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IObit Driver Booster Beta 3.1 is released! [Updated 0821]

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  • IObit Driver Booster Beta 3.1 is released! [Updated 0821]

    Driver Booster Beta 3.1 is released! ... [Updated DB (0821)]

    . .
    from MajorGeeks (driver_booster_setup.exe size: 18331 KB, setup file version (Updated Size: 18358 KB).
    Application File: DriverBooster.exe (2637 KB) application file version: (Updated version:

    Change Info DB Beta 3.1:
    + Updated Drivers Database for More Supported Devices
    + Fixed General Bugs
    + Other Minor Improvements

    Helps users update their computer drivers to the latest.
    Driver Booster is a brand new driver updating tool. It protects your PC from hardware failures, conflicts, and resolves system crash problems caused by outdated drivers. All old drivers can be detected by simply clicking on the “Scan” button, and then you just need to click “Update All” button to refresh these outdated drivers. Compared with other driver updating tools, IObit Driver Booster can improve your PC performance for gaming as well.


    - Automatic Detection of Outdated Drivers
    - Automatic Download of Latest Drivers
    - Specialized Driver Tweaking for Top Gaming Performance
    - Simple and Easy to Understand Interface
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    IObit wanted to create the Multi-language Translations section!!!!

    Dear Cicely,

    The below is only valid for certain IObit programs!

    I really don't know how to make IObit programmers to use the language files in the new releases which are sent to IObit or attached to the relevant program's tread post in Multi-language Translations section.

    The latest language file for driver Booster has been attached to the IObit forum in the beginning of August and sent to IObit on August 06, 2013.
    Now, the language file used in Beta 3.1 is from Beta 2.0. -SIGH!!!!-

    Forget about the language files sent to IObit, I have been told by IObit that the attached languages would be taken into account recently.

    This is beyond my understanding. :evil:

    I am trowing the towel and will not mention that again.

    All the best and cheers.

    - Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and belongs to the man who can appreciate it. -


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      Dear enoskype,

      We are really very touched that you are always the the most active one to help us check whether the language has been updated. :-D

      This time we did not update the Multi-language for IObit Driver Booster is not because we forgot it. Actually, we want to update it in the final version, for there are always big changes in Beta version. The final version may be released in the early of September.

      Wish your laughs.:mrgreen:
      IObit Support Team --
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        Minor update for Driver Boster Beta 3.1

        Hi all,

        Setup file for Driver Booster is updated in the first post.


        - Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and belongs to the man who can appreciate it. -