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  1. Boot the computer, as soon as the computer starts to come back to life, press and hold down F8. Windows 8 displays a menu of special startup options you can choose. Use the up-arrow and down-arrow keys to move the menu's highlight to Last Known Good Configuration (Advanced), and then press Enter. The mouse won't work at this screen so use cursor keys.
  2. The Monitor program has its skin color attached to ASC 12. I cannot have the Monitor with a dark background and ASC 12 with a white background. These two programs should have separate skin settings.
  3. Cicely, Is there any possibility of the ASC U 10 version of the Performance Monitor being made available for ASC 11.x users? Or is this just going to be a feature for ASC 11 Ultimate?
  4. IOBit Default Program tool does not list my installed Foxit PhantomPDF as an option for the default PDF reader.
  5. Re: http://forums.iobit.com/forum/advanc...121#post221121 I have the same issue with ASC 11 as it gives the same error for my Logos bible software suite. I have to run Logos in Windows 8 compatibility mode to eliminate the error: The application is unable to start correctly 0xc0000005 The folks at Logos.com recommended I contact you and make this post. See their recommendation here: https://community.logos.com/forums/p/156255/943505.aspx#943505
  6. 1. Open ASC 11.03.169 2. Select Toolbox 3. Select System Control 4. Select Menu-->Folder Types-->Advanced Tab-->My Computer The word "Drivers" for the open window should read "Drives" The word "Drivers" appearing before the drive lists should read "Drives" Using the word "Drivers" implies some drivers are going to be removed. I know that is not the case, but the average user will likely be confused by the use of the word "Drivers".
  7. Would like to see the user interface settings for the Performance Monitor to be separated from the user interface settings of ASC. I prefer to have ASC set with a white background and the Performance Monitor set with a black background (as I keep it open all the time). Apparently whatever selection is made within the ASC settings propagates to the Performance Monitor.
  8. Cively, Thank you for you attention to detail and customer needs. It is really appreciated! Nice to know we are not being overlooked and IoBit seeks to correct issues that come up. That said, after examining the zip archive contents of what the InfoHelper tool collects to be sent to you, I decided that it is collecting too much sensitive information. I maintain a very secure computing environment—given my active litigation work with attorneys related to intellectual property matters which include cyber security techniques—and therefore prefer not send out such detailed information as is collected by the InfoHelper tool. Nowadays a person has to be very vigilant about letting detailed computing environment information out onto the internet. Since the IoBit IE Helper utility reveals the Shred File shell extension and easily allowed me to delete these extensions , it seems to me that would be the place to start examining matters. Apparently these ASC file, directory, and drive shell extensions are not removed when someone uninstalls ASC 10.5 as I did before I installed ASC 11 RC. Tweaking the uninstall process should solve the problem for users in the future. While on the topic, can you tell me where exactly is the development team located? Is it based in the U.S. or in what country?
  9. Thank you, Cicely. Rather than using the InfoHelper tool, I found that I could use the IE Helper toolbox to remove these shell extensions. Problem solved.
  10. I uninstalled ASC 10.5 before installing the v.11 beta. Just point me to the registry entries that enable these shell extensions so I can manually delete them. Please do not advise I re-install 10.5 to correct the issue.
  11. Here they are: [ATTACH=CONFIG]n221892[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]n221893[/ATTACH] Note that I do not have the Shred File option selected, yet the option continues to appear in the Context Menu popups even after several reboots.
  12. When deselecting the Context menu item "Shred File" in ASC 11 B2 "General Settings" the item fails to be removed from the right-click context popup menu after a reboot.
  13. 1. As has been mentioned by others, the Performance Manager Window size should be more narrow as it was in ASC 10.5. It now overwhelms the screen given its current size. I suspect many leave it open to observe the temps and fan speed metrics. 2. Some of the tools in the Toolbox are supporting High DPI screen resolutions (4K) while others are not. The IE helper tool (Sur14_IEHelper.exe), Rescue Center (RescueCenter.exe) and Empty Folder Scanner tool (Sua13_EmptyFolderScanner.exe) open in a tiny window on my 4K resolution screen (3840x2160 and 250%). See screenshot attached showing how the IE Helper tool opens atop the existing ASC 11 B2 window. The same effect results for the other tools I have listed. [ATTACH=CONFIG]n221824[/ATTACH] 3. The Home Page Protector feature does not provide protection for the Opera browser. 4. ASC11 lacks a global import/export settings function to backup all settings and restore them. It takes an average user over 30 minutes or more to fully configure all ASC settings, including the various tools in the Toolbox. That effort should be preserved in backup files.
  14. Why is it that the Performance Monitor for ASC 10.5 Pro no longer has the option to adjust its transparency?
  15. For the ASC 10 beta some suggestions: 1. Need inverted backgound or skins to eliminate the use of the Windows magnify.exe app to invert colors. The black background on white text is often not preferred depending upon the user's daily habits. 2. Scan results offer no means of skipping individual per browser Privacy issues found. For example, I do not want to have my browser history cache cleaned. Nor do I want my Run history cleaned as it is useful for easy entry of items I often re-enter from the Run command line. Further, deleting recently opened documents using Microsoft Office apps is something I do not want to be done, but lie the others just mentioned there is no option available to ignore or skip these results for subsequent "Fix" operations. 3. The Privacy and Junk Files scan Summary sections should have a similar check box next to the "Item Name" as the other Summary results show to include or exclude results just as the other Summary sections include. 4. The Fix command at the results of a scan should be such that it only fixes a particular setting of Scan results in view. As it is now, the Fix button "fixes" all results globally. I would like to see this Fix button operative for each scan result category separately.
  16. Performance Monitor for ASC 9.3 Pro fails to display temps, fan speeds, after the Windows Anniversary Update installation yesterday.
  17. I figured out how to redirect the standard out of the test.exe file to capture the contents of the window it opens. It is attached below. My default browser is Chrome.
  18. The suggested fix posted at: http://forums.iobit.com/forum/advanc...828#post209828 Failed to resolve the problem. I cannot take a screenshot of the open window produced by text.exe as it scrolls vertically for several pages. Why not have the contents generated in that window just saved to a file that I can post? Or is there a nice command from the command prompt window I can use to pipe the standard output of the text.exe window to a file? I am attaching the dump.txt file nevertheless.
  19. Would be helpful if ASC 9 respected user browser default choices instead of requiring IE be launched for submitting feedback, contacting support, and so forth.
  20. The ASC 9 Beta1.0 Perfomance Monitor fails to load the fan speeds and temps. Also, when will the user interface be more compatible with high resolution screens like Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro? Even with 200% default magnification set at the Windows 10 level, the ASC screens are quite tiny. See attached Screenshot of how the ASC window appears. I cannot seem to locate the global preferences option with the beta that is present with the released ASC 8 Pro.
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