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  1. ok nothing major but a small bug? as i am demonstrating the newest version ran into this as well it gave me the giggles.as i do not have a clue as to the thimbles.(no offense meant) jjj
  2. hi ---yeh its all allowed,nothing blocked to the updates.nor 360 i even turned of ZONE Alarm...and disengaged the ip stopper.did a update check MS (yes i did) mater of fact over 55 of them are up to date 64 bit.Home premium edition of win7..yet get nothing..from 360 telling me a thing or show.. yet it linked freely.. i never used it but as for and demonstrate the program.run across this clinch.. its the latest one ,brand new installed..on the system.and Clean.. software is Minnaminnie installed i use c cleaner,zone alarm,fire fox,snap app, 360.win 7 control free ,VLC ..nothing that should stop any thing.. itsmejjj
  3. hi all as i am demonstrating installing and tweaking iobit 360 on a new installed 64bit win7 OS i have a small problem.. that i feel should be posted here under this heading... it just sits there and is not working? but mind you it may be something i am doing..installed the newest iobit application.and fully updated,FREE VERSION.. win is fully up to date.installed and set. thanks in advance.. itsmejjj
  4. just read it. perhaps you should of not pointed to it? still . . itsmejjj that good sir you removed it.good wise move. reason i am editing the post ,a mod posted a link ,that i read and reacting to.and as he rid the link i rid this as well as it makes no sence with out that link posted think before you post,yep always.. jjj .
  5. (I’m Jessie) hi to you this is so nice of you. .i am itsmejjj "we are open to make changes to the design and wording to reduce the similarities. Feel free to contact directly press@iobit.com " well don't get any better than this ,this is a top move ,and thank you, you are going all out..this should stop a lot of misunderstanding.and unneeded posts.!(but we can't tolerate intentional slanders either.) and this should stop this as now thy can contact iobit with any concern..or grievance. my hat is of to you iobit! itsmejjj
  6. thank you that fixed it ok i used my uninstaller and reinstalled the latest version. it updated the data base nicely..and its all good and running now what is this.BirRemover ? jjj
  7. [Main] Version=1608 Date=06/16/10 FP=155581 CoreVer=19 this is what i see yet my shot shows no update defaniotion. --prop-pa ip .i mean the sever provided one.and still get the sorry try later. scratch my head. look its not important as it works fine..but looks not nice.. i did set it for the localhost port 8118 but still nothing.i know i must be up for renewal .or close any how.but cant validate to be sure. i think i still have 5 or 6 weeks left.. now if you are wondering as to the long time update i reinstalled my OS (BETA) and installed the first version of IOBIT i saw on the store drive, not looking at it .then put in my ser number turned it to pro. saw it was a old copy installed the latest one i had over it.then relished there was a newer one, installed that over it as well and now have the latest 360 i hope.. itsmejjj
  8. this is a very nice service provided ,and it allows me to up date no need to link the other reason is my systems cant link unless i use a pro-pa IP and NOT a proxy. system. this saves me a lot of worry trying to fix it. so i thank the iobit service for this. ability to keep updated. now my ask is this the program PRO, tells me its 300 day behind? yet i have the latest data and version . perhaps its because its not linking? i just upgraded the version to the one i have now and over installed it of the one i had..its still pro.but like i said i cant link..i even turned of the sever (proxy) still get the same) TRY LATER itsmejjj itsmejjj
  9. i am still wondering if iobit is fixed this app or have thy decided to drop it.? or is there a other one that is worked on? thanks itsmejjj
  10. well this thread has gone into a soft porn and that was not my idea of have a laugh with itsmejjj surly we can do without this and still post nice funny things? you notice i have now stopped laughing? as its now starting to be offensive sorry but i see nothing funny any more! and to show some of the pictures suggesting sex and the woman as a sex object , was not the idea behind this tread..i think its time to clean it up? how the heck do i ex plane this as funny when some of the pictures are so suggestive? if readers are into this that's OK.but then go to the appropriate sites if its not offending to them. i find it very offensive. why just seems not the place for this.. itsmejjj
  11. time to redo this! but why not update the thread in its entirety? yes good idea. well i read this again from the start to the end ... a lot of effort went into this .but its really outdated.most links fail.its dealing in a out going OS soon obsolete. MS will soon NOT be supporting. xp, 85% of the soft ware and add in apps, do not run on a modern PC. speed these days is not a problem any more .not with the super fast computers thy now build. cpu usage is a lesser problem with duel core systems.(slow down) i have all these type of soft ware and bits ,but that is no use to any one if its not available on the net.1--2 you cannot use them on win7 and vista. so perhaps this needs revamping .or re-edited or just gotten rid of? time to move on. but its brilliant work..shame its so out of date. i warn readers be very careful of some of the small add ins .thy will flux your modern Os. thy are for XP only itsmejjj
  12. or your browser set it as shown like fire fox..or similar ok with avs you do not need to set it .360 as shown.. hope this helps you some. itsmejjj no i did not .du me! (configure my proxy setting ) i was thinking he wanted this clarified how to never mind..blind and silly as a bat .sometimes i lose the half .mostly the left side.. your right you could shift it ?
