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Is it a bug? Windows 7 warning that Antispyware is turned off!

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  • Is it a bug? Windows 7 warning that Antispyware is turned off!

    Hi IObit Team,

    Since IMF 1.4 is installed, I have noticed that as soon as my laptop starts, Action Center of Windows 7 warns that anti-spyware programs are turned off.

    Trying to start through the Windows' Turn On antispyware window (Action Center window), brings the GUI of IMF to desktop (Trying to start the already running process of IMF opens the main window of IMF), but nothing changes.

    If I exit IMF 1.4 from system tray icon and restart IMF, then Windows 7's warning goes off, IMF is turned on according to Action Center and everything seems OK.

    It has never happened in IMF 1.3.


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    Ill second That

    Hi All,
    im running IMF free, and using W7 home premium.
    Slightly different to Eno, im also running windows defender, but the action centre says IMF is turned off, but i cannot turn it on at all although according to the GUI dog is enabled and so are the 5 free options.

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      Interestingly enough this same problem with avast! was reported today or yesterday on their forum.

      One of the reasons I replaced W7 with W8-DP and now W8-CP is because of all the problems of various kinds that I had with the W7 "Action Center" including the one described in the OP. So much so that it became a real pain in the butt. Sometimes I would spend well over an hour to fix the W7 "Action Center"

      Since I moved to W8-DP last September and now W8-CP I have had maybe two problems with the "Action Center" and I was able to resolve each within one minute.

      W7 "Action Center" is a real pain in the butt.
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        Just upgraded from Window 7 to 10, and still get this problem. I think it's about time the Iobit fixed it!


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          Its not Iobit, its a known problem with the Action centre, which MS has never corrected.
          if in doubt use a hammer