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Credit card company reported as scam

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  • Credit card company reported as scam

    My system is crashing and it seemed that I needed to update a driver. So I purchased the pro version of Driver Booster 6 and it tool me to a link that i had to call to get it installed. They ran a scan and said (of course) that I needed to purchase a fix, and it would fix the problem. It was to Anytech 365 Anteco Systems. Thought I would purchase it but when I tried to put my credit card through, I received an error message, plus 2 phone calls from my credit card company saying that it had been reported as a scam. They cancelled my card to reissue me another one. I tried to contact you through email - but there is no way to do that. I would like to know how you can be linked with a scamming company and I still don't have my computer issue resolved! The number I had to call was 1-917-475-0852. I had to uninstall whatever they had put on it which IObit unistaller didn't remove all of it. And now the my computer is shutting down and sometimes coming up with a no disk error. Upon doing a hard reboot i can get it up again, but it eventually crashes again. Would appreciate some response

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    You can send an email to Iobit
    The issue you have described is a Criminal issue and as such should be reported to police. Unless you do this thie scam will continue.
    Before installing any software you should investigate it by googling it and looking at forums. This way you will know whether it is a trusted program or not.
    If you had looked here in the Forum before you purchased DB you would have seen that it is not necessary to contact anyone in order to have it installed.
    Did you purchase DB from a third party or directly from Iobit.??
    When you say you had to uninstall everything they did you know what they installed.
    You say that Iobit Uninstaller did not remove everything. therefore you must know the items which Uninstaller did not remove. Did you try to remove them manually.
    If you cannot remove them then post a list of the items here so that we can help you.
    Did you run a malware scan and an anti-virus scan to check for infection.
    Did you try restoring your computer to a time before this issue occurred, using system restore.
    To err is Human. To really mess things up you need a PC.


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      Thank you for responding. I did goggle them and it is a legit company - just not the one that was one the other end. So - when I purchased the gift pack from clicking the link on the driver booster 6 - after I paid - this was the page that showed up. that's why it looked like it was supported by your company. Told me to call this number to have the product activated. So somehow they have managed to attach themselves to you. So you can understand my confusion.
      I did run all the scans - I had to manually remove the 2 items from my desktop so that's how I knew they weren't totally removed after running uninstaller. I am hoping that I have everything - but who knows. I do not know how to do a proper system restore, but will now bring my computer into tech guy.
      I sure am glad to hear that this wasn't a company attached to you! Just maybe have someone check into the link that it's attached to?


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        It is sad that Iobit have not responded to your post. Did you email them?
        If you have ASC (advanced systemcare) you can run system restore from the Rescue Centre.
        If not google how to do system restore on windows. It is quite easy.
        Also, if you have ASC you should run Registry Cleaner.
        A tech guy could cost you a lot of money.
        To err is Human. To really mess things up you need a PC.