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  1. Yes, it's uninstalled but I can always re-install it to copy the database folder provided that it has any added benefits. Noted but I read in the changelog that the newer version 14 removes more files, scans more places etc won't it beneficial to have that database ? Just confirming my intuition.
  2. Okay, I reinstalled it and now it appears to be fine. Thank you for the support Scannnan. One more question: I've gathered that ASC has the paths to detect the junk files, registry, leftovers etc in the Database folder. Considering that, will it be possible if I replace the Database from of 13.7 from 14.3 to have updated database? Will it work ?
  3. Okay, just tried clicking in the windows, nothing happens, it's blank. Need to get in touch with the devs, they would surely know.
  4. 1. I'm not sure but the modules in the toolbox tab should be scrapped through some files is my guess 2. Meaning the program is doing everything it's supposed to do without any issues except for showing any entries under the Toolbox tab.
  5. Hello again Scannan. 1. I first completely uninstalled version 14.3, Restarted, ran CCleaner then installed 13.7 2. No error messages or warnings 3. Anti-Virus was active during the whole operation. I have investigated further and apparently the program files folder of ASC is missing some file, which ones, I can't tell and for what reason, I can't tell either. But this may not be true as the program is running fine without any issues.
  6. Hi, So I reverted to version 13.7 because I don't like the newer version 14 but now my toolbox is empty. There ain't a single entry in the toolbox. I need this. https://i.postimg.cc/D0M46BRG/Capture.png Please help me resolve this
  7. Yes, I tried with AI turned off but I don't like it and want to get rid of it altogether. Plus 13.7 has better UI compared to 14.3 For comparing, I'll try it both ways. Installing one by one and installing side by side and see which one works. Thanks for the kind support scannan, this is solved. Thread can be closed now.
  8. Thanks Scannan. You're the man. I wish they had never added the AI function in version 14 to it, spoils the party. Is there any way to install two different version simultaneously for comparison ? Maybe give newer version different location to install ? And thanks again for the help, very kind of you to always come to my rescue.
  9. Hello, I don't like the new version 14 of ASC Free and would like to revert to previously used version 13.7 but couldn't locate the installer. Could anyone please help me locate it ? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Thank you for recommendation, I'm looking into it now.
  11. Ah! So I guess we are done here. Actually, as I said before I want to use Iobit's products over others because they do things like a pro but I'm emphasizing this so much because I had lot's of junk on the system and leftovers from the uninstalled programs, I ran ASC and it removed 200 MB something junk but I got the feeling it left much more so I tried CCleaner and Voila it removed another 1.2 GB over what ASC removed so that's a huge difference. Anyways, we together have done all we could and just hope dev's read this and improve the junk cleaning module further. Thank you for taking time and helping me out yet again. You are a valuable asset here and all your contributions are highly appreciated.
  12. Okay understand what you're saying. Do they read all the threads on board ? And one last thing, if you could help me out here, could you please link me to any threads I can make a suggestion or draw their attention towards this this issue ? And thanks again for the help, highly appreciated.
  13. Yes, scannan I found those settings, credits to you. Can I take a moment and show you the all the things CCleaner removes ?? Maybe a screenshot ?
  14. I was saying that where can I submit the suggestion for the junk files cleaning module for the dev's to take attention of the point ?
  15. Okay second link works now but isn't it about ASC ultimate, I'm on Pro shouldn't I submit this in Pro thread instead of ultimate thread ??
  16. Done, thanks! https://forums.iobit.com/topic/16189-send-your-feedback-for-advanced-systemcare-14/?do=findComment&comment=113377
  17. Hi again Scannan and thank you for the helpful links. Found the answer to the recycle bin not clearing up. Second link shows "We could not locate the item you are trying to view."
  18. Found the answer to the first point here
  19. Hello, I would like to make 2 point here. First, the program never deletes anything from the recycle menu or the %LOCALAPPDATA%\Temp folders even though recycle bin is selected in the junk files clean in settings. Second, this is neither a complain nor am I asking for support, just drawing the attention of the dev's towards other programs CCleaner and Auslogics Boostspeed, they remove far more junk than ASC. While ASC has better navigation, tweaks and registry removals but it's junk file cleaning module needs improvements. Thank you for the software, support and kind regards.
  20. This is exactly what I have done until now bit no more. After the fresh install, first thing I do is install the drivers. Managing applications comes at much later stage of setting up the system. This is not a good practice by Iobit, making us dependent on their product even when there's no need to. Of course the drivers will be downloaded through their program so I'm not sure why they want it sitting on users machine. Installing/updating drivers is not a frequent process except for the gamers maybe but those who want can keep the application installed. For the rest of us, the developers could have given us the break. There are two similar programs from other companies which I'm refraining to name, I just tested and they apparently provide the .exe's I can save and use again and again without having to be dependent on the program itself. And all that in the free version. Having said that, I prefer Iobit products over others as they are simple and efficient but this particular program Driver Booster and the way it handles the installation of drivers pushed me off. If this doesn't get changed, which I doesn't have high hopes for, I'll move on. No hard feelings though, Iobit products are kickass. Thank you for the help and support Scannan, your presence and interest in my thread is highly appreciated. You can close this topic now if you like, I have nothing further to add.
  21. This much is clear. But my question remains, instead of packing the drivers as "Driver Booster file" why can't the program pack them as simple .exe or .msi self exucuting installers. Then the users wouldn't require to install the driver Booster first to be able to install the drivers. Why it isn't so ? and more importantly what can we do to change it ?
  22. Nah, that was not my intention. There's a difference between disagreeing and disrespect but I do sincerely apologies if you felt it so. And I assure you that any reply you make to my threads or any interest you take in my topics is highly appreciated. Moving on, can I further discuss it with you or continue this thread ?
  23. https://i.postimg.cc/J4P6RTMn/1599727532291475.png Why this unnecessary step ?
  24. From the link you provided: So after I have downloaded the offline driver package file, I need to install the program Driver Booster as I highlighted in the quote. I am asking why this unnecessary step ? I just want to click the files I downloaded and install the drivers without the need of having driver Booster installed.
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