  13. setting for your browser localhost :port what ever you want say localhost port 8080 itsmejjj
  14. one i found a old one .but still funny.. love the Evolution one..clever stuff
  15. any idea if this has been looked at? and is there a new one (stand alone ) that can be tested? i don't expect iobit to go into a flutter.and get stuck into it.but as soon as thy have hopefully fixed this .can some one post it thanks. itsmejjj
  16. as you all know this is what i do best.and thank you for the nice comment .this gives me pride,for my self and the forum.some one posted i do not pay attention to iobit soft ware .trust this members i do .as with any soft ware i belt the heck out of them.bust them apart put them back together.find weakness.and if worth posting i do this happily..if its a tiny bug or glitch its usually fixed..by iobit staff and thy do not need to hear from myself. i know i am a pain sometimes .but that's me .thank you again friend.. itsmejjj
  17. dear iobit i read carefully this post from the first to the last .if this is going to be added to the main application,IS360 ..i do hope .you read this..this apps need attention.and fixing.its no where near what it should be,as i be leave you want it to be.. its main weakness its not protecting the files ,even in the same installed OS and am reading here there will be many improvements. to the application 360..this is wonderful.. perhaps .if i may suggest you put out 1 more copy of this file in beta form,to be tested? before it's added to 360? if i am sounding pushy , or a smart gent, then i Apologize, for this,as i am very hopefull and love this idea of this new applacation.. if its not .that would be a pity as we or rather i .cant really test it as a stand alone..and see if it can with stand a degree of hacking. so far it falls over like sugar. when water is added. please consider this .with your staff. thank you for your attention. itsmejjj
  18. as it is ,its useless .in the fact it can no hide the files.out side the installed application.and its own OS .even using a boot dist .as well far to easy to bust.as well i must explane this better -- the same os used .it fails in SAFE mode. any other used(OS) ,as in duel,boot system, or cd boot disk the same result every thing is shown ,and assessable.. i looked at the post and this must be made clear by my self thank you .iobit and hope it is of some use to you. i would not use this as my protector as it is now.far to weak.and to easy to accesses. itsmejjj
  19. a few problems i found.. 1 the install ok 100% 2 lanced went 100% 3 password ok 100% 4 hit a file perfect ok 100% 5 checked the drives not there to be seen ok 100% 6 reboot. SAFE mode 1 checked the drive first.the so called hidden file 100% access easy as can be edit,do what one like( SAME OS used.) rebooted-new different Os win7. 1 checked the drive same result as safe mode.. failed to be hidden! do as one pleases next.. so re booted back to the installed OS and yes all is as the first 1 to 6 ok now the test to break into the pass word. far to easy took me 4 minn.using the following password IttsMEjjJ as shown.. ok hope this is of help.i would think you ma perhaps want to look at this as it is ,its useless .in the fact it can no hide the files.out side the installed application.and its own OS .even using a boot dist .as well far to easy to bust.as well please take this as advice,and what i found,and not bagging the program itsmejjj
  20. the next thing i want to know,i read its going to be part of 360. is this correct? and not stand alone. as in a separate application.? thank you . itsmejjj
  21. the beta protection application? 2 ok first of all thank you for the application.. i find this a nice supreme type app. now i may i would like to ask ,a possibility if you could add a small fix.. that being .1 when opening the program as i shown in my capture 1..as one enters the password the files are shown..is there away you could add this to be not seen .? as i show in my second screen capture, this is at the start of entry ,adding a pass word .if not correct nothing is shown now also 2 if i may ask files and folders are abled and can be added. and looking at the drive (a open window) thy are not there,until its unlocked very nice indeed, my ask could it be possible for you to add a drive .and be able to do the same. lets just assume D:/ storage drive.or usb drive.. when typing in d:\ in the option to protect the drive as one whole file. what i am saying id the drive itself..completely make it vanish and when wanted UN- protect it..its shows again.. thank you for the possibility you may be able to apply my sugestion? itsmejjj
  22. the beta protection application? this the right place? before i post my thinking on this marvelous app? if not some one point me i am lost. where to post .. itsmejjj
  23. BETA/fpsetup http://download.iobit.com/beta/fpsetup.exe ok the new beta program ,interesting. i think i saw this written when opening the app its shows the hidden files.(protected files added) this is wrong,i think. before the password is entered. will this be fixed? handy app this..not only protect files and directory's. but completely hide the file or directory picked (added) i would like to see a entire drive added as a possibly protection.and hidden as well until released. plus usb drives.. by the application. is this a possibility? i for one am very interested in this.. perfect hiding the file on disk. works 100% now can this be done hiding a drive? as well as one can see in the caps the first one is wrong.the second is what i would like to see before the password is entered. then show what one placed there ..for release. itsmejjj
  24. still not fixed! i assume thy are no more? jjj
  25. Kiwis and Aussies are notorious for their banter and neither side ever takes offense, just does their best to go one better next time. yes that's were i got it from sort of sticks..living amongst them so long.over half a life time itsmejjj
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