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  1. :idea: Where can I download the "Omega version" ??? :lol: BTW - I'm an "Alpha male" :wink: :lol:
  2. I Agree, doing Automatic-backups can cause conflicts and errors. Wait until you have the time to monitor the backup and use the computer as little as possible while the backup/restore utility is running.
  3. No problem! I learned something Also! :wink: I'm glad you found a fix.
  4. Well, another program sub-routine would have to running Constantly, polling the I/O-ports, to check for added devices. On slow computers, I think there would be a noticeable Slow-down. :-( (the Less you have running in the Background, 'the Better') :wink: That's why I Never load any Extra programs at Windows Start-up and only load the ones we Need, at the time.
  5. Have you thought about Up-grading to Water-cooling? :idea: (and I Don't mean 'throw it in the Lake') :wink: :lol:
  6. :lol: Yep, Get one of These: :lol:
  7. Steve, Thanks for the very interesting information and maybe the added info will help IObit support determine where the problem is. I doubt that TurboBoost has ever been tested with that encryption service before? It appears that would be a Great service to have, if you are using a Wireless Internet connection? Personally I've never had the Nerve to go Wireless. I like that Router-firewall between me and the Big-Bad-Internet. :lol: For those that do not know, See link for more Info: http://www.goldenfrog.com/vyprvpn/windows
  8. Hello Steve, Are you using 'IPsec VPN' for local-network-security-Encryption? Or some other purpose? I've heard of it but not sure what it does and when or where it is Needed? I thought it was needed only if your network was handling Top-Secret data, like at the FBI or CIA. :wink: Thanks
  9. Which Version of both Firefox and IE, you are using, is critical also? Be sure to upgrade to the latest version, of both, that is compatible with your OS, and do not use an obsolete OS, if possible.
  10. If I remember correctly the 'ntoskrnl.exe' has something to do with CPU-cashing and is used in W-7 as well as older OSs. I would first do an Internet Search and look for more Info about that. Did you try diabling auto-loaded driver-software, using msconfig.exe, like I suggested? To first eliminate the easier stuff. If not a driver then my guess is that it may be a CPU problem, either bad or not compatible with Motherboard or RAM.
  11. If you think it may be caused by a software driver or service loaded at start-up, you can disable them temporarily using the msconfig.exe utility that is part of Windows. msconfig can be run from the 'Start-menu command-line', in Windows-7. (Or Window-Key + R-Key, will get the run command-line also) The 'startup' Tab list may be the one to try Disabling first Note - Search Microsoft website for Info about using msconfig, if you are not familiar with it. (there are multiple Tabs for different functions)
  12. Yes BlueScreenView is a good way to get the Error-messages. I think the error messages are called 'Bug check Strings' in that utility program. If the messages are consistant you may be able to pin-point the cause, but if they are random it will not be so easy. :-(
  13. It is most likely a hardware problem but you need to keep a record of the error message at top of blue-screen, sometime that will indicate the cause but not always. If it's not software-driver related you will probably have to start replacing hardware. First make sure the Memory-modules are DDR3 type, that Motherboard requires them. Have you run chkdsk to test hard-drives? They can cause this. (be sure to run chkdsk after each blue-screen to fix drive errors, also) Changing the Memory-modules is the least-expensive to try first. After trying the easy things, like Memory and drives, the Motherboard is the next most common thing to cause this type problem. (but make sure it's not driver-software related before changing hardware)
  14. I would use regedit.exe to remove that command from the Registry, but if you are not familiar with Regedit, I do not recommend doing that. Since you can really mess-up the OS, if you make a mistake. Regedit.exe has a search function and you would need to remove everything related to ASC-4. (Regedit.exe comes with all versions of Windows and needs to be run with Admin privileges)
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