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    I use the Task bar, right mouse click functions a lot.

    Currently there are:
    1) Back to Normal Mode.
    2) Back to Normal and exit (GB2).

    I would like to see a 3rd option added:
    3) Back to Normal, exit GB2, shut down computer.

    On a separate, PPLLEEAASSEE add the option to not load Game Box. I know I can hide it. I don't want to load it at all to save resources.



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      you can always set it not to show and it won't load


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        Originally posted by mmsandi View Post
        you can always set it not to show and it won't load
        I don't think this is correct.
        Not showing and not loading are 2 different things.
        I believe all you can do is hide it but it always loads.
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          gamebooster 2.3

          bought yesterday GB 2.3.

          Strange thing is, i got 2 downloadadresses with two different sizes and two different digital signature timestamps.
          What the differences is in working,i don't know.
          But i have a big irritation.
          The box to place the games in for automatic launch GB is to small.
          I have tried to enlarge it with ACTUAL windows Manager, but it has no succes.
          I like to have a normal map-window.
          Also, often , when finishing a game, GB does not revover to he previous state.
          for my self , i could live with that all. ( i am 69 )
          But, i will make playing games so easy as possible for my two grandchildren of 4 and 7 years old.
          Before bying GB 2.3 , i used the freeware GB 1.51.
          Primary it does the same as GB2.3.

          Frits Eelie
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            Three usefull ideas
            • Disable aero
            • Change color depth
            • Disable secondary monitor


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              I like the overall look of the new GameBooster, and how it automatically searches for updates and detects and defrags games.

              However the variety of choice given in the settings to say what to shut down may not be as obvious to novice users (whereas the old version was simplified and easy to use), so maybe an option to do a default shutdown similar to the old version? With a simplified list as well.

              But when I have activated GB, games such as Star Trek Online cannot connect to it's server. Also GB does not shut down Windows Aero (windows transparency) like the old version did, and I cannot find the service in the list which controls this.


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                Windows 7 Jumplists


                Can I recommend implementing Windows 7 Jumplists (jump lists)?

                It would make sense to add a "Boost and Minimise" option, plus access to other key tasks.

                Also, you used to have a direct feedback link. I think it would be good to bring that back - you could even link that to this thread.



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                  it seems that i was under the impression that game booster worked by monitoring processes, and activating game mode, when a game was started( that games shortcut being added to the game box)
                  but alas i was wrong. I have to the add the game shortcut to the game box and then run that game from that link. i have a total of 81 games, most from steam and some others retail, but all my games are listed in steam (the retail ones are added as a none steam game) and the game box is limited to a 2 x 2 box.

                  So could the devs please add the function of monitoring the process of the games that are added to game booster, so that it can start game mode automatically

                  [offtopic] i also have a program called BOINC, and i have added al 81 games to the client config file, so that when i play a game the "science manager" stops cruching science, as there is a exclusive program running. when i stop playing a game, BOINC starts the science crunching again[/offtopic]
         user DskRbt


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                    I've found two problems within GB .

                    1st - Game Booster really needs an option to define command line parameters for restarted applications when going back to normal mode.
                    I have checked my windows startup entries, and there are some apps that run with parameters. When they are restarted by GB without them, it can harm their functionality.

                    2nd, I'd really like to restart applications minimized. Now I have to manually minimize apps that normally start in tray, which is annoying. I can't force .exe to always run minimized in it's properties tab, but I found out that I can set this option on link created from .exe, so my guess is there should be a possibility to start another program minimized.
                    Start.exe /min can do that for example.
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