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  1. I hope they musts apply that feature that you are talking about in the next release, and they must also apply it on Game Assistant 3. Screenshot below are the current GUI monitor for those applications. Hoping for the best.
  2. May I ask the the software that you are currently using on chat clients and also the webcam file, try to create an exception using the screenshot below if will work. Please provide us some specification of your system, are you using chat clients via browser or via app? Kind regards.
  3. Please see screenshot below, I untick the box but the gadget still shows up on the upper right hand of the screen, But for my side it is really helpful so I decide not to remove it. I also uploaded the screenshot 3 but I am not quite sure about what is that settings is all about. thanks for your feedback.
  4. Sorry to hear that, Are you currently using an SSD on your windows 10 drive? after that when you run a chkdsk, may I ask if you get a lot of bad sectors? Kind regards.
  5. Hi, Welcome to Forum, Can you please provide us the screenshot of the Bug reporter. Kind regards.
  6. First of all can you please try to run the application as an Administrator and To double check if the files are on the IObit Protected Folder please go to this link C:\Program Files\IObit\Protected Folder and select ProtectedFolder.exe and let me now if you will see the subfolders on the folder list. Let me know if you have more questions to ask. Kind regards.
  7. I seen an old post regarding about the windows 8 compatibility issues with the Iobit Malware fighter. http://forums.iobit.com/forum/advanced-systemcare/asc-general-discussions/advanced-systemcare-v6/16160-windows-defender-turned-off-in-win8 As Scannan mentioned" It is because because WD is a combination anti-Malware and Anti-Virus program on W8. Therefore MF switched it of to prevent realtime protection conflict. " It might answer your question, Kindly regards.
  8. It might be there's an issue on the proxy's try to go to settings, Update, proxy and make sure it is off and try to update again the application, possible issue that the new version might be an issue regarding about those proxy or firewall issues I think. Kindly regards
  9. To double check your concern can you please provide me the screenshot of that following checkbox? I am currently using the 10.4 version and ready to download the beta version later. So far I am not getting any issues. Another thing is the reason why there is a fix on those following options is that privacy sweep or registry cleaner is also removing some tracker traces of your websites, registry traces, and other data that needs to be clean. Much better if you provide me the screenshot logs after you made a scan. Kindly regards.
  10. Hi! Welcome to forum, To double check your concern, you tried to perform ASC auto repair after you install the windows 10? Please provide us more information about the timeframe, the thing is that it is not really advisable to perform a scan after you recently install a new OS on your PC. Much better if you perform a full system restore first, or try to click the restore button on the ASC so it will rollback the changes on your computer. Kindly regards.
  11. Please visit this link for more information . https://www.iobit.com/en/allfaq.php > If I reinstall IObit products after formatting, reinstalling, upgrading my computer, or replacing HD, can I use the license code again? Please visit page to reset your license code and get the installation instruction. Or you can contact Online Support by choosing another Request Type to help you. Then visit this link. http://www.iobit.com/en/reinstallproduct.php Let me know if you have any more questions.
  12. Alright the thing is that I just recently tried to change the language from english to dutch but the search results which shows up in english, the thing is that if you really want to change the language for the search results, I think that much better if you must change your windows 10 OS Language by going to control panel and search for language and region. let me know if you have any more questions.
  13. Hi, Please contact support to refresh your subscription. Free Subscription: http://www.iobit.com/en/onlinefeedback-form.php?product=free Premium support: http://www.iobit.com/en/onlinefeedback-form.php?product=pro Cheers!
  14. This is kinda interesting, Honestly currently so far I am not seeing any websites that has the ability to generate new password at all the time, can you please provide us a specific website that has that specific ability, or I am wondering that you are talking about a specific software with random password generator I think? I forgot to mention that I think you are talking about the APPLE Keychain, because it has that specific ability.
  15. Thanks for this post it is really helpful , will now download the file manually , I will let you know if there is any other issues.
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