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  1. Chrome store doesn't have the Iobit plugin for some reason. Is there another place to obtain this?
  2. In the end I gave up and uninstalled ASC. My long term evaluation was that it didn't really speed things up, and seemed to be causing issues with Video sound etc.
  3. Makes you wonder if this isn't going to interfere with windows automated maintenance - especially the defrag.
  4. That's quite involved wow. Program Deactivator - I thought the turbo boost or auto ram would handle that already? (I'm not sure what the difference is between turbo and auto ram is. Yes I also avoid disabling startup if possible. I uninstalled Ultimate and instead bought ASC as it seems to be almost the same, and I don't see the point of Ultimate's AV. Surprisingly it has some kind of spyware protection in any case.
  5. Thanks. It seems as though you need to be quite knowledgeable in terms of setup, to ensure all the different options don't interfere with each other. Quite a bit of duplication in features - if you start installing the items listed in toolbox.
  6. I've since changed my mind. After testing start-up times for two test software packages and system boot times, I've concluded it is not doing much. In fact it may be slowing things down.
  7. Sad to hear about the support, wonder what's going on. Interesting, so Smart Ram has some sort of issue? I've been trying Comodo free antivirus, but when you switch off ASC Ultimate 12 antivirus it keeps reminding you to turn it on... even though the recommended setting is off (for some strange reason). Yes I do like the driver updater, updated drivers none of the other utilities I had before bothered updating. I have to point out one positive with the ASC Ultimate inbuilt antivirus. On a full system scan it found a lot of viruses in an email database that Windows Defender (and I suspect Avast) before it hadn't found.
  8. 1.) I've discovered that Iobit Advanced System Care 12 needs a bit of time to settle and you need to become familiar with all the settings... so don't rush to judgement. 2.) Ensure you go to toolbox to install driver updater, smart defrag and smart RAM (and that it is enabled to automatically boot at startup and run automatically). Personally I prefer not to allow certain options such as registry defrag and deletion of cookies (privacy sweep should allow more options). 3.) At first it seemed like everything was slower, but after two or three days and setting everything up right; it has definitely improved system speed noticeably. Browser responsiveness, opening applications, response to clicks within applications - all are faster; just avoid simultaneous Malware Fighter install as it seems to slow things and it doesn't auto-update database unless you pay for pro. 4.) Sometimes there may be momentary delays as ASC Ultimate 12 updates, but you will only be aware of this afterwards as the pop-up only displays once it has finished. 5.) Failure to detect Eicar file opening is fixed by installing Iobit Malware Fighter free along with Iobit ASC Ultimate 12; but as I mention it seems slower. Perhaps rather use Windows Defender or some other option.
  9. Issues 1: To reproduce this problem. Go to setting under antivirus settings -> protect. Then select recommended. It switches off 'real time protection? Issue 2: Even with real time protection on, if I download the basic Eicar virus test files are not detected. Tried pushing pushing protect level to high and switching off silent. But still it fails to detect download and saving of these files.
  10. Windows message is "Find and install and antispyware app online...". Why is that? I thought Iobit Advanced System Care Ultimate 12 includes antispyware?
  11. Are there any known issues with R statistics software and its use of memory and Iobit System Care Ultimate 12? I noticed that while it was installed it was a lot slower and would hang. Now that I've uninstalled Iobit it has speeded up. Is it possible that the RAM boost feature should be switched off for certain apps such as R?
  12. I am trying to find a new antivirus/utility to replace Windows Defender, and so I'm testing Iobit System Care Ultimate 12. I also installed Malwarebytes and noticed it was flagged as untrusted by Iobit and that Malwarebytes also flagged Iobit as a PUP. Can you provide insight into what is happening as these are both security software applications? Also are there any other applications I must watch out for incompatibilities?
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