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  • privacy locker

    Does any one know how to deactivate/disable/turn off the privacy locker once you have enabled it? I cannot find out how any where. Please help me.

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    Good question. I tried to explore the options but I couldn't find anything related to disabling this. Doing a quick search gave me nothing yet. Leaves me to conclude that it will always be enabled? Would be nice if there's a way to do this.


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      Dear RJBaca2013 and hirsche,

      Do you mean that you want Privacy Locker back to original status?

      If yes, please uninstall and reinstall Advanced Mobile Care v4.5.1 to see how it works.

      Note: Please unlock the files in Privacy Locker before you uninstall Advanced Mobile Care v4.5.1 in case other program will delete these locked files.

      Thank you for supporting Advanced Mobile Care.

      Have a nice day!
      IObit Support Team --
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