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Failed attempt


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Had a friend that got infected with Internet Security 2010 and Security 360 failed to remove the parasite (and yes even in safe mode). I next had him download and use Malwarebytes in which did the trick and remove the parasite and its infected files. I’m not here to rip on Security 360 but only to make this problem to be notice.

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Hello thegame!


Welcome to Iobit Forum!! Your friend didn't "get infected" but chose to be infected by choosing rogueware blindly... and choosing to install it. There were many opportunities not to install the software.


To blindly install software without looking into it (Google) for example is not bright! (unless you are bored and have a perfect back-up image, and are not scared... or perhaps sandboxed and feel inpenetrable like batman)


The failure is not within 360... but in the choices that led up to the need for removal of the software.


I would advise your friend to be more careful in the future!



Malwarebytes by MBAM is fine software! I'm glad your friend was able to extract him/her self from the prediciment he/she put themself in!

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I just signed up on this forum specifically to tell you how incredibly incorrect and unhelpful your response here was. You don't install a rogue security software like Internet Security 2010. You get infected with rogues like this simply by viewing a website that is hosting the malicious code. They infect your system through unpatched vulnerabilities in the software you're running. This is just one reason to make sure all of your software is up to date. Often this malicious code is hosted on legitimate sites that are unaware they are hosting the bad code. Usually this occurs because sites aren't careful enough about what kinds of advertisements they allow to be put on the website.


Thegame's friend likely didn't do anything wrong but was unlucky enough to view a normally legitimate site (although it's possible it could have been a questionable site) that was unknowingly hosting the malicious code. To make the assumption that they were dumb enough to install a fake anti-virus just shows how little you know of how these threats work.


The fact that 360 was not able to clean the threat is not surprising but it is also a failure. Where 360 only updates every few days and new variants of these threats are released hourly, 360 obviously does not stand a chance to detect/block/remove these threats. The only software that is able to consistently remove these threats is MalwareBytes because these threats are their main focus.


Please, in the future, before putting someone down and telling them they are not bright, get your facts straight so your replies may actually be helpful instead of just insulting.

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Check these out:


http://www.softsailor.com/how-to/13827-how-to-uninstall-remove-internet-security-2010-virus-removal-guide.html "First of all, Internet Security 2010 gets installed on your computer via malware and will be immediately set to start each time Windows loads."


http://www.2-spyware.com/remove-internet-security-2010.html "Trojans have to be manually installed and come from various misleading websites, for example fake online anti-malware scanners."


http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/remove-internet-security-2010 "Tools Needed for this fix:


•Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware"



As you can see, this particullar rogueware infects through the choice of installing malware. thegame had already resolved this issue when he/she posted! Did not need help! Was only graciously making sure members of this forum were aware that 360 would not remove! So of course my post wasn't helpful in resolving the issue... the help I gave in return was to advise thegame to caution his/her friend about installing software without research.


Was not saying He's not bright! Said its not a bright idea to download without research.


Did not slam Mbam, said it was a good idea! As you can also see it is a recommended fix for this infection.


Perhaps IonSurge should do a liitle googling as well!

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Hi Ionsurge, Thegame,


Welcome here to new members !


Keep on mind that there are many good members expecting to help about IOBIT products use.

We are not from IOBIT team.

We have knowheldge about potency and weakness of this or that one and we refer about to IOBIT team.


I suggest to you, to make it in this "help spirit" with this link : http://www.iobit.com/contact.html


Hi Melvin :lol: best regard my friend...


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