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    Hi Enoskype

    Is this new section of the Forum for Mac users to seek assistance with their issues, or do Iobit intend to bring out a Mac version of ASC. I ask, because I know many Mac users who would be very interested.
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    Hi Scannan,

    IObit is getting ready to release a program called Advanced MacCare

    This program will run on Mac computers.

    Probably it will be Mac version of ASC, I have not seen it yet.

    Also probably, when Mac users have problems with Advanced MacCare, they will seek assistance here in this forum.

    I think, Advanced Mobile Care was the first step outside of Windows to care Androids and now IObit continues to expand the caring for other OSes.
    I do really wish they enter the world of IOS. :-D

    The problem is, now I have to learn and like using Mac.:-P :lol:

    Let's wait and see the information from IObit.


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      Thank you for the clarification. This is indeed welcome news, as I will be able to assist my Mac friends better by being able to use ASC on their machines.
      To err is Human. To really mess things up you need a PC.


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        When this goes final will it work on OS 10.9 that will come out later this year? Apple will show it off this Monday.