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  1. Sounds nice The idea sounds very nice usually the lappies stay for 3-5 hrs on battery this could improve it.
  2. Prioritizing background processes is a good idea and can reduce system load.
  3. Nice ideas This sounds very nice. Hope it will be included in the next version.
  4. Love the Christmas skin Thank you IObit for including such a beautiful skin in the latest version. The Xmas skin is fantastic and probably the best one yet.:-D:-D:-D
  5. Functionality first Yeah functionality should be on the top of the list. But seriously a new UI will be truly refreshing. So when you guys get time think over the new UI.
  6. I too hope so. We've been seeing similar interface in the last two versions(ASC 6 and ASC 7). A new UI would definately be great and i think that the iobit developers must have been on to it. :-D:-D:-D
  7. Both I am very happy that both the options are now available to the user. Very nice work. Thanks IObit.:-D:-D:-D
  8. Still no internal scan The Performance monitor still opens the ASC window rather than performing a scan in the monitor itself I hope that in the next version my recommendation will be given a little value.:cry::cry::cry:
  9. Recommendation When I click the scan button in the performance monitor it launches the ASC window. So why not add an internal quick scan in the performance monitor rather than to open the ASC window. It would be way lot cool if a quick and basic scan could be performed in the performance montior itself. It would facilitate the user to perform a basic scan for a quick boost.
  10. So long When is the ASC 7 finally going to be released:?::?::?::?::?::?: EDIT: could be as soon as today! :mrgreen:
  11. Alright You know when you are offline and don't have and internet connection at that moment then when you want to use a particular tool then it is very annoying to see the message "Please check your internet connection and try again". It is better to download all at once than to download all in installments.:-):smile:
  12. Beta 4 Beta 4 says that is has included metro UI but it is just a skin.:cry::cry:
  13. That wont change the fundamental elements That wont change the fundamental elements of the screen like loations of the button. Moreover every time i try to edit a skin the skin file gets corrupt may be because i don't:-D know much about skin editing.
  14. Request fresh user interface Please could there be a completely revised and fresh User Interface for ASC 7
  15. Tools in toolbox Hey I am talking about the tools in the toolbox. They don't come included not all of them. When i click the tools in the toolbox the it is first downloaded the it is launched. I am saying that all those tools which have to be downloaded could be included in the setup itself.:-D:-D
  16. ASC 7 complete setup Why isn't there a setup of ASC 7 with all the tools , It would be so nice if all the tools are included in the setup itself.
  17. Strange thing about system information The system information in the toolbox shows my direct X version to be and IE version to be 9.10.9200.16420. Can any one tell me why is this so because my direct X version is 11 an IE version is 10.:?::?::?:
  18. Waiting for ASC 7 We all have been waiting for ASC 7 when is it going to bet released.
  19. Thanks it worked better but metro(mentioned as a new feature on the download location) is just a skin i thought that is would be in metro totally :cry:
  20. when i installed win 8 then during its boot it's splash screen didn't even displayed those circling dots and booted up quickly but after using ASC 6 that boot up speed was reduced and the splash screen remained for 2-3 seconds and then the welcome screen came and the computer booted up which earlier didn't happened earlier. So earlier my boot up time which was about 2-3 seconds increased to about 4-5 seconds.:?:
  21. ASC 7 in windows not start menu 8 Hey man I am not talking about start 8 rather about ASC 7. It should have a special utility for that . Because I've noticed that ASC 6 retards the boot of windows 8. GOT THAT!!
  22. Could it have a special tool for boosting the boot up and a fresh UI.:?:
  23. Right So excitedabout asc7 and i hope it is also in metro
  24. Definitely should have win 8 metro UI I too think that ASC 7 Final should be in win 8 metro UI as well as in desktop mode.It would be sooooo cool if it is in win 8 metro
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