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Hey, thanks for the great app. It is a keeper for me now. Here are some suggestions:


Suggestion 1: On the "Defrag Now" Window, I really miss how before, one could select comp defrag or fast defrag and when you pressed defrag, it would do what you selected. It saves me some time and I just hate having to click on defrag and drag the mouse down a little to select.


So perhaps add a selection window somewhere on there allowing the user to select the type of defrag ONCE. THen the defrag button would execute that type of defrag.


Suggestion 2: Maybe make keyboard shortcuts for everything? I see that there are a FEW keyboard shortcuts, so why not do it for the whole program?


Suggestion 3: After analyzing the disk, there isn't any report to view. A report is only generated AFTER you defrag. Then after defragging once, analyzing after, and checking the report, the report shows what the defragging did. In other words, the only thing a user can get from the analyze button is a refreshed view of the clusters as well as a few general details on the bottom. I think a report for the analysis would be much better.


Suggestion 4: On Windows 2000, the system tray icon for ISD is kind of watered down and looks like someone did it in paint (Arrow is white, Tints of blue around). The XP icon is different with the arrow having a gradient, etc. Hope this can be changed so 2k has the same icon.


Image of Tray Icon: http://img180.imageshack.us/img180/9923/isdej1.png


Suggestion 5: I don't know about XP, but on windows 2000, the icons in ISD on the left are really messy around the edges with bits and pieces of random colors. Doesn't look very professional. Also, on top, the minimize icon is cut off. Also, Feed Back should be Feedback. I'd recommend changing it to Support/Feedback. Also, maybe capitalize update in "Check for update." In the Options section, try to be consistent: Either the first word is capitalized and the rest aren't (except Smart Silent Technology) or everything is capitalized, etc. Change the Option text on top to Options to be consistent.


Screenshot of Main:




Suggestion 6: Maybe change the context menu that comes out of the tray icon to the following:


Show/Hide Smart Defrag (I think Show is almost the standard way of saying this)


Defragment Now (You can change this to whatever. If this is implemented, perhaps offer an option in ISD to configure which type of defrag it is.)


Disable AutoDefrag


IObit Home Page (I actually think this just clutters the menu up, but I suppose it lets the user know who made the program so :)




Exit (When someone exits the app, I recommend making a popup confirming AND adding an option to remove ISD from startup, in case someone wants to run on demand only. Of course, there should be an option to not show the popup afterwards IN the popup)


Suggestion 7: This is a suggestion of low priority, but consider making your own built in scheduler because Task Scheduler can have problems. This can be implemented in AWC too. It would add some more flexibility on IObit's part and on the user's part as well.


Suggestion 8: Add an option to maximize ISD's window


Suggestion 9: When you click on the ads/links in ISD, it opens up in Internet Explorer in a tiny window, not with the default browser or in a normal full size window. Fix this please. Shouldn't be hard since the icon to IObit on the bottom opens in default browser in a normal full size window.


Suggestion 10: The progress bar during the defrag isn't very accurate, staying at a low percent until the last couple of seconds and jumping to 100%. Fix this as well please.

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I was just reading about how someone abandoned ISD because it was consistently running..


Suggestion 11: Consider extending the wizard in the beginning. Besides asking what language the user uses, maybe include whether or not the user wants to use ISD for manual defrag only or continuous background defragging.


Heck, why not add a scheduling thing in the beginning that is VERY simple. As in something like: "Would you like to schedule a defrag every week?" Add a note on the side saying that the user can configure this further in the main GUI.

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