse, you have known about it for more than half a year and have not fixed it. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS!?!?!?!?!?!?
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