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  1. Hello Cicely, First, thank you for getting back so fast. So, to help explain what I'm referring to, let me give a quick explain of my setup. Using same Lenovo laptop I used from the past, however I now have a LG Monitor connected via HDMI to the laptop. I have Win10 1709 x64 running, & in my previous post, I made an error in calling my taskbar, the start menu, and my apologies for that error. The issue is w/ the taskbar consists with 2 things, the icons on the left side of the taskbar, near the WIN Start button, are flicking, & this is happening in same repetition as the mouse pointer "thinking", which I never had an issue w/ prior to this version. Also, as this is going on, the ASCU11 Icon in the notification area of taskbar (near clock) is also flickering from being in "protected & optimized" status of software to "PC's real-time protection is off", even though I have right-click & confirm real-time protection is turned on. To continue to test, I just un-installed ASCU11 from the system as I am typing this, & I can confirm that Windows 10 1709 x64 updated to KB4058043 does have an issue in regards to icons disappearing in the left side of taskbar (solution I found to fix this is to “unpin” any icon on desktop from taskbar & “pin” back to taskbar, thus all icons return). However, the flickering of these icons has stopped once ASCU11 is un-installed. I have just now also, went through & manually cleaned both my registry & firewall of IObit keys & rules (Nothing personal, just being thorough for fresh install of ASCU11 v. ? As of writing of this parapragh (reason for delay in getting back to ya all), I have now, freshly clean installed Windows 10 on both my Wife’s & my machines, along w/ ASCU11 Reason for this was I wanted to see if I had these issues on just 1 machine or both. Unfortunately, I AM having these issues on both machines, even after scans & updates have been confirmed done. Also, both machines are laptops in dual monitor configuration. As far as the second issue of Icons on desktop moving from secondary monitor (Laptop Monitor) to first Primary monitor (External LG monitors) I now have determined that was an issue from a Windows update from Dec. The reason I can say this is because before I clean installed Windows, I un-installed ASCU11 & literally watched the icons move w/o ASCU11 on the machine, thus first of a couple reasons I cleaned installed Windows. ACCPresidentLB
  2. Hello everyone... Been testing ASCU 11 since it launched, & had some issues, though, w/ Win10 having its own issues, hard to tell what is causing what... I recently done an clean installed of Win10 w/ Dec Updates injected into the install, & it was stable for a couple days, so I installed ASCU 11 v. & was running decently, a few glitches of it not knowing if the anti-virus is updated or not... have to open the main GUI in order for it to realize it was updated... but, I installed the newest v. tonight & immediately notice a couple things I need to bring to ya attention... 1) CPU is running un-usually high & very unstable since installing newest version... 2) I have a flicking of my start menu & icons on it, to included the grade letter of PC health, bouncing from "C' to "A" & back again... 3) While this flicking is going on, my mouse pointer keeps going in & out of thinking mode thinking for a moment, then stops for a couple secs, then repeating that process... I ran scans thoroughly & corrected everything, but these issues... Not confirmed this yet, but it also appears it may be moving icons from it location on my laptop monitor (secondary monitor) back to my LG monitor (Primary monitor) after repeatily return them to their proper location... Advise plz... ACCPresidentLB
  3. Howdy everyone... YAYYYY!!! Been waiting for this for the longest... Firing it up & setting test mode to full swing... Thx Guys getting it out... ACCPresidentLB
  4. As an afterthought, I agree that IObit needs to find another host for their software... CNet is definitely not a host I would use, and I never download from them. Majorgeeks.com have had their issues in the past of having viruses in their downloads, but they seemed to clear it up, and I have been using them for a while now. HINT!!! HINT!! IObit, please take this into advisement!!! Thanks, ACCPresidentLB
  5. Hey Cicely & Everyone... I had the same issue W/ ASC10Pro & IMF5RC... Apparently ESET seems to be ranging a war w/ IObit software. I just put both in exceptions, the whole program folder using *.*. I was able to download ASC10 v., and about to try to install to see if it solves the issue, but I wanted to let IObit aware that I had this issue w/ IMF as well. Others having this issue w/ IMF also may want to post & confirm so IObit is aware of it. Will check IMF thread to see if an updated version of it is available... ACCPresidentLB
  6. Hey Cicely, Running IMF5 RC and thus far, no issues have been observed... Currently running it w/ ASC10 Pro & ESET Smart Security on my Lenovo, and they are running smoothly... ACCPresidentLB
  7. Hey Ya Cicely, Just got the notice for IMF5 RC, installing now... be in touch... ACCPresidentLB
