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  1. I've seen Driver Booster and Iobit Uninstaller available online in a number of places. Here, in the forum, those versions are not available I’m wary of downloading from an obviously insecure site. When will these versions be available here?
  2. Cicely, Also, note on the screenshot above that “Boost priority of foreground applications” is being recommended to be set to “0”. I think your designers are misunderstanding what they are trying to alter. The value they are about to tweak is “ForegroundLockTimeout”. The default value is 2000000 milliseconds(200 seconds) after activity in the foreground window will it allow a background app to assert itself to the foreground or at the very least, steal the “Focus” from the foreground app. Setting it to “0” says that as soon as you do something in the active window, the background app can steal “Focus” or set itself as the active window(unless I’m misunderstanding what Microsoft said).
  3. ASC 10 tries to disable: 1. Diagnostic Policy Service 2. WdiServiceHost 3. WdiSystemHost Without these Services running, some of the "Windows Troubleshooting" routines are crippled(Disabled). I struggled for a week trying to find out why they were being disabled. I'd turn them on and they would mysteriously get disabled. I accidentally stumbled on the fact that you were shooting me in the foot. I set them to be ignored. Now I am happy. Why did you think it was a good idea to disable them? They are essential. Stopping them in order to run one of your routines is one thing, disabling them is quite another. ?[ATTACH=CONFIG]n221527[/ATTACH]
  4. Cicely, Either your product team fixed the problem in the latest release "Advanced SystemCare" or fate has been kind. It is now working again. Thanks, Leighton
  5. ?Cicely, Here’s what’s happening. I have my PC set to make use of Windows “Fast Startup” (See footnote). When you use it, it writes a “hiberfile” to allow a faster startup. If I do a normal shutdown, it writes the hiberfile. If an application forces a “Restart” or if I do a “Restart”, the hiberfile is not written. When the system starts after a normal shutdown, the notification telling me how long it took to boot is not displayed. When the system starts after a “Restart”, the notification telling me how long it took to boot is displayed. I tested this repeatedly, and the behavior I described is consistent. Footnote: http://lifehacker.com/enable-this-setting-to-make-windows-10-boot-up-faster-1743697169
  6. I hope that you didn't understand my question. I'd hate to think that if the user has allowed Windows to update, they're out of luck. See the attached screenshot. [ATTACH=CONFIG]n220456[/ATTACH]
  7. Now that I think about it, I have not seen a "Notification" from ASC 10 Pro since Windows 10 updated itself to "Creators Update". Is there a known problem there? The only notification I have enabled is the boot time, but I have not seen it since the upgrade.
  8. Okay, Now I can't edit in this forum either. As far as the other browsers, I tried IE11 and Firefox 52 and the "Edit" isn't even visible (available) when trying to edit in the ASC forum.
  9. Cicely, Note...This only happens when I'm trying to edit a posting on the ASC forum, not this one. This one goes into an edit screen to edit the posting. When I click on "Edit", nothing happens. If I click on "Edit" again, I get the following message: [ATTACH=CONFIG]n219396[/ATTACH]
  10. Cleaning the browser cache in Chrome did not help. I tried with Firefox and was able to set "Subscribe to posting", but I am still unable to edit posts in the ASC forum with either browser. Thanks, Leighton
  11. Cicely, I'm totally confused. Now things are working as they should. The set of conditions cited in post #17 were the way things worked Tuesday morning. Now, on Wednesday morning, things are behaving as they should. The only change between then and now is the application of "Microsoft Update Tuesday" patches. Maybe Microsoft had a glitch that they fixed (Hard to believe, I know). I apologize for the hassle, but the condition did exist as stated. ?Consider this ticket closed.
  12. Cicely, No, nothing that would change the setting. If it were another program resetting the flag, why would my changing the mode from "Top Performance (Home User)" to "Daily Use (Home User)" correct the problem? If I have the setting in "Ultimate Tuneup" set to "Top Performance (Home User)" and reset "Speed up the response of front-end programs" to be optimized, then quit and restart ASC, the flag will have been reset to unoptimized. If I have the setting in "Ultimate Tuneup" set to "Daily Use (Home User)" and reset "Speed up the response of front-end programs" to be optimized, then quit and restart ASC, the flag will not have been reset. Evidently when I quit ASC, "Ultimate Tuneup" is doing the reset. Your test routine sets the flag and then checks the setting without quitting the test. The flag remains set until it quits and relinquishes control to "Ultimate Tuneup". If I set the flag within ASC, it will remain set until I quit Asc, at which point "Ultimate Tuneup" resets it. Do you see what I mean? Do you see why the test shows things to be OK? It stays in control until it quits, allowing "Ultimate Tuneup" to have control again. Thanks, Leighton
  13. Cicely, I spoke too soon. After a reboot, the same condition exists. It is not fixed. I give up. I'll just have to ignore the problem.
  14. Cicely, Obviously, something in the last test file changed the way ASC behaves. Now ASC is working the way it should. Thanks, Leighton ?
  15. Cicely, By the way. I apologize for not attaching the file, but I can't attach files in this forum or edit my post. See the following link: http://forums.iobit.com/forum/general-forums/general-forum-items/219271-can-t-change-anything-in-profiles-or-settings Thanks, Leighton
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