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Designing New Skins for ASC (Part 2)


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** UpDate November 29, 2009 **

XSkin-Pro Ver 3.0.2+ **NEW 3.0.2+ EXE Installer**


A) There is a new XSkin program available as Beta 2 has now ended. ( available as of today )


B) There appears to be an error if the skin does not include a "scan.avi" file..

This is due to IOBit changing the contents of the skin recently.

You may copy this file from the Black or White skin folder.


* New Picture Menu *


New skins may need to be downloaded, all skins at ClickTask.com have menu pics now!


NEW - Picture Menu - All Languages Support - Skin Installer - Automatic UpDates - All Operating Systems & More!


XSkin has a new Home ClickTask.com

All Support will remain here with its BEST supporters... IObit.com!!!






*** XSkin can be ran from the "Utilities" screen in ASC under "Tuneup". ***




Ctrl+Alt+s = Create a StartUp ShortCut ; remove with "Startup Manager" in ASC

Ctrl+Alt+u = Check for Updates ; opens XSkin design page in your default browser

Ctrl+Alt+i = File/Ver Info


The program was designed to be placed inside the ASC folder ( there is no

installer ). it will also work in the portable ASC folder ( Flash Drive ). It will look for the

portable exe file first. It may be ran before, during or after ASC is ran. If ran

before, it will launch ASC.


It runs silently until the "User Interface Option page" is loaded. It then sends

the listed skins into the ComBoBox, makes a small about GUI that fades-out and

then XSkin exits.


The Skins are designed to be placed inside the ASC folder under Skin. Just copy

the complete folder, not the individual files inside, and paste it under the skin folder in



... You can Help by Designing Skins too!








This Skin is included in the XSkin Launcher for ASC. If you do it right, It should look like this...





Frequently Asked Questions...


More clear installation instructions by enoskype

Hi w.Hatton,


Did you download Launch_XSkin_ASC.zip file from post #1 of this thread?


Extract the zip file so that exe file sould be in the main folder of AS 3, and the other skin color sub folder should be in Skin folder in ASC 3 main folder.


You have to exit and restart ASC 3 for changes to come to effect.

Click the created extra (X) icon under "Tune Up" tab, in "Utilities" of ASC 3, click "Options", click "User Iterface", than the options of skins would be there in the dropdown menu of "Theme".

Choose your preferred one and click "Apply" button.


That's it.





Create your own BackGround ( Skin ) by Valuater



Could an option to add your own background pic be done?


It is already available Matt!


What I am asking is for you to share it with all of us...



Create a "folder" under the ASC Skin folder ( like XSkin does ) with the "White" or "Black" theme name fist, again, the folder must use "Black" or "White" as the first name ( Like XSkin has "Black-Blue" and "White-Dubai" )

XSkin must be ran again for your skin ( Folder Name )to show up under "Options: User Interface".



Create your new background, buttons, etc and adjust the colors in the ini file ( the Layout.ini file is located inside the color folder name ) The "Bg_main.png' pic has to be 780 x 500 and the "Bg_Content.png" has to be 393 x 420. ....This is the hardest part.. make it "Look Good"!!!



Create a picture file of what the Skin looks like. NOTE - please use Alt+PrintScreen keys for the Picture! You may need to UpLoad the picture to an alternate WebSite ( ex.. ImageShack.com ) and this will give you a "Link" to the Picture.

(This will be posted later)



Create a "zip" file using the new color "folder name". This is the Standard way to shrink the size of the file and the most "acceptable" to most Forums. ** ONLY ** place the files you changed in the zip file, I will replace the other files ***

otherwise the file is too big to upload here



UpLoad the zip "color folder" here in the "Designing New Skins for ASC" sticky thread...



Be sure to place the Picture here in the Forums for all to see!


.... and that's it .... simple right!







Changing Laguages by enoskype


Originally Posted by solbjerg View Post

Hi enoskype

I noticed that it functioned as you described in the setting English language, but that I had to refresh it if I used the Danish language.

Futhermore I had to do that again after a restart of the program??

And Again ---- after restarting program????





Yes, solbjerg, same here. I have not explained the use of the Hot key for program running silently.

Hot Key:

Ctrl+Alt+s = Create a StartUp ShortCut


should keep it as started and running silently until the User Interface page opened.


In short, if you want to change to a different skin after restart of ASC 3 (and you don't restart OS in the mean time), you have to run the "XSkin by Valuater" add-on again and applying the English language and choosing the different skin and then turn back to a different language.





Changing Active X adjustments by enoskype


Hi luckyvic,


It is same as when you open IObit web Homepage.


Change your Active X adjustments.


Go to:

IE=>Tools=>Internet Options=>Security=>click Internet=>click "Default Level" button=>Apply=>OK=>close IE


This should stop that window appearing. Or, you can click OK and ignore it.


The reason is that, instead of news web page of IObit, main Homepage is connected, where there is Active X content.

It is not harmful at all.




... The solution found to prevent the pesky error popping up is this: IE/TOOLS/INTERNET OPTIONS/SECURITY/CUSTOM LEVEL...Then I went through the entire menu that mentioned "ActiveX Controls" and either gave "enable" or "prompt" status. Clicked APPLY at the end. Immediately executed ASC and received NO ERROR! Just FYI for all.