  8. Hey Ya Cicely, No Worries on the reply... We get back to one another on here when we can is the way I see it. So, been running IMF5 Beta w/ ASCPro10 together instead of IMF & ASCU10, and the results have been that both my systems are performing smoothly with this configuration better than when I was using ASCU10 w/ IMF. Who knows, but my overkill before of ASCU10, IMF, and ESET Smart Security may been conflicting with each other to the point of causing issues w/ ASCU10. My purpose for that config was for assisting in beta testing for ya w/o dropping my primary security software (ESET). I did noticed that ESET released a version around same time I was having these issues, that was quite buggy, to the point I had to temp use a different security software. Once ESET updated its program & I went back to it for testing it, everything seemed to iron its way out. I did send screenshots & files, which ya confirmed went to engineers. I decided to say with my current config of ASCPRO10, IMF5 Beta, & ESET until such time as IObit releases an updated version of ASCU10, which I'll gladly check out for you all... As always, Thanks for the hard work your people do to listen & improve ya software for everyone... ?ACCPresidentLB
  9. Hey ya Cicely, Yes, this is a recurring issue for several weeks for me... on both my machines, to the point I had to step down from ASCU10 and replace it w/ ASCPro10 so I could continue to have the maintenance aspects of ASC. I attempted multiple scans (both auto & manual) on both machines w/o success and same issue on both. I'm sorry I never got around to the troubleshooting for the Alienware for you all. If you really need those files for it, let me know and I'll make a serious effort to get them for you, but I suspect they'll be same as w/ this Lenovo. ACCPresidentLB
  10. Hey ya Cicely, Yes, I am aware of ASC 10 not being a security, but rather maintenance software, but I normally run ASCU as a secondary antivirus to backup my primary... probably overkill, but has worked in the past versions (ASCU9 7 8) for me, however, I haven't been able to since release of ASCU10 beta. And, I have been running IMF since v. 4 released, and again, really love improvements in v. 5. I went back to ASCPro10 to still be able to have the preventive maintenance ability until we can figure why I can't use ASCU10 anymore. Was hoping you guys might have figured that out for me w/ the files I sent ya. No worries though, I'm sure ya all will let me know if ya find something... Again, thanks for all ya hard work, ACCPresidentLB
  11. Hey ya Cicely, Been running IMF5 Beta for a week or so now, and just wanted to say, its been running smooth sailing. Right out of the box, no issues, I can't think of a thing that could improve it. Full scans are slightly time consuming, but considering everything, that can't even be complained about. GUI is totally awesome... Modern & simplistic at same time!!! Never been the biggest fan of IMF (Especially with all the issues I had in past with it conflicting with my primary security software, but that I have changed up & IMF runs great with new security software & all IObit software I use.PLEASE find problem with ASCU10 though, I actually went down to ASCPro10 after all the issues I have had with it, and changed my primary security hasn't resolved any of those issues. ACCPresidentLB
  12. Hey ya Cicely, Did ya get any feedback from ya engineers on the files I sent ya? I've done a couple formats & re-installs of ASCU since posting, with same results... So any info they may have found & can pass back would be nice... Please send privately... Thanks again, ACCPresidentLB
  13. Hey Everyone... So I just found out ya released IMF 5 Beta, installed after a format today. I got to say appearance thus far is AWESOME... Just from the brief look from install, it appears that you all incorporating into it an issue I been feeling I need to address... Browser Protection. I'm hoping I am correct, and you all will address this issue in it, because it does appear I have been getting a lot of Windows corruption, malicious OS issues which appear to be coming in via internet browsers. And since Microsoft itself has started the same in Windows 10, it clearly appears "the bad guys" are now focusing in using browsers to attack others, rather than viruses and etc. that current security software focus on. I have yet to see any security suites that focus strongly enough on these browser attacks, therefore I am hoping IObit is "picking up the sword" regarding this. Currently, I am on the verge of dropping my once rely upon security suite, and am currently depending on IObit software to pick up the coverage atm, and it seems to be working. So please, keep up the good work. ?ACCPresidentLB
  14. Hey Cicely, Look for my Debug info frrom Lenovo in your Private message. Please let me know if ya got what ya need, or if ya need anything else. Will send info from other machine leter on today. ACCPresidentLB
  15. Hey ya Cicely, Sorry I didin't get back sooner like I planned. Been severely under the weather... Anyways, Done a format of my Lenovo laptop 2 days ago, installed ASCU yesterday, seem to be running ok... setup my settings like usual with antivirus full scan @ 4:30 AM., then woke up to scan had error out message. No scan was performed. Also noticed the ASU Autocare icon in my notification bar and it unable to do anything when clicked on. Had a couple icons in my recycle bin I wanted to get rid of, so attempted to file shred them, File shredder wouldn't open up. I attempted to open ASCU from primary icon in notificaton tray, again nothing opening. Reboot machine, same attempts, nothing. Had to uninstall program temporarily. Going to re-install over the weekend and will use your Info Helper to get files for ya. Also, haven't updated ASCU on my Alienware to yet, yes, it is having the same issues it was when I last posted to ya: Unable to scan because it freezes @1% of initializing database and never does anything else, goes "Not responding" when I attempt to close it out. Will draft my wife to help me get all info for ya to look at and post to this weekend. ?ACCPresidentLB
