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  1. No one vendor or software provider has all the solutions. ASCU and IMF are two distictly different softwares that overlap a bit to offer a strong level of protection, As Scannan states there is great difference between an anti-malware and an anti-virus. Iobit happens to offer both plus many utilities.. What if there was only one market in your town? Only one pharmacy? Only one doctor? You must be vigillant and make the appropriate choices for protection that meet your needs. Sincerely, -Mel Live long and prosper!
  2. Hi cicely! The only situation is that a hard drive will become fragmented during the normal course of use... thus the need for defragmenters. Hence a hard drive can never be "perfectly" set up as user/member Halliday desires to achive in post #70 on this thread. As we dont know Halliday's exact system since it is no longer required here... only general statements can be made to general inquiries. My earlier post reflects the general reality of things. Sincerely, -Mel Live long and prosper!
  3. The minute microscopic increase in performance is negated by the investment in time and redundancy plus wear on the drive by over defragmenting. A drive can never be "perfectly" set up. When you use it, it will fragment again. Sincerely, -Mel Live long and prosper!
  4. This thread should always appear at the top of this section. Sincerely, -Mel Live long and prosper!
  5. dv8cowboy is wise. This is most likely a system related issue. Please fill out the details concerning your machine in your profile! Please also state what is running in your tray. Sincerely, -Mel Live long and prosper!
  6. It goes beyond this Enoskype... ASCU 6 has disabled my Defender in Vista SP2. It seems to have removed some system permissions that I will get back. I have a concern about the installed services as well. I will watch. Sincerely, -Mel Live long and prosper! EDIT: Please indicate which system permission changes.
  7. Glad! The issue seems resolved! Thanks Roy!!;-) Thanks for helping keep ettiquette here Scannan!:grin: For Firefox users here/now... I highly advise installation of the latest firefox (for security reasons) Ver. 19 Should look like this on download:http://forums.iobit.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=11402&d=1361412733 Sincerely, -Mel Live long and prosper!
  8. If this is the case than why are you relying on freeware like the Iobit software to generate and store your passwords??? :shock:You defeat yourself. From your user CP: There is no such thing as AWC5 (at least by Iobit)!! Perhaps you should look at the newer Iobit softwares!!:!: I do hope you are not infected! Sincerely, -Mel Live long and prosper!
  9. Acid test. An Acid test to Enoskype's suggestion would be to completely turn of your wireless adapter capability and plug in directly (using an ethernet cable (wire) to your modum)...bypassing the wireless completely... and using a direct LAN connection instead. (by choosing to do so within your network and sharing controls). If the BSODs desist then the wireless adapter (and/or its driver) is the problem. Sincerely, -Mel Live long and prosper!
  10. Hi doutry... welcome to the Iobit forums! Please give us a simple report of your system using Piriform Speccy. It is a free software by a renowned programmer and is completely safe to use. Please download only the free version (as that is enough). You can Copy/Paste the information from the summary screen after it runs... into your next post. The summary screen will provide your system details (as you were not able to in your registration). http://forums.iobit.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=11387&d=1360282483 It will also reveal what temperatures key components are operating at.:wink: (start simple then move toward the complex to fix). This could be thermally related. Sincerely, -Mel Live long and prosper!
  11. Sorry to see you go Martino! It is unfortunate that you don't think you are up to our level of understanding. By Mel: We would surely assist you in getting to this level... starting with . Sincerely, -Mel Live long and prosper!
  12. Aye! Thanks Enoskype... it is also to be noted that changing of the motherboard can also have the same end result. (lost or used license) Thanks also Scannan, for filling in the blanks!:wink: Sincerely, -Mel Live long and prosper!
  13. Perhaps the lag is due to the fact that by your own post, the licenses are used. That equals three licences. What you are asking for now is a license for your new machine, even though you have used what you paid for.:-| Sincerely, -Mel Live long and prosper!
