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    Win10, Malware Fighter 6.6.1 Pro, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 12.1 Pro, Driver Booster 6 and Uninstaller 8.4 - both need to be updated. 64 bit Intel system


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  1. thanks... I'm using Chrome (now exclusively with the latest update of Firefox). And yes... I've already done what you've suggested, which is why it was a surprise when this one got thru. For anyone who gets it, so far it looks like all you need to do (in Chrome) is to go to Advanced Settings -> Notifications and delete it. Make sure you have Notifications blocked and do NOT click "allow" on ANY notifications, even those you may want. Email Notifys are one thing... but these Push Ads are bad! Of course, redirects should be blocked, as well. I've not found anything written to the
  2. Thanks for the welcome! Believe me, I'm not in a panic... and I know exactly what this is (and how it happened). And yes, I'm as old as the hills -- I was on the 'Net before it was GUI. My "issue" is I have my system locked down pretty darn hard - harder than we had on systems in the government. I've been in the "business" for 40 years; not much gets by me, and because of my reputation in this area, my word is pretty much taken as truth. Security, however, is not my main balliwick - which is why I've depended on IOBIT for so many years (10+). Oh.. I also use the Iobit extension for saf
  3. malware name - txtnews.online hurriedly and stupidly hit ok on a "notification" but Malware Fighter did not warn this was malware. I own several professional versions of the software here, and have recommended it for the last several years; most recommends have gone on to buy the software for Malware and Syscare Ult. I am due to update the most important software in July, but I'm concerned that neither the Malware Fighter nor the Virus checker in Syscare Ult did not detect this type of malware. Is this beyond capabilities? Do I need to add or install a different/additional malwa
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