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  1. Smart Defrag 2 Beta - Translations Please, publish an English and a German text-file regarding Smart Defrag 2 beta, so others will get the oppurtunity to start translating this excellent software into their native languages. Personally, I am interested in translating into the Swedish Language, but I need at least an English text-file to start from. Also a German txt-file should be nice to have as a template, because the German grammer is so sophistigated and detailed, that a translation from German cannot go wrong! Regards, sweidre
  2. Column:Boot Time Defrag - Bug in version 1.2 & 1.21 Smart Defrag 2 Beta Column: Boot Time Defrag Minor bug:sad: When changing from "No" to "Yes" for the specific drives, the setup remains not stable. All "Yes" turns automatically back to "No" after reboot and/or logout/login. This bug appears in beta versions 1.2 & 1.21. This bug did not appear in the older version 1.1, where settings "Yes" or "No" kept stable and not automatically changed back to "No". Cheers, sweidre
  3. Toolbox v.1.1 - Swedish Language File Hi all, Hereby I attach the Swedish Language File "Swedish.zip" dated 28 Dec 2010. Cheers, sweidre Swedish.zip
  4. IS 360 needs a link to this forum (Proposal) Hi, I suggest, that on IS 360 main screen there should be a link (support) to this forum as Smart Defrag 1.20 has!
  5. Official Update & Bug Fixing of Language Files Hi danburritto & leofelix, I think the problem has split into two issues: 1.) Official update of language files to everybody IObit should make available the same updates for everybody. I understand, that IObit will wait with the issuing until the translations are complete and checked by IObit staff. (If you urgently need a translation, you can go to the language thread and click on attachments to download to your own computer. Remember to mark them as not official!) 2.) Sometimes misch-masch of languages turns up This bug is not so serious, but when the programmers have spare time, they should ultimately fix this bug.
  6. RE: Misch-Masch of Language files Hi danburrito, I have the following language files: 1. ChineseSimp.lng 55kB 2. ChineseTrad.lng 52kB 3. Danish.lng 72kB 4. English.lng 76kB 5. German.lng 83kB 6. Russian.lng 72Kb (must be the eastern European file, I mentioned; not Polish or Czech) 7. S-Swedish.lng 80 kB (my creation) 8. Turkish.lng 74KB Click on Update and you must receive them as well!
  7. RE: Misch-masch of translation files Hi danburrito, I doubt, that the reason was my changing of .txt and .lng, because that was long time ago now! It happened, when I clicked on Update and I received language files, that I have not had before: Danish and Turkish and a third language, that I do not know; it was an eastern European language anyhow, Polish or Czech...My opinion is that the transmission of language files to me got awry in some way. That I received many Turkish windows were only occational; it could have been Danish windows instead. Maybe there is a bug in the update function?! Well, I am just speculating. Anyhow, no harm has happened. For the moment everything is OK!
  8. Temporary Misch-Mash regarding Languages Hi, I will report, that temporary misch-masch of languages might occur now and then. Improvement in the programming is needed to stabilize it. During half an hour there was a mixup of Swedish and Turkish. I had setup my language Swedish. The Overview page looked OK (all in Swedish). When I clicked on Update I received an update screen in Turkish. Scan worked OK in Swedish. Protection was in Swedish OK! The Tools were correctly translated into Swedish, but when I clicked on the boxes: Hijack Scan, Security Holes, Passive Defense, Unlock and Clean, and Privacy Sweep, I received windows in Turkish! I swiched to the English language and everything were in English OK! For the moment, I have no problems; everything is in my language Swedish.
  9. IObit Security 360° RC Pro - Swedish Translation (Final?) Hi, Attached, please, find my final(?) translation from English into Sweden-Swedish (S-Swedish.lng 79.8 kB) labelled Sv-svenska. It might be that you will get a translation into Finland-Swedish (Fi-svenska), as there is in fact a Swedish speaking minority in Finland. The Swedish languages differ a bit between the two countries. I have decided to translate the two problematic expressions as follows: Thread Count -> Thread Antal Handle Count -> Handle Antal Done is Done! S-Swedish.lng
  10. RE: IObit Security 360 RC Pro - Swedish Translation Problem Hi danburrito, I have during the last two hours studied Danish, French, Finnish, and Updated German translations, but they did not help me! I found a Swedish translation by Nash, but I doubt that the translations of "Thread Count" and "Handle Count" are correct there! So, while I am waiting for refreshed versions of the translation files above and a Norwegian, a Dutch or an Icelandic translation, I am keeping my translations as they stand today: Thread Count -> "Tråd" Antal Handle Count -> "Handle" Antal Maybe the English expressions should be kept and not be translated?! (Often computer expressions should be kept in English ) Wait and see, is the best policy!
  11. IObit Security 360° - Need of other translations Hi, Yesterday I submitted a Swedish translation of IObit Security 360° RC Pro (Svenska.lng) and wrote that I had problems to translate the English expressions: "Thread Count" and "Handle Count". In my software version I have only the following translation files available: English.lng 76kB 2009-08-20 Deutsch.lng 83kB 2009-08-20 (German) Svenska.lng 80kB 2009-08-21 (My submitted translation yesterday) I looked at the German translation, but it was keeping the English expressions above untranslated . How can I get hold of another translation of chapter [HijackScan_ProcDetail] with the items "Thread Count" and "Handle Count"? The following language files might help me in order: 1.) Norwegian (Norsk) 2.) Danish (Dansk) 3.) Finnish (Suomen) 4.) Icelandic 4.) French (Francais) and maybe 5.) Dutch Other language files will not help me, sorry!
  12. IObit Security 360° RC Pro - Translation into Swedish Hi, I am hereby submitting the translation from English to Swedish of IObit Security 360° RC Pro ( see attached file "Svenska.lng" 79.8 kB dated 21 August 2009 ). Unfortunately, I have not properly translated "Thread Count" or "Handle Count", because I have no clue what they mean! I have translated them into "Tråd" Antal and "Handle" Antal; I had no other option! Svenska.lng
  13. Swedish Language File for IObit Security 360 Beta 3.1 Hi, I have attached a Swedish Language file (svenska.lng) for IObit Security 360 Beta 3.1 Cheers, sweidre svenska.lng
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