  14. bump. The next bump post. What and why am I bumping as the thread is sticky and closed? Dang it... soft deleting previous bump post by Solbjerg... as instructed. (the thread is over 2 1/2 years old prior to Solbjerg's now deleted post) Some editing has been done from time to time without this necessarily being reflected in the dates shown :-) Everything was explained in post # 21 (a lot of deleted bumps have taken place since then) Sincerely, -Mel Live long and prosper! [EDIT] Don't understand so restoring. Hi Melvin Actually there was no reason to bump the thread at this time - I had already done so. What would be good though is to add a description on how to use ASC6, it has a totally different interface and the use of the program is also slightly different from the previous versions. There may also be other posts that need a little updating :-) Cheers solbjerg EDIT: Bumping was done to bring USAGE of IOBIT PRODUCTS thread to the top of the threads in Usage of IObit Products section and to make it seen on the Main Forum page for attracting more attention to the users to find it more easily. 氣
  15. Ah! But this is where you have to write the software to accomodate old hardware and make it seamlessly usable to the users of new hardware as well as old. (at least 10-12 years old... the HD's are out there and in use). Of course you could just advise everybody to upgrade.:shock: Sincerely, -Mel Live long and prosper!
  16. Hello again Phaewryn. Is it possible that MSE was running a scan this time instead of being in the background? The heaviness of a MSE scan could cause another software (especially another scanning software to appear to hang)(you may wish to wait a bit longer before the end process if this is the case). Did you run only the built in uninstaller when you removed firefox... or did you use another tool to remove any remnants? (you may have some firefox fragments on your machine). I am not sure where the bug report is located (I've never generated one). Unless you pressed the bug report button, I don't think it was generated. I'm sure it is a text file though if you want to look and probably contains the character set ASC... enter ASC and .txt into your Win search box and see what is returned if you are curious. The non-beta was released on Nov. 13th... I suspect you upgraded during an update. As this would have been an over the top installation of the non-beta... you may consider performing a clean install of the non-beta if the issue re-occurs. Sincerely, -Mel Live long and prosper!
  17. Hi Phaewryn. Just a few questions to clarify the matter if you don't mind.:-) I am curious how long you waited before killing the process? And also at the time were you running any other applications... if so what were they? Also how many times have you run the non-beta version (approximately) and how long has it been installed? Had you ever run firefox on the machine, and if so how long ago did you remove it. If it happens again, will you please save the bug report so that it can be submitted for analysis.:smile: Sincerely, -Mel Live long and prosper!
  18. Hi Sarakael! Within your "Junk Files Clean" section of your settings... http://forums.iobit.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=10855&d=1353274948 Describe how you are running your ASCU please! http://forums.iobit.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=10856&d=1353275294 Sincerely, -Mel Live long and prosper!
  19. Hi jd434... welcome to the Iobit forums. Perhaps you misunderstand the purpose of the application? It is to allow current users of Windows 8 to have a more famialiar desktop (something that they are used to). It is not any kind of substitute for Windowa 8. I would suggest that you get Windows 8 as you already seem to be familiar with it and like it. Sincerely, -Mel Live long and prosper! EDIT: Attention Mel, WinMetro program by IObit is for XP, Vista, and Win7 to function and look alike similar to Windows8.
  20. Hi JUDY-ANNE A GALWAY... welcome to the Iobit forums! Welcome here!:smile: It would be good and helpful of you if you could please clarify your post a bit. Are you hating the "Rubbish" of the Win8metro... or hating the "rubbish" of the application WinMetro? Also please describe the "Rubbish" you are referring to... if I was your neighbor, I'd be happy to carry your garbage out for you if it was in a bag. Please put the Rubbish in a bag and tell us what it is... thanks. Sincerely, -Mel Live long and prosper! P.S. Bing is a MS search engine, like google, or yahoo. What browser are you using now... (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.)? It would be most helpful if you would provide all your system details in your userCP in order for us to help assist you... we will all be looking to your user CP to get these system details to offer assistance.
  21. Hi krazymike! Click here for Cicely. http://forums.iobit.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=10818&d=1352778241 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ http://forums.iobit.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=10817&d=1352777804 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I suppose that this is a very puzzling looking post after looking at it.:shock: Sincerely, -Mel Live long and prosper!
  22. Thank you Toppack and Buddahfan! By Toppack: Sincerely, -Mel Live long and prosper!
  23. Hi Martino! Interesting post... Perhaps you should continue?:wink: Sincerely, -Mel Live long and prosper!
  24. Hi Cicely! Thanks for this!!:smile: Sincerely, -Mel Live long and prosper!
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