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  1. ( Another post from eviscerator deleted by Moderator, because it had no bearing on this Topic.)
  2. so posting answers on this forums is against the rules or something. some people want a quick answer and don't have time to look though 1000s of posts
  3. WHY IS MY POSTS GETTING REMOVED???????????? i made a post on how to make HDD under type and to select SSD with screen shots.
  4. here is a translated version of Robert1953's post. i just right clicked the post and translated it. so easy to do even a 10yo can right click / translate the non English posts I have the same annoyance of constantly having popups from IObit that come without asking anything, and if I type a text without looking at the screen, I type into the void. I have some pro software, which I like, but some free because I don't use these functions much. How to remove these popups permanently? If there is an update to be made, Software updater or Glarys will tell me. No need for intrusive and unnecessary popups, especially since if it announces a new version, by clicking on it, there is the message you already have the latest version. Cicelia's formula: you can always refuse to install anything you don't want doesn't tell you how to remove the software popups we use.
  5. there could be a index that has a link or lists all pages or a list of sub forums under the title headers.so it may be easier to post in the right section. --example-- there's a list under Advanced SystemCare *ASC General Discussions* or the title headers might have a little more info on them
  6. banning people just because they post that's not in English is not cool. i can right click the post and translate it to English (not that hard if you think about it). if you have a problem with it ask Nicey that Thay can translate the post for you. there could be a part of the forums that can be used for non-English posts
  7. on world of warcraft forums if someone posts in the wrong part of the forum page it gets moved. but here it gets deleted. it is a bit lazy
  8. have you gone into the settings (if you have windows 10 or 11) and set the scale and layout to less than Recommended (around 100%)? -- see screenshot -- or if your computer has a HDMI port that you can use a bigger screen
  9. hay mike1253 you may want to translate your post to English. because a mod will say this and or remove the post ( like Thay can't right click the post to translate to read it because that will be too hard for them) i'm not trying to be mean but the mods don't like posts that are not in English
  10. ASCU (Advanced SystemCare Ultimate) is ASC and Antivirus rolled into one program. people on the forums might give more info what's the best program is right for you.
  11. every time the program is updated (from ASCU 16.2 to ASCU 16.3 ) the tools need to be redownloaded. the tool files are only a few kilobytes.so there's no problem. if you remember what tools you have downloaded
  12. about the Itop screen recorder and the Itop VPN icons on the performance monitor. it's not there on ASCU but it's on ASC . what is the difference between the performance monitors? (i know ascu has AV) is it the same or the monitor.exes are different?
  13. most forums (like Blizzard) the moderators can move the posts if it's in the wrong place .. move the post or LINK the page where it's ment to be posted .instead of saying "This is not a General Forum item. Re-post in the correct/relevant area now. The post will be removed from here shortly." .
  14. 140f is about 60c so the temperature for the CPU (most cpus have a tj of 105c) is fine. to change between Fahrenheit and Celsius put the mouse on the F and click to see the temp in C
  15. malwarebytes antimalware always say iobit programs are PUPs (it's a false positive) but it is safe. had malwarebytes and ASCU running on the same computer
  16. before installing any drivers make a recovery drive (control panel - all control panel items - recovery - Crate recovery drive) or a system image of the C ( windows ) drive on one or two dvds or backup the whole computers C drive onto an usb3 drive
  17. i don't need or want Network and Screen recorder icons because it makes Performance Monitor window bigger i like to keep everything small like having scale and layout set to 100% instead 125% ... I'm just asking why ASC has them but ASCU does not..so if i copy ASCU Performance Monitor.exe and replace the one in ASC would those icons be gone? or i just install ASCU instead and disable windows defender in the Registry Editor (i have done it with the computer that has ASCU without any problems when ASCU doesn't turn Defender services off)
  18. i have two computers one with Advanced SystemCare 15 that shows these icons {Network and Screen recorder} in Performance Monitor second one has Advanced SystemCare Ultmate 15 that does not show them. so what is the differences between the two programs Performance Monitors?
  19. download IObit Unlocker right click uninstallmonitor.exe click IObit Unlocker on the popup next to the Unlock button hit the down arrow hit unlock and rename call it something like uninstallmonitor.exe.bak then it will not run at startup you can still run the uninstaller without any problems
  20. how about adding a button to "hide" some of the icons on the Performance Monitor IE: Screen recorder Network etc.. because adding things like the should have a vote if the users want it added or not
  21. no problem. i did have these programs installed (my mistake, not iobit's) but IObit Uninstaller did it's job at unstalling them
  22. there is the boxes at the bottom but they're almost hidden because it is small boxes and printing almost the same color (a blackish color) as the window popup. so it is very hard to see
  23. you could temp disable Avast then install ASC. if Avast throws up the warning just add it to the white list (if it has one) . or uninstall Avast and use Advanced SystemCare Ultimate.....
  24. found a way that works --right click the shortcut (in this case driver booster because i don't have smart defrag installed) open file location find AutoUpdate.exe. use the program IObit Unlocker (it's free) and rename the file to something like AutoUpdate.exe.bak so it will never run. but you can still use the check for updates manually to update all iobit programs
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