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  1. It would be handy if the option to delete unused installers to be not selected by default, to prevent users accidentally melting installers they want to keep. Some users like to keep installers for software they use in their Downloads folder. It's certainly a useful function, but I think it might be better if it was optional to enable it.
  2. I had never run a Full Scan. This is something I usually avoid with all antiviruses. However, I just did a custom scan of C and let it complete. I didn't run a Full Scan, as there a 25 partitions on this system, so t would take a very long time. Running the scan of C did not reduce CPU use on subsequent scans. Also, it's important to note that with ASC Ultimate there was no excessive CPU use, even on the very first scan.
  3. IMF is the sole cause of the CPU use. I was not looking at total CPU usage, only CPU use from the IMF processes.
  4. Reduce resource usage. CPU use is over 90% when running a scan, which is way too high.
  5. I have used previous versions of IMF, on different computers and didn't have this issue. However, I'm not sure the last version I used, other than this one, where I took note of CPU usage, as it's been quite some time, since I used IMF as my antivirus on the main computer I use.
  6. Right from when I first used it, and this is on a clean install of Windows 10.
  7. I just found out that I didn't have Full Detection enabled. But when I enabled it, CPU use was only very slightly higher.
  8. I uninstalled, rebooted and then reinstalled it. The result was the same, as I had expected. I then uninstalled it again and installed a trial of ASC Ultimate. With the default settings, CPU usage is between 24% and 34% when scanning. Which is perfectly acceptable. This is from a user at MalwareTips who experienced the same problem. As well as that, a while back there were some posts at Wilders with someone also experiencing very CPU (and RAM) USE with IMF 8, but I was not able to find the psots again.
  9. No I haven't. I don't believe there is corruption, as I know others who have the same issue. Apparently ASC Ultimate is lighter. i5 2400 CPU with 6GB of RAM. While not particularly powerful, it is more than fast enough for an antivirus to be able to run scans without excessive CPU use.
  10. I just did that and CPU is still way too high, over 60% to over 70%. It should be less than that on medium priority.
  11. Reduce resource usage. CPU use is over 90% when running a scan, which is way too high.
  12. The RAM and CPU is very high when running scans, which is something that should be fixed. It is not an issue with my computer, it happens on multiple computers.
  13. A suggestion is when after rebooting, there are more programs to uninstall or scan for leftovers, for IObit Uninstaller to automatically launch again. There could be the option to switch been showing the popup, which asks if you want to launch it again - as it done now, or automatically running IObit Uninstaller again. There are still some occasional issues with the software health function, where it want to delete leftovers from programs that are actually still installed.
  14. You didn't understand me. After optimizing the startup items, only the Startup Optimization is selected. Rather than whatever was selected previously. Just the startup optimizer should run, but items selected, should remain checked,
  15. The outdated game components count is misleading. I think it would be better if only outdated game components were included in the count and not ones not installed. For example, if I run a scan, all the installed game components are up to date, but there are 6 I haven't installed. This means that driver Booster's desktop icon, shows that there are 6 missing drivers. Since usually people would have no need to install missing game components, it would be helpful if only outdated game components were counted. A second suggestion is for you to keep a record of devices which have no driver installed and for which Driver Booster does not have the driver for and then you could try and find the missing drivers and add them to your database. You could even have some section in Driver Booster, where it lists the devices on a PC that you will try and find the missing drivers for. This is something that no other driver update software do does. In some cases, there will be no driver available for windows 10 for example, but will be one available for Windows 7. Maybe you could list these drivers and have the option to install them, with a warning that they may not be fully compatible with Windows 10.
  16. The new UI looks very nice. I've run it on two computers so far and in both cases no more registry errors were found. There is a long running issue, that I've reported before, which I presume this version has too. When the startup timer, reports that there are startup items that can be optimized, and you choose to let it run a scan, in the Care screen, only "Startup Optimization" remains checked, no matter what items you previously had selected, only It would be much better, if the checked items did not change.
  17. As someone who has used every driver updater ever written, I am well aware of that. My point is that I see no evidence of there being any more drivers specifically in v7 vs previous versions.
  18. There are plenty of devices that Driver Booster does not have drivers for.
  19. Only because you weren't actually reading what I wrote. I will wait to hear from IObit. Thanks for your help.
  20. I said "some of the devices." Some does not mean all. Please actually read what I said, as I did mention clean installs of Windows 10. My issue is that v7 appears to have the exact same database of drivers as v6. If this is the case, the claim of 1,000,000 extra drivers is a lie and should be withdrawn. Is there someone from IObit who can answer my questions?
  21. I never said I had no drivers installed. It was a clean install of Windows 10 and while most of the needed drivers were installed by Windows and Windows Update, no drivers were installed for two devices. Driver Booster did not find drivers for these two devices. You are not answering my question as to why Driver Booster 7 does not appear to have any more drivers than Driver Booster 6 has. As I said, it appears that they are using the exact same database. If you won't answer the question, I can easily check for my myself and post the results here.
  22. There are newer updates for some of the devices and some of the devices do not even have drivers installed. But Driver Booster 7 does not find the updated or missing drivers. I've seen claims made in the past about new versions including more drivers, but in my experience it seems to me that new versions are using the exact same database of drivers as the previous versions.
  23. Well you claim it has a database containing one million more drivers than v6 has. With that in mind, it is is logical to assume it would find drivers for some devices that v6 does not have in its database and that soe of the drivers it finds would be more recent drivers than v6 finds. Bear in mind that some of the computers I tested it on had clean installs of Windows 10, with no driver updates being done, other than from running Windows Update. One of the computers had two missing drivers, which were no found by either v6 or v7.
  24. I've installed it on four computers so far. I find the claim of having a million more drivers that v6 to be highly questionable. On every computer I've installed it on, it finds the same number of driver updates as v6 does and they have the same date.
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