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  1. Go through your settings. If you only want it to work on command from you, then Autocare and Autoclean should not be on.
  2. Saying,,,,,"Then I run ASC and the printer will not print ".........does not tell us anything. What exactly did you do/run with ASC that caused the problem
  3. It is an internal search tool run by Cortana. Cortana keeps searchapp.exe running all the time.
  4. Why do you specifically want one for 2 pc's........just get the 3 pc one and use 2 and give one to a friend. See the offers here......https://www.iobit.com/en/store.php
  5. If you require assistance, then the least you can do is obey the Forum rules, which state clearly that ALL POSTS MUST BE IN ENGLISH. If you do not comply with this rule I will delete your posts. As for your issue, it has been dealt with many times in the forum, and the solution(s) are there. Just look them up. (Se precisar de ajuda, o mínimo que você pode fazer é obedecer às regras do Fórum, que afirmam claramente que TODAS AS POSTAGENS DEVEM ESTAR EM INGLÊS. Se você não cumprir esta regra, irei deletar suas postagens. Quanto ao seu problema, ele já foi tratado várias vezes no fórum e
  6. 1) Don't pay for it. Your licence is time based and will still work' 2) It might be a scam. Send a message to the Iobit Team member here in the Forum and quote this Topic....https://forums.iobit.com/profile/8409-cicely/
  7. The Indexing function has no impact on the functioning of Outlook or any program. It is only there to assist windows explorer to access items quicker. The search function in Outlook is a completely separate function. So it seems your issue is a windows issue. You can try installing Iobit Uninstaller free, and see if it lists any Office programs. If so you can delete them, then re-install offfice and see if that sorts your issue.
  8. Yes, I have come across instances where traces of previous installations of office have caused issues with new installs. Have a look at this........https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/uninstall-office-from-a-pc-9dd49b83-264a-477a-8fcc-2fdf5dbf61d8 Let us know how you get on.
  9. You say you "have currently installed Microsoft Office 2019"....then later you say you "actually don't have any of these versions installed".. so that is a bit confusing. Do you now have any version installed. Why do you need to get rid of these traces?? Do you have Iobit Uninstaller installed, and if so did you try using it to uninstall the traces
  10. There are lot's of posts, with lot's of advice, in the Driver Booster section regarding your questions. Such as.....If it's not broke, don't fix it......never update a lot of drivers at once.....check your pc manufacturer site for recommended driver updates.
  11. https://www.iobit.com/product-manuals/db-help/#Configure-UI
  12. Turtle Island Something about your post bothered me. You say You thought Search Application was a resource hog, but your ram usage is showing only 38% total, which is nothing. Ideally, your system should be using as much ram as possible, which makes your system faster and drastically reduces disk usage.
  13. If you give me the information I requested, and try my suggestion....I may be able to assist you.
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