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  1. There is file that prevents me from playing any steam games online, it is HMIPCORE.DLL, after i deleted it, i get this error code above, and i have no internet access, my real ip address belongs to my pc was inside the pc after i deleted HMIPCORE.DLL from System32, it is related to my privacy tools, i uninstalled hide my ip and still can't get it.
  2. I cannot edit it, But i wanted to see the result, The result of disabling a repeating tasks contains malwares can stop any pop up in any OS!
  3. Sorry for 2 double posts! This mostly happen to me here, and i don't have the capability to delete it. I will try to disable ultimate-downloader.
  4. I have done that and nothing happened, Maybe if i disabled ultimate-downloader, no pop up? The avast note in chrome is an extension for chrome, But i don't have the software, AVAST is not a threat.
  5. 1. I have IOBit uninstaller, And i have no toolbars around, Every files are trusted and toolbars-free (Means there is no toolbars). 2. I have done that, But I don't have Microsoft Internet Explorer, I don't have Mozilla Firefox, But i have only chrome. 3. My PC cannot enter because it wants me to choose a program. 4. No adware files found, All of the files were just from NCH Suite (trusted program) and AVAST settings (trusted program), But not sure about Ultimate-Downloader, Its description says: after triggered, it repeats its trigger every one hour, Wait, it must be the pop up at least, The pop up repeats every hour!, it looks like a trojan horse and not an adware. 5. Everything on startups are normal and not bad files, Everything is necessary there. 6. The same ultimate-downloader again! the files that are looking suspicious are: {1BC0F183-47C1-4163-BD51-C7E5D2E9EDE4} - {84B2D4F4-86FD-4481-B6AE-E3238541C26C} - Tempo Runner kur6bim - Ultimate-Downloader, they are all normal files with no extension, folders are: AVAST Software - NCH Software, NCH and AVAST are well known trusted files. I am suspecting that ultimate-downloader is the reason the pop up repeats every 1 hour, Will the new malware fighter be able to remove most of adware files including ultimate-downloader and red installer xyz? EDIT: in my PC time: 05:13, the red installer poped up to me, According to the task ultimate-downloader!
  6. The pop up is actually not listed in the program list, It should be, but it's not, the pop up 1st appeared since i have installed baboom search, And i already have deleted it, The pop up never been deleted at all, Even after deleting my entire google chrome person datas, But still, there is a virusresearch tutorial on how to delete the adware itself named red installer xyz, every 30 minutes, my PC pops up and the site was from red-installer.xyz, I know it's dangerous, but not very critical to delete, The program must be in the program list, but never ever appeared with me, And not in the program list, No way to remove it, 1st, before the pop up, an application called taskeng.exe opens and then disappears suddenly, then the pop up appears as a new tab opened in chrome. Is it legal to post the link it directs me to?
  7. I don't know where to post this, But the malware fighter cannot fight it, I already tried all the ways to remove red installer xyz, But i still get the pop up every 30 minutes, I will need the malware fighter be able to remove adwares too, including red installer.
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