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  1. I wanted to know the differences between the free and pro versions of Start Menu 8; this thread is part of the "Start Menu 8" forum
  2. Hi, I just wanted to know what the differences are between the free and pro versions
  3. Please perform the steps as explained in the video below
  4. Hi LEF48, I experiment a lot with software and believe me, Driver Booster is definitely one of the safest means to update drivers. What Cicely said is absolutely true! Just because it doesn't show driver updates as often as some other software, does not make it worse; the delay ensures that the drivers are stable
  5. I am sorry to know that but perhaps, the Extended Download Service was included as part of your purchase. It might be worth checking.
  6. Hi Cicely, I understand that but am referring to your reply to Belmiro where you wrote that IMF was different as it had spyware protection. I am curious because ASC Ultimate also includes spyware protection. I would appreciate if you could please clarify.
  7. Hi Cicely, But AdvancedSystemCare Ultimate also includes spyware protection modules. I am confused now.
  8. Maybe it's disabled to start as Windows loads. Run the Iobit Startup Manager from the Toolbox tab and see if it's disabled there.
  9. I believe it includes all the features of ASC PRO and certain antimalware capabilities. Maybe someone from the development team can shed some light on this.
  10. Please find the link below to a video that shows the "wipe free space" feature in action with the help of a program called BleachBit. It uses one pass overwrite which I feel is sufficient https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ar8dRgMXAWuWgz9XSQzbte6xicQc?
  11. I would like an option to wipe just the free space. I understand there is an option to wipe the allocated free space but it only wipes the free space occupied by the files while the removal takes place. What I am interested in is a feature which would let the user wipe the free space of a partition or a drive that may be occupied by already deleted files
  12. That's correct. It can't defragment solid state drives in the traditional sense because they do not have any physical movable device inside, like the hard disk drives do. It's because of this, that special algorithms are used to optimize solid state drives.
  13. Looks fine! It's set to optimize your SSD with its special SSD optimization algorithm. Just to let you know, solid state drives are extremely fast and optimizing them won't really cause any observable difference in performance, at least in theory
  14. I did just that and although the Windows Firewall seems to be running like before, its startup is "Manual" instead of "Automatic". Is that normal? I've inserted the screenshot below as requested.. [ATTACH=CONFIG]n221810[/ATTACH]
  15. Sure! As you can see, Windows Firewall is On[ATTACH=CONFIG]n221780[/ATTACH]
  16. I've attached this screenshot just in case [ATTACH=CONFIG]n221768[/ATTACH]
  17. I use AdvancedSystemCare 10.5 Pro on my computer with Windows 10 Pro and there's this thing I wanted to get clarified. In the "Protect" tab, there is an option called "Win10 Reinforce" and in its details, it presents a list of features which could either be disabled or enabled. Over there, I saw a service called "Windows Firewall Services" which was disabled by default but when I saw the status of Windows Firewall in the control panel, it was ON. So I would like to know what this option called "Windows Firewall Services" is all about.
  18. This is a very nicely made product. It's a life saver!
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