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ADVANCE Tiny gide--


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my way of seeing the product -from iobit



OK here you see a brand new install -

installed copy----


please realize i did this on purpose not installing avc for 2 weeks!


i can demonstrate how good this is --now fully trusting the program i went ahead updated-than ran the scans---guess what we are still here after a reboot---ehhhh---good or what!!!!


so hope this will Analise any fears you may have--not to trust it

i have done this over and over --and every time successive-----




check the picks look hared at the fails it found over 6.000+

the 4th shot --how about that --


if i forgot something please add to the post <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

be nice please!! i am trying my best ---


now the last cap show you i left the last tick blank --why

here you want to slow down and be wary of what you are doing --


there is no hurry --take it slow and know what you are about to do--


you now tic it on-as you would of made a restore point...???? i hope

OK of ya go scan --and pick what you desire --to kill of -remove--

if its wrong -recover using restore try again---


do i love this program?? if i could i kiss all tha girls over there!!!


Umm just hug tha fellas-------ehhh----







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No fear Sunny --i don't worry about Viruses --yet to get one-since -the last one 6 years back ----i have it to hardwired --if some thing trys to launce

UNKNOWNS- the system stops and asks---if per chance something gets past it well a fast restore --fix any unknowns-- probably dew to many redo's

clean back ups

no i did this purpose --to prove the program !




this testing and installing with the free version on my and clients pc cover many different built pc i have installed tested ,scanned over 100 odd since -

and yet to find it buck up on any --


please understand i have no interest in comparing any similar program---or care to Gage -who is better or not--as fiar as i am concerned its all i want--to look

after my systems--now that's said - i strongly recommend this to any new reader--the free version at least --then its up to you to decide if you want the extra features--that i also recommend you do--i do not take any notice of people who may knock this program in any way--my answer is -YOU ARE MISSING OUT on one hell of a program---May i add NO client has yet reported

any problems -i have had feedback thy are validating there INSTALL COPY!

and registering there copy--as are very delighted with it--

ok -i need some help here from any one wanting to add on -there thinking--

to help show any new reader what this is about--

thank you--



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thank you i was using this as a Gide to try to make sure i get it right---








that's with every thing fully on! and leave it to do what it needs to do---


ok next 360 -

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It may be a good idea to explain and give screenshots that checking "Show guide window" in General settings will reveal the guide window when "Maintain Windows" is finished, or "Diagnose System" is clicked. As, there are descriptions in those windows for what to do about Details.



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thank you any help will be very welcome i want to add some more -but keep to the theme --when completed -make up a thread just on this--i would appreciate if admins can edit the posts to make them completely understandable-with correct spelling-and placement of words--- please help me here--


i am making this a FORUM project-and when completed make a final draft--

its takes me a lot of work to make the shots --as i am new to this

my idea is to prove to any new reader this is the way thy should go--

and try to stop the self made problems -and then be disappointed - with the program--


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jpg.gif 2 (2)_939x768.jpg (106.0 KB)




OK when you brows the program you will be able to set different settings--

now before you start thinking aw w how i am SA- posed to know---

OK here are a few samples on on how i have my ones--


please slow down -enjoy -

sit back relax hit that help file -takes you to the site help page--

just calmly read--theirs no diploma needed or a , masters decree, long winded explanations-

to run the program-read----if i can ,you can!



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here are a few pointers OK take them with a bit of salt- no offense--its my way of putting it across

just the street lingo --most of us can follow


the VERY FIRST THING -YES BACK UP THE C:/DRIVE__crista sakes---!!!


your modem of---then light her up when done--do this ---

then -----

up date first-do not scan--ya got time--forget the rest -what ever you got running turn it OFF--after the update it done --stop!!!every thing--close -reboot-no modem on--pull out the line--


--when you start the application -explore it first -----shut of your fire wall -and close any virus apps-and anti this crap--and ante that crap--we are now using A-S-C -stuff the rest for now--


-nothing ca hurt you---not from beyond the router-






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ya welcome--

ok readers--we get to the last of it--- http://forums.iobit.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=2225&stc=1&d=1256827331




ok thank you and its my hope this will help you a bit to decide to use this program


i truly be leave you should at least try it--for the ones that use it -get to know it---my last say is to you--ok i know a few may scoff--but get rid of (uninstall)

reg cleaners--and the like--defrag-and the like- and boosters--anti this and any that---why ? give this program full rights to watch ,scan,tune,defrag,


ya systems --at least a week try out--uninstall all the similar software

is this radical? well perhaps-- now -let me say do i use anti virus programs! don't think so--

why ?

probably i am a idiot--ya think --well perhaps ,yet ta get one -who knows probably got a heap - on my systems, yet run very fast -using what tools i do use

so do i care--NO---the last one i did use was 2 years back! and now and then ---as far as i see it

thy are hogs, useless programs -, take up resonators-pop up -update begging-i got fed up with them--bells tooting,linking -and my fire wall having to work harder ta stop them-- any how i hope ya enjoyed me post up to now

next lets talk IO360


thank ya all for reading my it be of help to ya all

god bless you -as my god blesses us---



ps i would like the admins to conciser sticking this post ? to the forum?

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so yes i fool about a bit -now for this moment stop the funny's-


ok i took you on a trip on ASC --give you a idea how it works-aiming at the new

user--and hoping it helped you --protection on system i specialize in and have very heavy stealthy-blocking procedures-if you follow my posts ,you need to read slow,carefully,take it in ,and think,and also be patient in my sometimes very long posts-try to see what i have learned over the many years and now

share happily with you -so you in turn pass this on -to others--


when i talk about protection i stop laughing for a bit-its no joke---when i tell

you and go to many hours of preparing this post its no joke--what i tell you

is from my heart! in my simple way --to try to save you loss of date ,or many years of searching disappear i a second!

why? it has happened to my self --


and its a all full feeling i cant describe--i would not attempt to try to put words to --

please read all the treads you can -people here are good people who spend

many hours in research-trying to answer -others who ask for help--


that is why we are know as OBIT FORUM one of the best!!!!

yes we are human and have faults,and sometimes rub some one the wrong way, but as adults we let it pass-and get on with helping--one and the other--ok mo we relax and let fly!!!


now we can get on -lets enjoy as i take you to a trip god help you the reader.

but stay in there -



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you may want to look here first --and check if you got a problem--











as you see thy products have them in build--


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ok to stop any confusion there are free --version of THE IOBIT programs


the post deals in the both--sometimes you see FREE and pro that is as we run now 10 units----that are shared to the kids to use--


whats the difference in free and reg software -work wise looking after your system very similar --so you first want to know -hit this link and read on this


http://iobit.com/ start here --explore your interests in what you seek --


if using win 7 there are warnings made By MS using programs like scanners ,cleaners-and so on--

be sure to heed the advice--or if not sure visit the Ms site -and check if thy are safe--you should use only products that are fully computable with this Os--not use older software--not saying you cant try-but just be carefuller --

as i keep saying over and over back up your system---


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i think i better stop now this, trying to promote the iobit products -its seems i am being perhaps to in favor of the application -and seem pushiness-

the wrong thing for me to do--but any how -i leave you the reader this simple mans advice explained my way, probably wrong --, and in the hope no afferent offense is taken is by the tread--as i mean well ----and perhaps confusing readers--as my English is very bad --and come out wrong in the explanations---??


but thank you if you decide to try it -i will now stop this tread --and not add to it admins may want to rid this -post-to save confusion- misunderstanding--

but i cant see past the iobit apps---fore me a blessing to have--








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