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Benefits of SmartRAM

Mike P.

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I have activated SmartRAM and it is generally showing 200 to 330 MB of 1 Gb free. Below 250 MB (25%) it turns red.


Is this a RAM control software or does it just show the free amount? What is the optimal amount of free RAM (if there is such a thing) and why does the indicator show red below 250 MB? I can find no reference to SmartRAM on the Iobit web page.


I have read mixed reviews of using third party RAM control software. I'm running XP and wonder whether third party RAM control is of any benefit.

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SmartRAM (MemCleaner) is clever.


Hi sunny staines, hi Mike P.,


I have been testing the latest SmartRAM (MemCleaner in AWC) for a while, and interestigly, I find it very useful for XP when using with all the checkboxes are checked. Manual "Smart Clean" and "Deep Clean" are also working as expected.


Although, in XP the RAM is managed better than the older versions of Windows, now SmartRAM (MemCleaner) is managing it better than the OS system in my XP laptop with 1GB of RAM.


For my Vista Ultimate, I can not say the same thing, but it is very useful when the available free memory is low and the OS becomes hesitant.


Anyway, I am hopeful that new AWC3 will include it for both OSs.


FYI, getting red is related to the percentage of the free memory of RAM, not to the amount of the free memory of RAM.



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Hi enoskype,


Well, that's interesting. So I take it from your comments that Iobit SmartRAM is indeed a memory controller and not just a product that shows the amount of free memory available. I have read that using a third party memory controller can in fact slow the PC down considerably and this is what has made me scepticle.


Sorry, I may have got my terminology wrong. I did say free RAM and of course meant free memory. I did realise that the indicator showed the % of free memory remaining, but what is the significance of it turning red at around 25%? Is there an ideal amount of free memory that should remain available at all times? I thought there was a saying that free memory is wasted memory. Presumably if the free amount becomes too low, then attempting to run a programme that needs more than is available would be a problem (perhaps seriously slowing the PC down), but why 25%?


On your recommendation I'll set SmartRAM running with all boxes ticked and see how it goes. Not sure though how I will know if it is doing any good or not.


I still think Iobit should explain its benefits.

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I have set SmartRAM running to its full extent and conducted the 'deep clean' and, hey presto, I now have in the order of 550-600 Mb of free memory rather than just 250-350!


Looks as though enoskype is right - thanks.


Still wish Iobit would provide an explanation of its actions so that we could become more familiar with it, instead of trial and error.

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Hi Mike P.,


Sorry for confusing you about the free memory and RAM, but I have edited it in my last post above to be understood more clearly.


I think, the figure 25% is just a round figure of an assumption that the recommended minimum amount of RAM is used in evolution of different Windows OSs with respective times' excessive RAM using programs. (i.e. 98SE 256 MB 25%=>64 MB, XP 512 MB 25%=>128 MB, Vista 1 GB 25%=>256 MB.)


The best way to know if it is doing any good is to run it and leave it untouched in the tray when the free memory is around 30%, and not do any memory intensive actions (PC in nearly idle situation) and see the increase in amount of free memory to nearly 50%.

Also, it will be a good idea that after using Deep Clean, leave the PC to settle down for a while before using PC intensively.


You are right though, that more information should be given about SmartRAM by IObit.



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been using smartram for couple of days on xp with 1g of ram.


noticed a lot of heavy hard drive activity, is smartram clearing physical ram to the pagefile?

also programs stall when switching between running those opened. and on a more erratic basis similar with some web pages more so with gmail which has taken a bad hit and slowed down with smartram.

i will give the program two weeks to see if things settle down but off to a bad start. not had any other problems with AWC2 just the smartram.

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smart ram



I wish to thank all of you posters. I had a question about the memory cleaner in AWC_P. You have answered my questions very well.:-D

I have been doing some serious picture cleaning in my pc. I had over 4G of pictures. Working 2 windows on my pictures I was moving pics back and forth and deleting some. Memory is beginning to bog down. I will run the cleaner and wait a little before I begin again.

Thanks again:-D


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