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  1. Ok, thanks for your reply. I'll just give an example about 3 (sorting). In Rescue Center/Driver Backup for example, if you have a lot of drivers it's really difficult to know which are backed up or not. You have to scroll on the complete list and locate individual drivers. If it was possible to just press on 'Backup Version', that would be much easier after the sorting. You could also press on 'Device' to sort them by name, to quickly locate a particular device. In its current state, it looks like a randomly sorted list that doesn't make much sense, and not so friendly to deal with.
  2. A few suggestions: 1: When I decide to Ignore a device, the "Ignore this version only" box is always checked. It'd be best the previously used state was remembered, or provide us with an option to set a default state. 2: In the Settings/Ignored section, you could allow us to switch there between "Ignore All versions"/"Ignore this version only" - would be easier and more flexible to use. 3: Allow sorting of the various lists (Outdated/UpToDate driver lists, driver backup/restore lists etc.) 4: Add "do not show again" checkboxes, for example after recovering a device from the Ignore list. No need to ask confirmation for that every single time. And most important of all, always try to make the driver suggestions as reliable as possible. It's always best to take a more conservative approach, than to offer dubious driver updates. I know that you cannot possibly verify all driver/PC combinations out there, but this is the most important point. Thanks
  3. I think that with a recent Driver Booster 4 update, this unnecessary background process has been introduced. I even got a pop-up on the Desktop but closed it quickly and didn't get a screenshot. It seems to be related to IObit Uninstaller so I don't see why this is needed for Driver Booster 4. I wish you would remove this, or at least make it optional. It might make some sense to promote other software like this in free versions, but not in Driver Booster Pro.
  4. Hello, DB4 is always suggesting the latest AMD video driver for my device (AMD Radeon HD 5670) but it's quite a while that AMD has stopped supporting the older 5xxx series. These new Crimson drivers are NOT compatible and will cause problems.
  5. Another device: a Hauppauge WinTV HVR-4000 TV card. Windows installs older drivers (v.2.124.27191.1). There are newer drivers here: http://www.hauppauge.co.uk/site/supp...l.html?prod=48 (click on the Drivers tab, v. 2.126.30325 available).
  6. Thanks Cicely. About 1. yes, the only problem with that is that the device is never checked again (unless the user manually removes the 'ignore'). My suggestion was to add an option to "Ignore" a single driver update/device combination, so let's say if a newer driver appears after 2 weeks, DB will report it. 2. Yes, it's most certainly a problem update, at least for my system. DB never discovered the audio drivers for my old motherboard's integrated audio. Here is its information window from Device Manager, let me know if you need something else: Driver Management has concluded the process to add Service HdAudAddService for Device Instance ID HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_11D4&DEV_198B&SUBSYS_1043829B&REV_1004\4&B3DDC6A&0&0001 with the following status: 0. The drivers can be found here: https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/P5...Desk_Download/ You have to select Windows 7 32 or 64 bit (there are no drivers under Windows 8/8.1), and those drivers work for Windows 8/10, too. After downloading them, the file setup.exe inside the Win7 folder needs to be opened and drivers will install for Win 8/10, too. The asussetup.exe file will not work on Windows 8/10.
  7. You could also add an "Ignore Driver" option. This would be prevent a particular (and problematic) driver from notifying/installing, but it wouldn't stop the update check for that device, for future drivers.
  8. Hello everyone. I tried my Realtek problem on Driver Booster 3 beta. The driver updated fine without losing the connection (DB2 has done this too, in a previous effort) but internet speed is very slow. I think there's something wrong with this particular driver, or it's not meant for my (old) adapter. A suggestion on DB3: you could make an option available to each individual update: right-click/Report, then the user can add a small description of the problem. It will make reporting quick and precise. I'll also agree with Jerry G about the wheel/alien-lurking ventilator shaft. It is annoying to the eyes and I'd disable it or replace it with something more subtle. You could add an animation on/off option, too.
  9. Hello everyone. New version works faster, good job. Some notes: As Kailasa108 said, there is no way to re-check the scan results after pressing Back, without rescanning. That should be fixed, previous version was smarter on this. My "Driver performance" is marked as "Bad", solely based on "Game Drivers". Device drivers are ok. What's more, these reportedly outdated drivers are not even installed in my system (reported "N/A"). In a way, DB2 is pushing me to install unneeded/unwanted software. I suggest you make the "Game Driver" scan optional, and disconnect it from the overall performance results. A minor issue with the Microsoft DirectX Runtime. At first, version 6.x was detected and 9.29.952.311 reported available. The update failed. After that failed installation, 9.18.904.15 was reported as installed and the subsequent update to 9.29.952.311 worked.
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