  16. Hello Cicely, I'll give it another whirl & use your suggestions on Monday when I can work on them w/o family around that need to use the machines. Will try to get back on Monday or Tuesday w/ results. ACCPresidentLB
  17. Hello Cicely, Like I said yesterday, I had some issues w/ the install on my Lenovo, though I thought it might be the machine. I installed ASCU10 on my other family Alienware laptop yesterday afternoon, and all seem to go well, didn't have an issue during the install, however, I've noticed on both machine when I try to start a full virus scan, both machines freeze up on "Initializing Database" at 1%. The software just sits there spinning at the 1% , and no files being scan shows up??? Had the happen on the Alienware, trying since yesterday afternoon. I tried on Lenovo during same time, and same thing, or like a few minutes ago, the Lenovo went not responding on the attempt to scan. Both machines are also going not responding when I tried to shut then down, having to CTRL_ALT_DEL both of them. Good news is the PM is working and functioning awesomely out of the gate for both machines. The clean & optimize scan are running wonderfully with no issues. Toolbox features are working fine as well. I'm just having this issue w/ the virus scanner. Advise & Thanks in advance... ACCPresidentLB
  18. Hello Everyone... First, the good news... Installed ASCU 10 yesterday, and it looks awesome, and for the most part, runs awesome. Love the change in the order of the tabs at the top have "Clean And Optimize" to the left... having the tabs work left to right by what is most probably used most frequent (Something that should be changed in ASCPro 10). Second, PM worked great from install, no issues like in the past, however, the machine that usually has an issue with it, I haven't setup w/ it yet. Will get back to ya in it. Third, it runs hella fast in its processes all across the board, referring to scans, making its fixes, etc. Now the bad news... I had some issues during install, and will post more details on it after setting up my other PC, want to confirm whether its my new POS Lenovo laptop or actual issue in software. I did attempt a viral scan last night and the database failed to initialize, with the ASCU asking for a system reboot & attempt to scan again. I didn't get to the repeat scan, will try again tonight and report any (If any) further problems. So, a question that came to mind for me is this: Does ASCU10 (Now w/ Bitdefender built in?) still work with other anti-virus/security software like previous versions did? Very crucial point to know for testing purposes, of course. In the past, I have had issues of IMF w/ Bitdefender & ESET Smart Security bumping heads, creating issues to a point I had to stop using for a spell. I did install new version 4.4 last night on my Lenovo, and thus far, no problems... Keep fingers cross! Again, will have results in a little while as how things go w/ other PC... ?ACCPresidentLB
  19. Hello everyone, ?So I got a Lenovo Y700-17 last week, and its an awesome machine. Came w/ Windows 10 64-Bit & 512 GB SSD. Since these are both first time using, after running SD5 Beta, I had to do some research on SSD. So, let's see if I got this right? You don't Defrag SSD drives, they do something called "Trim"? And I'm being told by SD5 that Boot-Time Defrag isn't done on SSDs?? I tried to research these and get a "non-geeky" understanding of these, but was unsuccessful. So, I can't figure out if SD5 is so fast because it has less maintenance to do on SSD or if the program is not functioning properly? It looks as though it does "something" and does it so fast and its done? Looks like an analyzed but it goes through my 3 partitions and apps so fast, I can't determine exactly what it's done... Can someone give a crash course on this for me??? Thanks in advance... ACCPresidentLB
  20. Hello Scannan and other forum members, Hope I'm not overstepping my bounds here & I wasn't aware this was an issue affecting other members other than me, so to help Cicely and the community out, I'm copying the instructions from e-mail that came to me with what worked for me on issue for Performance Monitor. Please follow the steps below to help look into the issue: 1. Exit Performance Monitor 2. Downlaod file from https://www.dropbox.com/s/awyb0noubz2v5l1/PMDemo_1221.zip?dl=0 and unzip it. 3. Open the installation directory of ASC U, use the new downloaded file to replace the original one 4. Enable Performance Monitor, click the arrow to show the temperature. 5. If there is still no temperature displayed, please find the file PMTest.log under the installation directory of ASC U and send it to us. Thanks a lot. These came from someone named Cherry (I assume from their Dev Department), and the issue fixed right up from using steps 1-4. Hope it helps, and I apologize in advance to forums Mods if I'm stepping out of bounds. ACCPresidentLB
