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UltraSurf for IE


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in my case failed to connect to server ---using port 8080

thy have the default set at 9666 --


also it may only work on IE browser--i do not have this on my systems --

there help file failed unless you use the link you provided

i shall try it on my others



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Your IP Address:

IP Address Hostname:

IP Country: United States

IP Country Code: USA

IP Continent: North America

IP Region: North Carolina

Guessed City: Cary

IP Latitude: 35.7895

IP Longitude: -78.8743

ISP Provider: Dynamic Internet Technology



work buitifull fast -but with ie only --

just using the normall system ----

thank you for this site link a golden find!!!!



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Your Host Information



USER_AGENT Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008100913 Firefox/3.0.3 CometBird/3.0.3

HTTP_REFERER http://www.stilllistener.com/checkpoint1/

HTTP Connection Information



HTTP_VIA (none)





HTTP_CACHE_CONTROL max-age=259200


Your IP or Proxy Server Name


after a few adjustments dis in paraged the remote proxy--

on proxomitirion


works well ---


this is the result --very good --its now a matter if one trusts this server!

but i would say better than the wild types---

i ran 5 fast checks --please read there statements in there help file and about--then you decide from there on --


again thank you for the link!



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"can you give me any information about the effectiveness, cleeness etc. of this program ?"



if you mean it is restricted NO ---no censorship! --fast --clean -one may have to sit on the odd times 30 seconds to start--but when done its fast

works the BEST with MS Browser--very fast--almost instant --

av rate 98.4% adsl speed download very fast av 55 on 56 k line --


this was designed mostly to allow blocked country's access to outside there own--ok

i ran 4 pc on the one router at the same time to the link -no speed loss--

not netted -stand alone by cables---with fire walls and without yet no loss of privacy when tested


i recommend this to any one surfing downloading---emailing chats you must decide this your selfs---


any how enjoy it its free 9+ /10 score


that it -all done



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no its only thing one may not like IF using IE- it will default to the Browser

and a start page -when hitting the tag home -you can download a fire fox add in as well but not needed!

that's all i found no spy or attachment -its a pure isp the program liks to the


static server with 2 outlet's--i could make out (proxy numbers)


spy ware or malware attachments. non i found --


look i think its 100% genuine -but there is always the but!

put it this way i now use it ---for a fast conduction--almost instant----


try it --than Google -my ip and test!!


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The link demitres has provided is not accepted by Hosts control and also McAfee SideAdvisor gives yellow for that site.



what do thy say about them --

Mmm ok yellow -not red ,well one ether uses it -as i stated as a surf site.or stays away--the other thing use a packet sniffer,and port watcher--

and all protocols -OS are blocked--all dns .echo blocked-all UDP ports BLOCKED-the only app running YOUR BROWSER -thats it--no jave,scrips,ACTIVE X and so on---

read the threads on this------------


block udp for the port 9666--just allow tcp--i found nothing wrong! or got any bells ringing--i know nothing as who thy are or there statement whether all grassy , thy may even be Some sort WATCHER<LOGERS > but thy do stealth extra well ! and seem not to worry thy are known,and advertise use us free---even if what thy say is half true that still a lot of users that's traveling

in and out---


so probably no worse than wild proxy ip's my self i use any thing even banned ip -sites--for surfing--swapping in and out every page-linked --

10 at the time!


i warn any one do not EMAIL,BANK,OR CHAT ,with any SITE ,USE YOUR OWN !! sever---i can tell you if i use my full ip blocking beethink .near 1 milll ips

that are blocked ,added( lists) and my own thy fail---as Do MS ,THIS SITE

or any forums sites - i block near all of the USA-USSR,AND HALF EUROPA--

PACIFIC,ASIA --3.parts of the nett! when i go STEALTHY MODE--

as its very extreme and a lot of innocent blocks , and ranges are set --get cut of i ad P2P lists add list government,schools ,and any i think are a good add in

as in )(o.o.o.oTO one set--*

and so on i use whats know a country lists --as well ---

now the best country's to use ? ones that have no love fore the west!!

and will not communicate ,or give any info ---to the western blocks...

if you live in the westerns countries-the other way around if you live in the anti country's--so live in say in Mexico ,use Asian blocks .Indonesia Korea,china

and the like--




-but for your normal surfing? or downloading? well you have to decide ---McAfee SideAdvisor well again i tried them , to see what thy were about--and its good for the very young as a Gide- or perhaps the new users,


myself thy are a joke!

some one calls site black -perhaps a pirate site , or hacker -warez ,cheating sites, that pass on software ,numbers- porn-sites-others swear thy are heaven sent

each to hes her own!


best thing use my meted !!ehh make your own a home proxy!

then use, ant -crawling ,with out fear!




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ok after one more thora testing -on xp -running-obit-avs-care-online armor fire wall-free version-malware bytes -bee think -normal -mode-


i found nothing to compromise the system --no waring of any scans -icmp-hits

or abnormality--seems clean -i UN blocked all UDP ports (test this)

and watched carefully packets sent received--scan cookies---

all seems normal--even longed , here -and not a problem


I am convinced it fine--to use the service!


but you the reader must -have no DOUBTS-if you decide to!

or fear in doing so---


that it all done --finished--- fhew --been flat out today --4 pc's doing the job --!


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