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  1. I know I'm not the only one out there with this problem because I have seen the posts. I appreciate that you are a volunteer and help people. Thanks. On the other hand, who in the world is going read your advice about bulk driver changes unless something happens? Shouldn't Iobit have right in the beginning of the install say do a little at a time or something? And, hey the comment, "Nobody forced you to use DB", is just wrong. It's does not help anyone. We buy a product in good faith and expect the results advertised. That is not OUR fault. The fact is, this piece of software kills machines. It should be OFF the market until their engineers find out why these complaints are happening. If they gave a crap they would. It's not Levono's fault. It worked just fine before I ran the driver program.
  2. I have not found links for the machine I have. They have them for your model.
  3. The drivers are the ones associated with the trackpad. I am thinking the Synaptic Touchpad driver. Regarding taking note of all the drivers that were updated, no, I trusted the program to know which ones needed an update and let the program run. There is really nothing to go back to since the machine has now been wiped 4x's to factory install with no drivers being replaced that run the trackpad. As you mentioned, I am annoyed (mild description, but ok) at the Driver program. I have had zero problems with all the rest of the programs I have bought through IOBit. They work fine. I just want to get my trackpad working again.
  4. Since there are people there who wrote the Driver program and are experts, please let me talk to them. Thank you for your opinion on what your Lenovo does but that does not solve my issue and is not really helpful info. I would like to hear from the Driver support team how to fix this. I am looking for a solution at this point.
  5. I am pretty sure I know what the problem is. The software has wiped out at least the Synaptic Touchpad driver. Lenovo is the one who decided to come out and replace the parts, even though I believed it was the deletion of these drivers through the program that has caused the problem. I want to know how you can help me get these drivers back up and running, since it was the program that caused a perfectly running computer to fail in this regard. I cannot blame Lenovo so I'm not going there. I'm not going to throw Lenovo under the bus for the fault cause by this program. They did what they thought was best to do. I am looking you YOUR support team to help fix the problem. I tried rolling back - but keep in mind as in some of my very first correspondence I factory reset the computer 3x even before the hardware replacement and again afterwards. I am looking to YOUR team now how to fix this problem, since it is this program that caused it. I have not had difficulty with the other programs. But this one causes failures. And from what I read on the posts, I am not the only one who has experienced it. Now, what can be done?
  6. My trackpad went out after running this program. It knocked out drivers that I apparently cannot replace rendering my new laptop partially ineffective. I am looking for support on HOW to get the drivers back that were deleted. After replacing the hardware, they concluded that it now has become a software issue, which I knew, but was hoping maybe a hardware change would be enough to reinstall these drivers - the Synaptic Touchpad - I think. Since it was this product that deleted the required drivers, I am looking for an answer to how to fix it.
  7. This program has killed my trackpad. I have done the following: Reinstalled the system to factory 3x. Lenovo has come out and replaced the trackpad and motherboard. And another back to factory reinstall. I have written IObit at least 3x and wait for responses which has not been very helpful. I need an answer for this. This laptop is only a couple of months old. I did not have trouble with the other products, but this one is dreadful. I might have to call Lenovo now and see if they will send a replacement machine. This should not happen. I need an answer now instead of going through the support ticket - it could take a month with that method. Thank you.
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