Known Bugs...


There are a few "known design bugs" we are aware of and trying to fix.



When the skin is loaded, or the the user presses "Home" and the "Latest News" Tab,

the IE object defaults to IObit.com ( this can not be corrected by XSkin development )



When the skin is loaded, or the the user presses "Home"

The IE Object appears to create a "child" GUI and off-sets the "Bg_Content.png" picture.

( this can not be corrected by XSkin development )



The "Black" or "White" buttons for "Scan" and "Close" colors can not be controlled.

( this can not be corrected by XSkin development )






Thanks for all your continued support enoskype!!!




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  • 2 months later...

Continuation of the "Designing New Skins for ASC" thread


Designing New Skins for ASC (Part 1) thread is CLOSED to save some bandwidth. You can still go there and read, but you can not post there.


From now on, we will continue posting for Designing New Skins for ASC thread in this existing thread.


We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.



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Hi Valuater,


The Scan.gif is gone again from Black and White skin folders.

This is valid for ASC from MajorGeeks.


Existence of Scan.gif files in XSkin folders does not effect the working of extra skins.







I saw the new release of ASC 3.3.1+.


... Thanks for keeping us updated for XSkin




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  • 6 months later...

Designing New Skins for ASC P


hey jeremy, are you sure they arent bots looking for vulerablilities in the site? I read about how once a site gets really popular, people may start trying to attack it in worse ways than just posting a thread


anyway, if thats the case, you should take it as a compliment


the great Jeremy Winterrowds website is now famous to the world


поиск работы в Москве — это процесс, который может занять определенное время

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Hi Valuater,


The Scan.gif is gone again from Black and White skin folders.

This is valid for ASC from MajorGeeks.


Existence of Scan.gif files in XSkin folders does not effect the working of extra skins.




There now appears to be an error created due to the skins missing a "scan.avi"... not "scan.gif"


Once you change skins and scan.avi is not in the new skin folder, the program will crash!!


The error message box states...


"Resource file missed, Please reinstall program."


and will exit.


...any ideas from our support team here?




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Hi Valuater,


It is nice to see you back.:-D


When I add the copied scan.avi to Xskins folders, it works OK, but it seems that I can not use the XSkin Pro. Only version works


I have also noticed that a lot of skins are gone from your web site too.


Unfortunately, because of a problem specific to my PC, I have even lost the skins that I have created.



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Hi Enis,


Sorry to hear you lost info on your computer. Thats never any fun to deal with.


I had too many skins on the website and the bandwidth needed to be lowered. Thus I removed many skins.


Please try the new download for XSkin Pro 3.0.2+ uploaded today... It should work fine


... however I need to know If I have to replace the "scan.avi" in all the skins or are they going to remove it like they did with the "scan.gif"





BTW most of your skin designs are still on the website... 8)

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Thanks Valuater,


I have downloded XSkin-Pro and it works as it should. ;-)


I don't know what is the future plan of IObit for the scan.avi, but IObit is working on ASC 4.


BTW, is there any chance that the removed skins (specifically the ones created by me) are stored in any kind of media that I can reach?



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Thanks Robert.


Don't get alienated that much, we need you here. :lol:




I check-in every once-in-a-while and look for posts relating to XSkin. I did notice this response in the new skin thread.


Hi Valuater,


The pro is not working again.:!:





Enis, I always appreciate you and your time. I apologize for any delay in fixing any problem with XSkin.


I downloaded and installed the latest XSkin Pro. It told me that my 30 day use has expired and "Please update to XSkin Pro" (due to previous use). But the XSkin limited continued to work fine.


I then gave myself a voucher and downloaded the XSkin Pro License. It installed and now my XSkin Pro shows as registered.... all is well on my system.....


How can I help yours sir?



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Hi Robert,


XSkin Pro continues to work fine as XSkin limited.


I thought XSkin Pro was automatically recognizing the ASC Pro after the expiration time and acting accordingly!!! 8)


Please correct me if I am wrong.:smile:



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OK Robert,


After running the XSkin_Pro_License.exe again, now XSkin Pro works as it should together with ASC






Glad all is well in XSkin land!! lol



XSkin does not recognize any change for ASC Free or ASC Pro. XSkin is completely independent.



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  • 2 weeks later...
Hello, I need help with skins


I did exactly as the instructions, but still not working


A big Thank you so willing to help me!



Sorry it took so long to see your post, I have been here in the forums many times since your post, however I did not see it until today.


1st with the ASC 4 comming out real soon, this great skinning program will no longer apply.


2nd I am currently opening a computer cafe for student s to rent computer stations here in Palm Springs, CA USA area. I am very busy right now.


3rd if you can explain the "error" or the actual problem you are having, maybe we can help you




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The thing is, I extract the files in the folder of the skin, as requested, restarted the program but still did not seem to take!


Reply with quote


After you extract the files, be sure to run XSkin.

If XSkin was installed correctly, you can see it in the "Utilities" tab on ASC.

After you run XSkin, open the "options" menu at the top right of ASC.

Click on the "User Intereface" from the left hand menu.

There should be selections available in the drop-down box after the words "current theme".


Select the skin you wish and press "apply"


Hopefully that will work for you now...



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