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  1. Absolutely People,do yourself a big favor-leave the clone (duplicate) files alone.Though the number may appear large,it probably represents next to nothing in terms of space on your hard drive.Take it from the King of re installation due to compulsive cleaning habits-just sweep these under the rug.
  2. I Think... The final version is supposed to be freeware.
  3. Won't Stop Auto Scan For my final try,I've set the scan up for one time only-yesterday's date-hope that stops it-every time I come in the room it's scanning no matter what other settings I've tried-(once every 5 weeks-idle for 999 minutes,disable auto scan etc.)Really,really annoying!!
  4. ash59uk Simply go down the list of drivers that you wish to back up,place a check in the box,and click on the "Back up Now!" button.By clicking on each line item,you will get a description of the driver.You will then find the back-ups located in C:\Program Files\Iobit\Advanced SystemCare 3\Backup\Drivers
  5. The Other Possibility Avira and 360 may have tagged based on it's behavior-you know,if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck...
  6. max Tools and other functions are not operable in Beta1- Wait for Beta2
  7. Gotta Love Them Betas Yeah-no biggie-360 just crashed when I initialized a full scan.I also can't view the four previous ignored detections,yet a new scan shows four detections(probably the same ones) under the main window with no line items or descriptions in the main window.Strange indeed.
  8. g454 I agree-Why not send a zip file of your friends to IObit for analysis?
  9. James Hi What were the four problems specifically? This app. is supposed to find infections others can not(their words,not mine)Besides,Norton can't find squat,and there is the possibility of false positives by 360-It is still a Beta.
  10. Syp Hi I agree and disagree-Norton is pure junk-period.(but Sunny has good luck with it so we let him slide)As for on demand scanners,they are necessary-I have several, as second and even third opinions are a good thing.If they did all have real time protection,that would be a bad thing! Windows Defender is by far not the sharpest tool in the shed either.I agree there shouldn't be too much running all at once,but the more tools in the chest to break out when you want to make sure you are clean is a must.To each his own,but I'll stick with an arsenal of back-ups!-Sunny-got ten bucks says Norton is your compatibility issue-I've never had it play nicely with any other real time app.-precisely why I won't use it anymore(and did I mention it's junk?)
  11. The Beta Blues Sunny-What are you running for security now? I forget what you had besides MalwareBytes.
  12. Ezekiel Welcome to the wonderful world of Beta testing my friend!! Your previous security being identified as Malware upon attempting to reinstall it is probably a false positive from 360.Compatibility issues will arise for quite some time to come while IObit attempts to process all of the feedback regarding these issues.Be patient,and continue to provide as much accurate information as possible.On the last issue,it sounds as if Spy Sweeper and AdAware are showing a false positive for 360.It's going to take a while for all the different kids to play nicely together in the same sand box!
  13. Update-Even though I had disabled its real time protection and ability to run at boot from within itself and the ASC Start-up Manager,I forgot to disable the ability for SAS to run at boot through Anvir Task Manager.I don't believe SAS will be "waking up" again.Sorry I didn't investigate further before posting previously.
  14. OK-It's SAS Pro that has a problem with 360(or vice verse).Even with SAS disabled to run at boot and it's real time protection disabled(just for good measure),and exited from the tray,after a few minutes idle time,the Userinit Application warning window AND the SAS Pro main GUI both open.Figure that one out-It's "waking up" SAS-Strange indeed :-?:shock:
  15. 360 is generating Userinit Application warnings,and indicating the service will have to close.This occurs when allowing 360 to run at boot. XP Home SP2-Starting at boot are: AntiVir 9.0-Anvir Task Manager-SAS Pro-F Secure Exploit Shield Note: nothing appears to be affected,however,360 has significantly increased start time to open my browser(s).I will begin disabling the other start-up items to search for what appears to be a compatibility issue.
  16. Glad to hear it! But I guess my security package didn't leave anything for 360 to find. It all starts(or should I say-STOPS) with Avira baby!!
  17. So far,so good.I'm very interested in the remainder of the functions to come.The only little thing I noticed during the scan was the "wording" Fx. "Scanning Unwanted Files" and "Scanning Malware" these should include the word "for" so it would be "Scanning for Malware".The scan was fairly quick,and the only detections were that 360 doesn't like that I keep my Secuity Center disabled,and it seems threatened by the set-up file for Spyzooka.Other than that,pretty much an everyday ordinary security utility.
  18. That's strange indeed as ASC does have its own uninstaller.I would have recommended Revo,as it's my uninstaller of choice,but learning you were unable to locate ASC in add/remove,I doubted Revo would have listed it.It sounds as though your original install was corrupt.Try removing the blocking from your next set-up file for the install.After the download,right click on the set-up.exe file and then choose Properties-at the bottom of the window(general tab)click on unblock.Out of curiosity,where to you download your files to?
  19. Hi fu-That first error code(5) was probably because some portion of ASC was running when you attempted the update-fx. Smart Ram or Auto-Clean.Since you can't find it in add/remove,go find it where it lives-Locate the IObit folder,presumably C:/Program Files/IObit-then open the ASC folder-delete all of it's contents,and then the folder itself.If you still have the .exe or set-up file,delete that as well.Now perform a Windows Search for Advanced System Care,insuring that you've included all areas such as hidden files and folders etc.Delete anything found there.Next part is optional but recommended.Download and install Reg Seeker from here.Use the "find in registry" function located at top left.First check the "files" box to search for,you guessed it,leftover files.Delete any found.Next,run that search again with the files box unchecked and All of the boxes pertaining to registry types checked.Delete any found items after that scan as well.Reg Seeker has a back-up by default,but I recommend you create your own system restore point before using RS.If all goes well,proceed here for a fresh download and install it.Best of luck,and check back either way.
  20. Nancy-Are you logged on as Admin. or have a "run as Admin" option? Is this Vista you're running?
  21. Vman-Yes you should,and I'm looking foward to it!
  22. In the Works Only in Beta at present,this utility seems to have great promise according to the "tech boys".Unfortunately,no progress since 12-08,but take a look at this anyway.I've got the download site bookmarked,and will supply updates as they become available.
  23. cool stuff Hi V man-Thanks for the cool toys-we love free stuff!
  24. splash screen Hi Ted-how did you get rid of the splash screen-I have been trying to kill that and the full page ad that comes up after the update-even looked inside the folder and files,but to no avail-please share
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