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a couple of bugs

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  • a couple of bugs

    1. in the 'Automatic Defrag' tab, the CPU & Disk graphs usually tick once a second. if you resize the window slowly (eg, by dragging the bottom window border), the graphs scroll by quickly.
    2. the solid green 'curve' in the CPU & Disk graphs scrolls at a different rate than the background grid. (bug #1 makes this more obvious, but it also happens when not resizing)
    3. in the 'State' view, once the analyzed brick pattern is visible, resizing the window doesn't correctly take into account the new size of the window. for example, to repro:
    1. switch to 'State' view
    2. maximize window
    3. analyze disk (wait for it to complete) (hopefully there are colored bricks near the end of the disk)
    4. resize window to smallest size possible.
    5. notice how some of the bricks have been cropped away
    6. re-maximize the window
    7. notice how bricks near the end of the disk have now disappeared.
    the layout of the brick pattern should be proportionate to the size of the window, and should scale correctly when the window is resized.

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    Very nice observation Spongman. I hope that this will be correct onto further versions.


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      Hi spongman and hissche,

      @spongman, thanks for your detailed feedback. I will report your suggestion to our product team for consideration. By the way, Smart Defrag v4 beta 1 will be released in a few days. Hope you can give us your sugegstions, if you try it.

      @hissche, happy to hear that you ware active in our forum. It is users like you that let our forum be lively.
      IObit Support Team --
      If you're happy with our products, please tell your friends, families and colleagues about IObit and IObit products! We'd be very grateful!