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Application Name (or the GAME NAME)


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Application Name (or the GAME NAME) """ TCP & UDP Ports"""" or ether, TCP - or UDP --Self's--


Just of interest As to what is used If you Play on the Net!! and Applications Port UDP

Or Chat Over the net --messenger!

(( 137---Data transferring)))

either factors include downloading as well that may use the same or the sets ports - ether udp-/tcp---

As in torrent sites-mostly in the upper rage from 3000-to 65535 ---on average some do go lower to 2000 but not that

often ..



if a tracker is announcing its self-is usually on a fixed port (say 4315) or 65500---sample statement--

not to be taken a So--some times on a web proxy port like 8080---and so on--


now here are the DX ports i know of!-------------

Direct pre-- 7 -, if still used are (47624)

Direct X 7-+ (47624) (2300-2400)


I would think Not used any more these days ?


Mostly used now are

Direct X 8 (2302-2400-6073) ??????


Direct X 8.1 + 9.00 + (2302-2400-6073) Yes


Direct X 10.00 + --- (2302-2400-6073) Port 137 -138--! and defendant-- used ..

There is a new version out now -look for it at Google

All use the same ports Default--sets




1st SMTP Server (25)


Access Remote PC (4871-34012)



the chat ports i know of-------------


i Chat (5220)(5222) (5060)(5297)(5353)(5678 )(16384-16403) (5190)(5298 )


IConnectHere (5060-5065)(5723)(16384-16400)


ICQ (20000-20019)


ICUII (2000-2001)(2038 )(2050)(2051)(2069)(2085)(3010)(3030)


ICUII Client Version 4 (1024-5000)(6700-6702)(6880) (12000-16090)



the R mote i know of -------------


Remote Administrator (4899)


Remote Anything (3999-4000) (3996-3998 )


Remote Desktop (3389)


Remote Support System (5500)


Remotely Anywhere 799-2000


TELNET (23) ping service!


Terminal Services (3389)


Yahoo File Transfer (80)


Yahoo Messenger Chat (5000-5001)(5050)


Yahoo Messenger Phone (5055)


Yahoo Messenger P2P Instant Messages (5101)


Yahoo Messenger Super Webcam (5100)


Yahoo Messenger Voice Chat (5000-5001) (5000-5010)


Yahoo P2P Instant Messages (5101)


Yahoo Super Webcam (5100)


Yahoo Voice Chat (5000-5010)




hope its useful info -and perhaps of interest ??


i shall post and prepare the ports that most games are played on ....

very soon




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The above is a true study Made by me -as i know of and i can tell you --

there may be a variety of other services that use the same --And have no Way that i can verify this as is almost imposable to know 100% --what used apps also use them --this from my data base that i add to as i find new ones that do or either ports--as in UDP/TCP---one has to remember many die out and are replaced--by gamers that use the net--so the ones i am preparing my be out of service--or hardly used ---or perhaps still very active-- there are many life

games as well as in sites types to consider --this is soft ware type i am posting to you that use the set ports--and the services thy use to allow players to be part of a game -thy installed on there systems --




Here is a small sample in my data base




Command and Conquer 3 Tiberian Wars (28910)(29900-29901) (13139)(27900)(65000)


Command and Conquer Generals 80800(80)(6667)(28910)(29900)(29920) (4321)(27900)


Command and Conquer Generals GameSpy (80)(3783)(6500-6515)(6667)(13139)(28900-28910)(29900-29920) (4321) (27900)

Command and Conquer Gold



Command and Conquer Red Alert (3840)(4808-4810)(4995)(7000-7002) (1234-1237)(5400)(5009) (4000-4005)

Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 (3840)(4808-4810)(4995)(7000-7002) (1234-1237)(5400)(5009) (4000-4005)

Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 Yuris Revenge (3840)(4808-4810)(4995)(7000-7002) (1234-1237)(5400)(5009) (4000-4005)

Command and Conquer Red Alert Aftermath (3840)(4808-4810)(4995)(7000-7002) (1234-1237)(5400)(5009) (4000-4005)

Command and Conquer Red Alert Counterstrike (3840)(4808-4810)(4995)(7000-7002) (1234-1237)(5400)(5009) (4000-4005)

Command and Conquer Renegade (3840)(4808-4810)(4995)(7000-7002) (1234-1237)(5400)(5009) (4000-4005)

Command and Conquer The Covert Operations (3840)(4808-4810)(4995)(7000-7002) (1234-1237)(5400)(5009) (4000-4005)

Command and Conquer Tiberian Dawn (3840)(4808-4810)(4995)(7000-7002) (1234-1237)(5400)(5009) (4000-4005)

Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun (3840)(4808-4810)(4995)(7000-7002) (1234-1237)(5400)(5009) (4000-4005)

Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun Firestorm (3840)(4808-4810)(4995)(7000-7002) (1234-1237)(5400)(5009) (4000-4005)

Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour (6667)(28910)(29900)(29920) (4321)(27900)


Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour GameSpy (3783-6500)(6515)(6667)(13139)(28900-28910)(29901-29920)(4321)(27900)

Company of Heroes


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