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GB 1.6 vs GB2!


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I've been using GB for some time and recommended it to many friends in the game at which I mostly play.

but I recent updated to the GB New Beta at v.1.0 and had no issues using it.

Now that this newer version is being tested with the Game Optimizer or what ever it is has cause not only my games to mess up and crash but I had to reformat PC because of random reboots.

Ok at first I didnt think it was GB causing the issue so I reformatted again yesterday only 24 hrs after my 1st reformat, just to make sure. Update Xp with all needed updates, updated all drivers for PC to newest release.

install 9Dragons Game from GamersFirst, and logged to play as usually. Played 3 hours no issues. Ok so I then installed GB 1.6 played for a few hours - no issues.

unistalled GB 1.6 to make sure no conflict from it with GB2. Rebooted as normal.

Dl and installed GB2. Played for a few with GB2 running and noticed massive delays in game play, so I close game, closed GB2 and the reboot and run game with out GB2. Still have delays a lil bit but not like it was with GB2 running.

then I use the lil box to optimize my game play. Here where everything went crazy. Loaded game and ran to market place to buy a few items from other players. As soon as loaded that map area - game started to act a lil weird, but I could deal with that - games do that sometimes when changing areas so I continued to the market area. As soon as I get to the area me graphics and PC went FOOL on me. mouse was doing it's own thing, Graphics went haywire and began to have artifacts showing, PC started wit Scream, whitles and whine like crazy. I immediately shut power off to PC in fear of CPU or Graphics Card messing up on me.

I was able to snap a screenshot of the graphics b4 they went ballistic on me.

Not sure why but now I think i may have to reinstall windows once again because even now after uninstalling GB2 game randomly crashes to desktop for now apparent reason. Hope it doesn't come to that. i have good pc knowledge and tested many a programs but this one has me about to pull my hair out, if I still had some.

just so you know I have been playing this game for over 3 yrs on same pc. just updated video card from intergrated chipset nVidia 6150LE to nVidia PCI-E 8400GS 256/512MB Card with latest drivers.

CPU AMD 1.8GHz Sempron @ 2.2 GHz.

I have attached my dxdiag and I can supply more PC info in need be. TY and hope to get this figured out! Ty!


Here's what the graphics 1st looked like right b4 I had to pull the plug on my pc!




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Well i am able to duplicate this issue wit the graphics.

GB2 for some reason is causing my graphics to go wild. I am uninstalling it as I type this. Pray ones day to return to using it.

This just happen less then 5 min ago using GB2.

All other games seem to be ok as well as running a benckmark test in loop mode, but I will install 3DMark o5 and test using it. More graphic intense for the card that I have. Just to see if there is a issue with my videocard or drivers.

Will post back later, if I don't forget.





Just went and found a release of some drivers that I will check to see if that is my issue.

Current installed drivers are - Geforce 8 Series v260.99 Official Drivers.

I will be installing now to test out v261.00 Non Official Drivers.

Then I will go back 1 version and try v256.96 Official.

Had no issues with 256.96 drivers so that's a good place to start for trouble shooting my issue.

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Help us find the root of the serious bug


Thanks for your recommendations and feedback. We need your support to find which part of GB2 beta causes the strange problems.


Please follow the below steps,


Make sure your system and games are fine.


a) Install GB2 Beta2, do nothing. And play games to see if there are problems.


b) If not, use "Slide to boost" function only. Then see if there are problems with your games. If yes, please restore to the normal mode, and test which part in "Game Mode" causes the problems.


c) If the above steps do nothing to your games, please try other function of GB2 Beta2, one function per time, to see which part will cause the problems.


Thanks so much in advance. I look forward to your reply.

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OK I will do that. this is where I'm at now.

I uninstalled GB2 and used CC Leaner to remove all traces of GB2 and my drivers v260.

I then rebooted and reinstalled v260 and played for a few and repeated each time til I had used all 3 sets of drivers. Rebooting after each uninstall and install.


So far no issues with graphics. I made sure to use exact same settings for each setup so that I can make sure it wasn't something I had set to cause the issue.


I will now install GB2 and run game for a few hours, but I don't feel that anything will happen as far as game messing up cause GB2 will not have tried to enhance game play.

Maybe trying once setting at a time with in GB2 will trigger something. I will start with a few mins with GB install then go to just having it running with what ever is default for it to shut down. then proceed slowly to where I had it running.

I'll list all things that I add to the shutdown list so that.

I can honestly say that once I added my game icon to the box is when it all started with the crashing part.

Graphics just started last night though. I will keep you informed.


this topic is bookmarked so that I can keep track of it.

TY again. Going to install GB2 now and run with default settings.

And will go from there.

may take me till tomorrow to post back - work night shift and havent slept yet.

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Ok I is there a way I can re download Beta v 2 - so that i can test these things. Sorry I uninstalled and deleted file. I have GB2 v3 now but not installed as of yet.

This way I can run it and see if I can reproduce it again.

I happens randomly some times after I allowed the game to sit idle for a hour or so.

I will post back ASAP - Sorry for the delay but work has been a lil hectic the last week or so. I am off this weekend so I can do all the test runs then. TY!

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Thanks for all your help


Dear Prophet,


Thank you for your reply. Download link had been sent via PM, please check it.


Also you could try GB2 Beta3.0 to see whether the random crash still happens.


Man always fly to left and right like bees and we have no choice because the Queen bee is waiting. So, please have a rest first and then do the test, that's OK. :mrgreen:


Huge thanks to you in advance and look forward your reply.

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