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IMF Locking up my PC

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  • IMF Locking up my PC

    I've downloaded the new IMF version for the first time and twice mid-scan it has locked up my PC forcing me to re-start.

    Similarly, Driver Manager of ASC 4 Pro hangs and won't let me out of the program.

    This is very disappointing for a paid software. My PC actually seems to be in worse shape since buying this program. It's slow and freezes now where it was just slow before.

    I'm using XP Home, Avast, ASC 4 PRO and I don't know what other things you require but as a novice, I'm not likely to be able to find these reports without instructions.

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    It sounds like you may have a virus infection or defective component in computer?
    Those programs should Not cause it to freeze.
    Many hundreds of people are using them without that problem.

    An Overheating computer can cause similar problems also, so check speed of cooling fans and that air paths are clear.
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