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New! Idea For A New Program


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Hello members and guests,


i'm jelrikj and i'm VB Net. Developer but now i'm done with ideas..

i want to make a program in connection with security.


if you ghad a idea :idea: POST IT HERE!


i also need a perfect english translater because english is gonna be standard laungage.

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i want to make a program in connection with security.8:)


what do you have in mind.?


fire wall.? ip stopper? a proxy application.as in hide ip anonymity

,perhaps spy ware,virus, what .you see when you talk security.this is a very broad word.


ok i my self would like to see a brand new program made ip anonymity

and this would not be easy.? i say this as one would want to make one

like proxomitron..no need for any linking to a site .a stand alone for the home user..


able to filter?and and all what one wants to....


something like i use.but a modern application.this if its in a brilliant form would be something a hell of a lot of people want to use.. once proven..

make many want it..

and there are!


there are so many fire walls ,virus,spy,apps.and need far to much man power..

plus cash.


can i ask you have you any apps made as of now?


perfect English translator ,yes this also is not easy..you need a English teacher...that would want to participate..?

and near live next to you....


look i hope you do.and good luck!! i would be the first to try out...


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Universal Web Filter ---perhaps your own name added to this?

perhaps members have a idea for a name



now to see what i am saying you may want to look at this app?


but it would be build from the ground up.brand new.gee a big task.


first thing i want to point out i am no programmer!



i specialize in using tools to achieve what i want..from applications



ok next how do intend when you have this intend to get it out there into the world? and need helpers to test this?

so do you have a site where one could download this.?

1 the program would need the ability to scan, for ip.s open or public ip.


then able to check them? and verify them?

2 filter cookies.java,activeX

adds.popp ups and so on


why i say this could be a hit ,many peaple want that abilaty to mask there true ip!



gee what a exciting thing..!

i hope you are not pulling my bells

you got me really flustered here!



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The name: "Crispo Universal Web Filer V0.0"


yeah your right itsmejjj and i'm no expert programmer.


but i'm gonna build a the basic now!. and i post a screenshot tomorrow here i'm also gonna setup a website( more info tomorrow ) :)


if it is a IP protect program it shoud have a


- whitelist feature

- blacklist feature

- scheduler

and other more features..

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"Crispo Universal Web Filer V0.0"


love it very catchy and would draw attention.!



yeah your right itsmejjj and i'm no expert programmer.

i was referring to ME(itsmejjj)

no you sir..


i do not have a clue in programing..using apps yes .!and to apply them yes.what i want from them.and combined them .but that's it..


and will follow this with a lot of anticipation.!

i do not know what other words to use bit am jumping out of my skin!!


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ok here are 2 examples .now one could use similar with the title added

Crispo Universal Web Filer V0.0


so depending what one likes to use.?


thy by the way a free!

members please help here.lets join in? just think we can be a part of this project!



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hi every one who is a logo maker here .lets see some samples


i am afraid ,i do not know how..to make one for a program.it would have to be different...eye catching..come on gents and ladies! join in with ideas? who knows how

please..i do not understand graphs..bar capture one.or download one..

this is a big project.


i always marveled .people who know how.and we could all chip in a bit here and there.? i do not even know if the samples be any good to use?

i have looked around 5 hours..and its hard to fine something different..

i think it would be the main attraction, of the program.one would want to make it look beautiful,


many thanks..

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swords..yes not bad..i looked again every where but its not easy to find a

picture..that would enhance this type of program..


http://www.zlib.net/ you may want to check this out as well ,i think its a compressor of library? and used in the software?:?:

i do not not if this is usefull but its use in the one i use..

oh yes have you looked at the app ?it probably give you a lot of ideas ?

be it your own way .that you program.this is just so you can get the idea of what we are talking about..


i am amazed .that we have this talent here on our forum..make me feel very humble!!!



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thank you for your advice!

can you make some more? very nice,perhaps fill in the white part with a gentel color?


and perhaps add in,the name,some how? "CRISPO"

this would be the theame of the applacation..remembering its defends your system.protects it.


if possble 3d effect..type icon.NAME..

many thanks


any one else please help us and give your advice,! i think we need something very eye catching., from the piont of view of the younger members..that attracts them to the icon?


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It is actually a png file. The white is transparent, but the forum pages does not present it like that. It should be fine if you download it to your desktop.

It is possible to make a gif-animation where the ikon turns around it self.

If you want me to work on this, just send me an e-mail.

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Here you go. If you like it, send me an e-mail, and we can look more into this.



its up to --jelrikj...



very nice,,! and thank you.

the rocket well? i don't know? it seems not to reflect this type of software.


i think perhaps a few more desired , we could look at? samples..would be very kind.. .--look its not me to say ,it up the program. author,and the producer must be happy with a design ..


if you look at the one here i posted this was made 18 years ago,by a very young programmer who decided to use this..very unique ico,so you know it up to the producer.


but having said that .the one The Viking presented its that already

" unique"


and kind to show us..and i really like it..


or perhaps on similar theme..the more i look at it i like its simplistic. and is eye catching..and the icon tells a story of defense!



first thing my love one said, when i showed her..she liked it as well


It is possible to make a gif-animation where the icon turns around it self.


now that would excellent!

as this could be used on a web page .? or in the program .this i do not know?



she liked the idea saying that would attract a viewer.


"Crispo Universal Web filter"

can this fit in ?

to the icon


also will you happily donate your ico? no strings attached?

as its your time we are taking you are donating.and certainly appreciated..

and we thank you...

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