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Latest Threats That IObit Malware Fighter V6 Can Remove

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  • Latest Threats That IObit Malware Fighter V6 Can Remove


    If the 2017 Wannacry NHS ransomware attack has taught us anything, it's that malicious attacks is very much alive and everyone can be the potential victim. Threats are always evolving, owning a constantly enhancing and updating security program is quite necessary. IObit Malware Fighter v6 is such an up-to-date anti-malware and anti-virus software. Thanks to IObit Malware Fighter Cloud Security, the database of IObit Malware Fighter v6 doubled. Here listed a few popular threats in 2018 that IObit Malware Fighter v6 can remove. The table will be updated continuously.
    Remove SamSam in database 1754
    Remove Ransomware.Scarab in database 1763
    Remove in database 1763
    Remove Ransomware.MMM in database 1763
    Remove Ransomware.Embrace in database 1763
    Remove Ransomware.Magician in database 1763
    Remove Hijacker.Clipboard in database1774
    Remove Trojan.Adylkuzz in database1774
    Remove Trojan.Downloader.Dofoil in database1774
    Remove in database 1780
    Remove searchfoot in database 1780
    Remove PowerGhost in in database 1782
    Remove Xbash malware in database 1797
    Remove in database 1797
    Remove Ransomware.Virobot in database 1797
    Remove durington.infoin database 1797
    Remove qareaste.infoin database 1797
    Remove in database 1901
    Remove Ransomware.crysis in database 1803
    IObit Support Team --
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