  21. Hey Cicely, Got an e-mail with download for PMDemo & some instructions from your ppl, and just wanted to let ya all know that their procedure solved the Performance Monitor issue that been going on here... Thanks a million times for the help in solving this issue, ACCPresidentLB
  22. Hello Cicely and forum members, Just un-installed SD Pro4 and installed SD5 beta, and was blown away with it. So I'm running a 4 yr. old Alienware Laptop, 2nd gen Intel i7, 8GB Ram, 750GB Seagate Hybrid HD running Windows 7 64-bit. I've been running SD4 Pro for a couple weeks now, and I run it nightly in Schedule Defrag mode, w/ a manual defrag during the day. Unlike SD3, each run always seems to need 15-20 minutes to Defrag and is never same, even though how often I run it. When I was using SD3 on same frequency, after a couple days, SD3 got to where it would complete in a 3-5 minute timespan (or less). SD4 never could do this. After seeing this for a week or so, I suspected something was wrong. SD4 defrags were slow in multiple observations during its process. After installing SD5 about 15 minutes ago, I have been WOW-ed! I'm running my first Defrag & Prioritizing Files (method I ALWAYS use), I've observed all the slow observations I mentioned earlier, GONE! First the mapping analyzing during the defrag really makes the process feel its going to be complete & accurate. Second, when defraging the files, the speed of the files being defrag (shown at the bottom of defrag window) shows an improved speed performance in the process. My initial impression of this beta version is very highly positive. During defrag process, my cpu runs between 13% - 18%, along with all my normal processes, uses aprox. 4.5 GB of memory, and most importantly, my son can continue his online schooling w/o a drop in IE performance due to the defraging running. I will be observing SD5 over the next week to determine IF I will have the same issue I did with SD4 in the fact it seemed not to be properly defraging my HD, and will bring any further observations to light then. Thus far, there's only 3 minor cosmetic changes I can recommend. 1) SD5 & IMF needs to have a "Check for Updates" in the context (right-click) menu of the notification icon in system tray, 2) During the defrag, it shows "Estimated Time" and I feel this should state "Elapsed Time" instead, and 3) I personally prefer the icon for SD4 over the new icon of SD5 (others may not agree). I feel ya did a great job improving SD, keep up the awesome work, ?ACCPresidentLB
  23. Hello Cicely & Forum members, So, was running ASC Pro 9 since its release, and had 2 issues, and after a couple formats and re-installs, those issues still persist. I had these in ASC9 Beta 1, they got fixed with Beta 2, but they returned on Pro release. First 1 was temps in Performance monitor not working, and the no. 2 was right-click menu for recycle bin not launching tool programs. I temp solved my No. 2 issues by pinning an File Shredder icon on my taskbar. I have since began beta testing ASCU9 w/o formatting my machine, and the No. 2 issue was corrected on install (AWESOMENESS!!!) However, I'm still having an issue w/ Performance Monitor not reading my temps. I do have an theory as to why its happening (my thinking is there is an Alienware On-Screen Display I haven't been installing that COULD be causing this) and plan to try installing to see if it will resolve the issue. I'll test this tonight and reply tomorrow hopefully to let ya know. If this doesn't resolve it, I let ya know so we can try to troubleshoot prior to ASCU9 release. Other than that, I've had no other issues, and I also like the new favorite tools section in toolbox! Thanks again for the hard work guys, ?ACCPresidentLB
  24. Hello Cicely & Forum members, Bought & running newest version of SD Pro 4, and like I mentioned in IMF forums, SD has to be registered on both Windows accounts. I also noticed w/ SD, that it doesn't defrag at all when logged into a standard user account on Windows 7 64-Bit. I figured that Windows is causing this, but if SD is replacing Windows Defrag like I told it in the settings, shouldn't SD be able to defrag on the standard account??? Or maybe is this something that could be addressed in SD5 to where it can defrag on any account on a machine??? Thanks again for the hard work, ACCPresidentLB
  25. Hello Cicely & Forum members, IMO IMF4 is ready for launch once a GUI is decided for it. Hate the GUI, but that's my only issue with it, and I know they are surveying GUIs for it. From Beta 1 to Beta 2, updating has improved. In the past yr., I have lost a couple PCs, so my family is now sharing 1 machine with 2 user accounts on it. I have noticed with all IObit software, you have to register and customize settings for each program on every Windows account. One account is administrator and other is standard, thus would seem to me that when programs are registered and settings setup on Admin account, they should automatically "carry over" to the standard account since standard users are generally NOT suppose to have to ability to do such things. This is the only issue i have with IMF4. Just food for thought. If there is an explanation for this current behavior, please inform me... Thanks again for the hard work, ACCPresidentLB
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