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  1. This is not a false positive, please take a look here However even if there are some very good and reputable registry cleaners available for free and you want still use "RegistryFix" you can put its files in IS 360 ignore list Cheers
  2. Very good choice:-D In my language "Controllare" stands for Kontrolli, and its meaning is similar to "check" too Cheers
  3. I hope I'm not off topic, but according to Google Spywaresignatures . com is compromised by rogue currently pushing a Fakealert trojan Source
  4. @ enoskype: you're welcome and thank you, now I understand I had to change two strings @ Damned: I saw your images and changes made, thank you
  5. Hi Damned, just changed with "Sken" nothing changes
  6. # enoskype Hi enoskype, you are welcome, just changed IS360_SelectVolumeForm] Button_Scan.Caption=Scan with IS360_SelectVolumeForm] Button_Scan.Caption=Effettua una scansione I closed IS 360 and reopened it.. and nothing changed, I still see "Analizza" (Scan) cheers
  7. Here is how it appears in my italian translation (see image, please) http://img25.imageshack.us/img25/4558/isscan1.jpg do note: I translated "Scan" with "Analizzare" (verb infinitive; "Analizza" is imperative) Some italians translate "Scan" with "Scansionare" which is a horrible neologism (as a matter of facts "Scansionare" in italian doesn't exists and sounds very bad) @ enoskype: I would like to help you, but unfortunately I didn't understand what you would like me to do, sorry
  8. Hi enoskype, In relation to the bug you talked about, can it depend on Unicode or non unicode systems? Just an Idea: I'm not a programmer
  9. Hi I downloaded RegistryFix and scanned with MalwareBytes' AntiMalware which detected it as rogue, see image please (my system is in italian, but images often speak better than words) http://img190.imageshack.us/img190/354/registryfix.jpg So, IS 360 detection for RegistryFix as a rogue cannot be considered a false positive Cheers
  10. Hi itobe, I noticed it, I updated to new data base version and run a full scan: completely fixed. Thank you a lot:-D
  11. KIT.AreoRemAdmin - false positive IObit Security 360 OS:Windows XP Versione: Versione database:1142 Tempo trascorso:28/08/2009 3.19.09 Oggetti analizzati:72832 Minacce rilevate:17 | Nome | Tipo |Descrizione|ID| KIT.AreoRemAdmin, File, C:\sysexplorer\SystemExplorer.exe, 12-91 KIT.AreoRemAdmin, File, C:\AXP\utility\USB_Disk_Eject.exe, 12-91 KIT.AreoRemAdmin, File, C:\System Volume Information\_restore{F0F11E82-C5DD-4281-9020-FFB9FC7147C7}\RP698\A0163120.exe, 12-91 KIT.AreoRemAdmin, File, C:\System Volume Information\_restore{F0F11E82-C5DD-4281-9020-FFB9FC7147C7}\RP698\A0163121.exe, 12-91 KIT.AreoRemAdmin, File, C:\System Volume Information\_restore{F0F11E82-C5DD-4281-9020-FFB9FC7147C7}\RP698\A0163129.exe, 12-91 KIT.AreoRemAdmin, File, C:\System Volume Information\_restore{F0F11E82-C5DD-4281-9020-FFB9FC7147C7}\RP699\A0163133.exe, 12-91 KIT.AreoRemAdmin, File, C:\System Volume Information\_restore{F0F11E82-C5DD-4281-9020-FFB9FC7147C7}\RP699\A0163134.exe, 12-91 KIT.AreoRemAdmin, File, C:\System Volume Information\_restore{F0F11E82-C5DD-4281-9020-FFB9FC7147C7}\RP715\A0168390.exe, 12-91 KIT.AreoRemAdmin, File, C:\System Volume Information\_restore{F0F11E82-C5DD-4281-9020-FFB9FC7147C7}\RP715\A0168391.exe, 12-91 KIT.AreoRemAdmin, File, C:\System Volume Information\_restore{F0F11E82-C5DD-4281-9020-FFB9FC7147C7}\RP715\A0168393.exe, 12-91 KIT.AreoRemAdmin, File, C:\System Volume Information\_restore{F0F11E82-C5DD-4281-9020-FFB9FC7147C7}\RP715\A0168395.exe, 12-91 KIT.AreoRemAdmin, File, C:\System Volume Information\_restore{F0F11E82-C5DD-4281-9020-FFB9FC7147C7}\RP715\A0168397.exe, 12-91 KIT.AreoRemAdmin, File, C:\System Volume Information\_restore{F0F11E82-C5DD-4281-9020-FFB9FC7147C7}\RP726\A0191344.exe, 12-91 KIT.AreoRemAdmin, File, C:\System Volume Information\_restore{F0F11E82-C5DD-4281-9020-FFB9FC7147C7}\RP726\A0191351.exe, 12-91 KIT.AreoRemAdmin, File, C:\System Volume Information\_restore{F0F11E82-C5DD-4281-9020-FFB9FC7147C7}\RP726\A0191352.exe, 12-91 KIT.AreoRemAdmin, File, C:\System Volume Information\_restore{F0F11E82-C5DD-4281-9020-FFB9FC7147C7}\RP726\A0191353.exe, 12-91 KIT.AreoRemAdmin, File, C:\System Volume Information\_restore{F0F11E82-C5DD-4281-9020-FFB9FC7147C7}\RP726\A0191354.exe, 12-91 --------------- SystemExplorer is a stand alone TaskManger replacement http://systemexplorer.mistergroup.org/ VirusTotal response CLEAN ----------- Usb Disk Ejector is a trusted stand alone utility, it's a program that allows you to quickly remove USB devices in Windows. http://quick.mixnmojo.com/usb-disk-ejector VirusTotal response CLEAN -------- Other 15 files in system restore belong to OnLine Armor 3.5 which I used before starting to use Agnitum OutPost 2009. Tall Emu OnLine Armor is one of the most awarded and powerfull Personal Firewall http://www.tallemu.com/ VirusTotal Response CLEAN http://img156.imageshack.us/img156/1048/oafp.jpg
  12. Excellent. I think this is a very important step onward for IOBit thank you:grin:
  13. Italian language file - minor fixes Hi all here is my new Italian language file revision 8 for IObit 360 changelog: - fixed issue reported by LagerX - thank you:-) - minor language improvements http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/3632/iobit1.jpg Italian_rev8.zip
  14. mm I think you're right, I didn't noticed it before. I'm going to make necessary changes into my native language Thank you
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