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  1. All posts must be in English...(Todas as postagens devem ser em inglês) How did you "modify the operating system" with ASC. Did you try a system restore to restore your pc back to a time before the issue occurred.
  2. If you want help, then give us the details, and writing in large font will not be allowed,and will not get you assistance ant faster.
  3. Everything is simple when you have the necessary information, such as the fact that you want to remove it because it is using too much ram. MsMpEng.exe is a core process Windows Defender, and therefore windows tries to prevent access to it. Rather than messing with a core process, perhaps it would be better to resolve the cause. Have a look here...https://windowsreport.com/msmpeng-exe-high-cpu-usage/ Also did you try forced mode in Unlocker. As for..."Unlocker is used to delete protected files."...I have never seen it stated in any literature that this is the case
  4. What you actually mean is that Unlocker does not work for that file....not that unlocker does not work. The reason it does not work for that file is that it is a windows system file, and you do not have access to it. You should not be messing with system files....unless you wish to wreck your pc.
  5. You can still roll back the driver to the previous one. Ignore is only to do with the scan.
  6. Go here and request a refund.....https://www.iobit.com/en/refund.php Also, send a message to Cicely, the Iobit team member on the forum.........https://forums.iobit.com/profile/8409-cicely/ Reference this topic in your message.
  7. I do not know what you mean by "DR"...whether you mean driver or driver booster. If you have removed and reloaded driver booster, then you have lost the data, so you cannot unignore it now. But it does not matter as everything will be back to previous state and the driver will be scanned again. However, go to settings/ignore...and you will see if the driver is in the ignore list, if so you can un-ignore it. I also recommend that you read the product manual for Driver Booster so you will know all the functions.
  8. Send a message to Cicely, the Iobit Team member on the forum....https://forums.iobit.com/profile/8409-cicely/ regarding your issue. Reference this Topic in your message.
  9. Go into settings in ASC and check your Autocare and or Autoclean settings. For your Grandson's issue.....go here....C:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Advanced SystemCare\Update and delete the file.....Freeware.ini
  10. Did you look at the actual app settings themselves. Most apps have the option to open automatically on windows startup. That option needs to be switched off in the app.
  11. Unfortunately.....this issue can only be dealt with by Iobit, and they close for the weekend. So hopefully the Iobit team member (Cicely), will see your post tomorrow. You could also have a look here...........https://www.iobit.com/en/renew.php
  12. Did you perhaps buy them originally as a bundle or a special?
  13. Yes. You just have to ensure that...."Minimise to system tray when program is closed"......is NOT selected ......Load Automatically at Windows startup.........is NOT selected. Do NOT enable Auto defrag......... Then the program will only run at your command.....and will not continue to run in the background, once you close it.
  14. I find that very hard to understand. I just opened SD settings and right there in the first item that is visible (General Settings) are the options to do exactly what you require. Don't know why you searched in windows settings. I never mentioned them.
  15. Yes. Just go to settings and you can set how SD acts.
  16. I have moved your post to the correct area of the forum. As for your issue......google addons for Edge that stop pop-ups.
  17. I thought you said previously that you had completely uninstalled ver 14.....so where would youget the ver 14 database from. Also, it is probably advisable to just go through the settings of ver 13 and set it up to do what you want.
  18. Do you want help, or just somewhere to rant. If help...then give us some details.. If rant...then you are in the wrong place.
  19. I am running ver 13 and have no issues with the toolbox....so it is not an issue for the Dev's. It is an issue with your installation. Try temporarily disabling your anti-virus/malware (including Windows Defender) and reinstall ASC.
  20. Guessing makes it difficult for us to figure out what is wrong. Did you try clicking on the Modules in the Toolbox to see if anything happens. Maybe they are active but the graphic's are not showing.
  21. How do you know the program files folder of ASC is missing some file. When you say "the program is running fine without any issues."...do you mean the Toolbox is now ok??
  22. When yo say..."You reverted"....do you mean that you installed 13.7 over 14, or did you completely uninstall ver 14 and clean install ver 13.7. Did you receive any error reports/warnings during installation. Did you try temporaily disabling your anti-virus/malware programs while installing.
  23. ASC Ultimate has a complete Anti-virus.....that is why when posting it is important to be specific as to whether your post is addressing an issue in ASC Ultimate or ASC.....even though you posted in The ASC Ultimate section, you referred to ASC.... I sent you a message...check your message box...
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