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IObit Security 360 Help files in your own languages!!!


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IObit Security 360 Help in Turkish / IObit Güvenlik 360 Türkçe Yardım


Please find attached Help_IS360_Tukish.zip, including Help.html file and Images folder in Turkish to be used in IObit Security 360 folder when you use ISD 360 in Turkish.


Rename Help.html file and Images folder in your IObit Security 360 folder to Help_Original.html and Images_Original respectively to be able to use them later if you use ISD 360 in English.


Extract Images folder and Help.html file in the attached Help_IS360_Tukish.zip file to your IObit Security 360 folder.


IObit Security 360 is generally located as below:


C:\Program Files\IObit\IObit Security 360


When you click the "Support" on the main interface and choose "User Manual", "IObit Security 360 v1 Quick Start Guide" will appear in Turkish with the Turkish images of IS 360.


Enjoy it!





IS 360 programı Tükçe kullanıldığında, IObit Security 360 dizininde kullanılmak üzere, Help.html dosyasını ve Images dizinini içinde bulunduran Help_IS360_Tukish.zip dosyasını ekte bulabilirsiniz.


İleride IS 360 programını İngilizce kullanabilmeyi isterseniz, IObit Security 360 dizininde bulunan Help.html dosyasının ve Images dizininin adlarını sırasıyla Help_Original.html ve Images_Original olarak değiştirin.


Ekli Help_IS360_Tukish.zip dosyasındaki Images dizinini ve Help.html dosyasını IObit Security 360 dizinine genişletin.


IObit Security 360 dizini genellikle aşağıdaki konumda bulunur:


C:\Program Files\IObit\IObit Security 360


Ana Menu üzerinde "Destek"e tıkladığınız ve "Kullanıcı El Kitabı"nı seçtiğiniz zaman," IObit Güvenlik 360 v1 Çabuk Başlama Kılavuzu" ve IS 360 görüntüleri Türkçe olarak açılacaktır.


Kolay gelsin!


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Czech language



Below is installer with this file.


Installer in archive IObit_Security_360_CZ.zip included this file and folder:



-"Image" with 7 *jpg files






Archive IObit Security 360 Help CZ.zip contains:

File Help.html and folder "Image"



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Hi enoskype,



<br /><br /><span class="style3">Lisans Antlaşması</span><br /><br /><a href="EULA.rtf">Buraya tıklayın</a> IObit Güvenlik 360 v1 Son Kullanıcı Lisans Antlaşması görüntülenmesi ("EULA"). <br />

<br /><br />


<br /><br /><span class="style3">Licenční ujednání</span><br /><br /><a href="EULA.rtf">Kliněte ZDE</a> a podívejte se na Licenční ujednání IObit Security 360 v1 pro koncové uživatele ("EULA"). <br />

<br /><br />


What's the difference? In translation? I don't understand.......


Please Reply.




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Hi again Damned,


There is nothing wrong with the translation!!!


Is the link word

Kliněte ZDE ?




Klikněte ZDE ?


Is it clear this time?:?:


Please reply back!!!


In search of excellence, sometimes our eyes fool us.:razz:

I, personaly, do such kind of mistakes all the time and never see them again if not reminded by somebody else.:razz:



BTW, did you notice this post about a small non existing menu string in the lng file?



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Hi enoskype,


I'm :lama: , blind as a bat!!8-)


Below is improved file.




What String? I know of :

Label_Send_Feedback.Caption=Zaslat názor

Label_Main_TellFriend.Caption=Poslat přátelům

Label_Main_SendTranslation.Caption=Zaslat překlad

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When will "Security holes" available for other language version Windows? It can be add notice/Warning (example) "Following Hotfix are ONLY for English versions OS. For Your OS download Hotfix from Your support page!!"


Hi Damned, here is the quote from that linked post:

Concerning right-click menu.



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OK Damned,


I can't control it because all my computers are Eng. OS.


How about changing and adding the notice you mention to the below string?



OnlyEng=Only available for English version Windows.




OnlyEng=Only available for English version Windows. Notice : For Your OS, download Hotfixes from Your Country's MS support page!!


It will not show the Hotfixes though.


I really don't know if and when "Security holes" will be available for other language versions of Windows OS.

I think it needs collaboration with MS with so many languages, countries, and files.:!:

Is there a possibility that the Hotfix ID KB numbers are different for different countries?



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ID KB is the same for all language versions. See picture from Vulnerability Fix Beta. Number ID is written into register. (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Updates\Windows XP).






If you want install English hotfix on Czech language version Windows, Your OS not allowed this instalation.



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I should have beeen more precise, I have ment, if there is Hotfixes for certain countries and not for others.


You are right about the same Hotfixes,

I mean a certain Hotfix for a certain country, which may not be applicable to another country.

I know of one, which is not the same as I described but applicable to certain PCs with multiple languages.

If I remember correctly, Microsoft Multilingual User Interface Pack (MUI) Update for Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) WindowsXP-KB942766-v6-x86-ENU.exe in this post is like I describe.

I certainly don't know the answer to that.

I wonder if you have this Hotfix in your PCs.






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I don't have this Hotfix (for MUI, WEPOS and for SP3 for WinFLP).

But is Security Hotfix?

Example Hotfix for MUI can be used, but language version this hotfix will be always English.


On this computer, you may select a non-English language for the user interface (UI). However, English text may appear in the UI instead of the selected language. The English text may appear in lists, menus, dialog boxes, product Help, and other locations. The issue affects the following components: 
Microsoft Management Console 3.0 (MMC).
Remote Desktop Protocol 6.1 (RDP).
Network Access Protection (NAP).
Scripting binaries


Hotfix for Czech language have in title "CSY" (IE8-WindowsXP-KB972260-x86-CSY.exe)

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my fix version because my first release have improtant wrong setcion and the page get wrong

Recommend anyone have download my Quick User Guide.Please update your User Guide to this version







how to use:


please Backup AND RENAME your eula.rtf help.html Images Folder


download the files in attatchment or click here to my sky driver link


when download finish open the files and extract in the iobit security 360 folder

step 4

open the programme and click on 在線說明>使用指南/online help>user guide


change log:



Fix quick usert guide title


Fix and change some wrong words and webcode

add use type for 微軟正黑體

(if computer no this type it will automatic use default type)

Change to use unicode

add more Eula Traslation



First release


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Spanish Help and language review


Spanish help (html and images) and spanish language review2


I don't have the professional version, so I had to edit the PRO button and profressional text on main screen (so they haven't a good presence).



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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi Magic,


You have to take the new screenshots of the translated GUI and sections as in the original help file, and then add the baloons and the content of the baloons, and translate the text part.


Have a look at to one of the examples in this thread.



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Do I need to get the help file from my machine?

What about the translation from main app?

Hi Sjoeii,


Yes, you can use the help.html file in your IS 360 main folder.


If you find the translation of the main application needs to be bettered, then have a go for it too. But, I think there is another user trying to do it in a seperate thread. You can find that thread under this section.



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