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  1. Files language PC transfert for translate in french Hello! Would it be possible to have the language file for PCtransfert. Thank you @+ Kacaouet
  2. French language file for Game Assistant Beta 1.0 Hello everyone, Here are the file translated into French for assistant game @+ Kacaouet
  3. French language file for Driver Booster 1.3 ( Bonjour, Voici le fichier langages en français que j'ai légérement modifié ! Hello, Here is the language file in French that I slightly modified! @+ Kacaouet
  4. French languages file for Smart Defrag 3 Beta 2.0 Hello everyone,: wink: I took a few inaccuracies in the French language file. you could golds already installed in the language of your program folder. @+ Kacaouet Bonjour à tous,:wink: J'ai repris quelques incorrections dans le fichier langage français. vous pouvais d'ors et déjà l'installer dans le dossier langage de votre programme. @+Kacaouet
  5. Files languages eet toolbox languages english Hey,:roll: Looking for the English files for translation @+ Kacaouet !
  6. Translate file language french IObit unlocker 1.1 Hello, Here is the file translated into French for IObit Unlocker Enjoy now! @+ Kacaouet
  7. Translate file languages french for IObit Unisntaller 3 beta 2 Hello, I post a new Update for installing version ASC 7 Beta 4 [/ B] the language file IObit uninstaller has evolved. Bonjour, Je post de nouveau une MAJ car en installant la version ASC 7 Bêta 4 le fichier langages d'IObit uninstaller à évolué. @+ Kacaouet
  8. Updated file translation for Iobit uninstaller 3.0 beta 2 Bonjour à tous, Voici la traduction en français du programme "Iobit uninstaller" pour version 3 beta 2 Copier le fichier LNG et coller dans le dossier langage qui se situe dans: programmes/iobit/Iobit uninstaller/language. @+ Kacaouet Hello everyone, Here is the French translation of the "Iobit Uninstaller" Copy the files LNG and paste into the language folder that is located in: program / IObit / Iobit Uninstaller/ language. @+ Kacaouet
  9. Hello,:-D Saw the zip file I downloaded, I think the imagination is able to begin to create dressing. Thank you to you for giving us access to all the icons images. Thank you @+ Kacaouet
  10. Translate french for Iobit Uninstaller 3 Bonjour à tous, Voici la traduction en français du programme "Iobit uninstaller" Copier le fichier LNG et coller dans le dossier langage qui se situe dans: programmes/iobit/Iobit uninstaller/language. @+ Kacaouet Hello everyone, Here is the French translation of the "Iobit Uninstaller" Copy the files LNG and paste into the language folder that is located in: program / IObit / Iobit Uinstaller/ language.
  11. Send files Hi Cicely! When will we receive the files to start up "skins" Will we have access to all records if you want some settings location where other icons. Thank you @+ Kacaouet
  12. preferences no, I prefer a quick sign as logo in green office as everything goes well, orange and red means high alert, a small lamp enough to report my opinion as you ask. Kacaouet
  13. successful trial I installed ant the run the scan. Window is larger, nicer in size. i do not find useful the "Action Center" i would prefer something else tab more useful as a "Driver Booster" i appreciate the change of the fluid paths i too do not like the new icon for office @ Kacaouet
  14. Cool ! best skins included ? Hello everyone, Are you planned it as the translation, a challenge on the best skins and those would be included in the program. It motiverais troops hackers. @ + Kacaouet
  15. Hello, About suggestions, I think it would be interresting to open access files for creating skins Just as "languages" those files for creating skins can be proposed and the artists will after amendment, offer their creations with IOBIT so that those who have attention be validated and included in the program. This motiverais troops. Because otherwise the skins created today can definitely included in the program, in a Shift, created and installed the skin no longer appears in the list. Changing HTML colors do not change! No change from the bottom of the toolbox window. A fan
  16. Yes, I think we'd like to create skins but there has restrictions in creation. When a new skin has been created, and there is a SHIFT, you have to reinstall it because it is not in the list. You can not change the background of the toolbox menu No way, change text colors are not taken into validation You can not install several new skins in the folder without the former is invalidated and no longer apparaisent the list. When you change the "Level" icon on the PC, it no longer appears in the version simplified. Évennements bunch of preventing the creation of skins correctly, where the fact that there are more post also provided before, shame! If you want to be restrictive, close progromme any changes possible, if you want to be creative, open a little more. Where you can provide a folder for those that interressent modification proposal then Iobit to include directly in the list, as you do for the languages ​​files.
  17. Hello, yes, you can change the title ! Stars by downloading the zip file extract to asc create folder, rename the folder Go classic/imagesascv6 title Image size to replace 170x25, open a program like "Gimp 2" for title to remove the background, right click on image and choose and select: Layers/trasparency/add alpha channel and "Wand" in tollbox, click the area to remove, right click: Edit/cut once the opération is performed: Click on file/select the file/ export/confirm"replace"/export again That's it good luck @+ Kacaouet
  18. Update french translation problem Bonjour,:roll: A SHIFT has been performed, the French translation is not totalconcernant Toolbox, nothing is translated and yet I found in the iris LNG file! What is happening? @ Kacaouet
  19. Not appear list skins Hello! I managed to install the skin but it does not appear in the list??? How to remedy it? thank you @ Kacaouet
  20. Hello, Can you create a screenshot with explanation in support to better understand the process. I hope to get satisfaction because the version ASC5, it was not that, unless you do not want me to do customizations :cry: A big thank you! ;-) @ Kacaouet
  21. Translation language french/ Traduction fichiers Français MAJ files 23/04/2013 :wink: Hello !:grin: Here are the files and language Toolbox language, verified and translated into French. To do this, open the zip file at the bottom by clicking. Open the other hand, in the case asc6 Local folder / programs / IObit / Advanced SystemCare 6 Minimize the window. Open the file in zip, choose the File language in now click and drag it to the open window of the folder asc 6 program. The same file for Toolbox language. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Voici les fichiers language et Toolbox language, vérifié et traduit en français. Pour ce faire, ouvrir le dossier zip en bas en cliquant dessus. Ouvrir d'un autre côté, le dossier asc6 dans Dossier local/programmes/iobit/Advanced SystemCare 6 Réduire la fenêtre. Ouvrir le dossier dans zip, choisir le fichier language en maintenant clique dessus et glisser le vers le dossier languages de la fenêtre ouverte du dossier asc 6 programme. La même chose pour le fichier Toolbox language. http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/617656Filetranslation2.png Drag files languages/faites glisser les fichiers langues @+ Kacaouet
  22. Correction Hello, I started to do the translation of spite, but before we go any further, I wanted if I was in the right direction. [Main] AfficherNom=français [ASC_Form_ASC6] Label_Scan_Texte.Légende=Scan Label_Titre_Soins.Légende=Soins Label_Titre_Boite à outils.Légende=Boite à outils Label_Titre_TurboBoost.Légende=Turbo Boost Label_Tout sélectionner.légende= Tout sélectionner Label_Logiciels malveillants.Légende= Suppression Logiciels malveillants Thank you for your quick response. @ Soon Friend Kacaouet
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