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any dog owners

sunny staines

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Hi Sunny :wink:


Good choice but be attentive : one and a half-year-old child died having been bitten by a shepherd malinois, wich is not known to be a dangerous dog. It is used for instance by the rescuers to find victims buried further to natural disasters.

Drama occurred in Lucé yesterday morning. The mother, who had accompanied the elder of the family in the school, had left the attacked child and his baby-brother of 4 only months in the flat with the dog...


Best regard

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Hi guys,


I had Great Danes for long time and at the moment have 3 of them, mother and two sons all harlequins.


GDs are Giant dogs, characters depend on how to train and raise them. (Certainly genetic inheretence is important)


Here is an example of a harlequin, the picture is not from me though, from Wiki.




I will post the photoes of mine later.



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we are getting our first dog a bulldog puppy in a few weeks, was wondering what dogs if any fellow readers have.


hi my friends and members


..bull dog Uhh.well any thing like bull dog,mastiff,or pig dogs,and the like DO not belong in a home environment.thy are killers.no if or but.its bred into them from the very first one so named.or reconised as a breed.

i often wonder why people want a breed like it! as a pet ,given the fact thy have killed baby's.young children,even after years of owning them .suddenly attacking a human,no reason needed.ether servery maiming ,and or killing .


now let me say this as a stern warning


stay away from this type of breed.any thing like it.

want a pet?

ok get a cavaleer,or a small shizto.perhaps a tiny breed like chinchilla,

yes even a poodle .cross with the above i mentioned..


a true loving breed,yes thy are small ,but are a wonderful dog to have around..

99.99% safe around humans,and i have never heard of them biting anyone..

secondly the cost is cheaper, less vet bills..do not slobber ,dribble,nor smell

and are the perfect indoor pet.


you find that thy are the best thing you ever owed..


on your part.becoming a owner..take many hours of car full training, and remember . thy need you constantly.want your attention,your love,care ,and can be come at times over bearing.as thy hate to be left alone! thy demand to be with you all the time.at first you will give them this.and every thing is funny.as thy grow up.

1 thy chew every thing .as a pup. be prepared .and you cant hit them

as thy do not understand why you did.. become hand shy...if you do!


you need to substitute for this .like toys thy are allowed to

my one has a teddy it carts around . that i replace often..

2 piddle often when young

3 be prepared for sleepless nights(have to go out for a twiddle.)

4 crying when left out side,

5 barking.at any thing that makes a sound.

6.barking.7 barking.8 barking..yep and that is there inbred job.

why ,thy love you and your home.

7 food the cost to keep one ,be prepared for a yearly bill round the 600$ mark

cost of vet,registrations,depending where you live.learn your laws.on walking.picking up droppings,check with your council.costs,of keeping..a pet


make sure thy cannot wander,or get out of your yard! and this is just the start..


but any thing bigger than a cavalier well don't say you did not know..after you read this.


i advice you strongly do yourself a favor and your dear ones.No bull dog PIT,MASTIFF,anything type..

oh yes i now have a spandoolde...(cavalier cross poodle) and silly as a MAD HATTER..

BUT THE LOVE he gives IS SOMETHING ELS.and child safe!!!



i have given up the bigger type as i cant walk far now .my last one was a Shepperd.i had them all my life..and lucky thy all where good temperament dogs,but now to big for me...and my wife..we have owned greyhounds,whippets,and 1 time a dane(female) dobermans,(male) and yes one time a pit bull dog .i shot, a 2 year old.for attacking my sheep! dropped 7 in the one night.no reason, by the way took 3 head shots ta kill it! something i never forget.it it was very sad as i did love him.i also have shot

many that wondered onto my land,and still do! if i spot one.

mostly cross mongrels.i will and do not tolerate them..

any how

if you decide on this breed good luck ,and hope its a good one..but please check this out..


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this is the place where we will get our dog, you can read the link



they have excellent character and temperament, may be stubborn during early training.


But a dog no matter what breed can be a danger if not treated and trained properly, they need to be treated as loyal pets not like a baby or status symbol and the dog needs to know you are in charge not the dog.

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well piont is you are going to be a owner.of one of this type of dog.and its you who must bear the responsibility.for its actions.behavior.



like i siad i grew up with them.seen good ones seen some bad,ones.shot many! i hunted them for bounty many years ,wild,ones and .the type that went ( gone) wrong,i know what thy can do.and seen what thy can do


if one turns, unless one is armed

and able ,to stop one.thy can tear rip maim very quick...seen them pull down a full gown bush (rouge) bull i seconds

ripping them apart.watch them bring down a bores (feral).in full flight.hang on .

till shot .sometimes just sit back and give them a kill.seen many live stock desamated (kill for the trill) and not just the pit type all sorts .size and breeds.



yes i know this is in the bush.sure but one hears this all the time attacking humans small.kids.old people.almost Every week..

.i have seen trained pets

owners bewildered ,when talking to them,there loved one are attacked.NO reason. what so ever.just turn in a second.!


now i think you know what you want.and hope you enjoy the pup.as it grows.

just because i hate this breed (TYPE) has nothing to do with it..


that's a matter of what one likes..for me .if i had my way(thank goodness its not so) there be none alive!

i just do not trust them.never will .or even want to.any thing with the name .bull.pit,mastiff.i hate them.full stop.


funny thing just shot 2 a few mouths back on the lose..

but i have to admit thy are far and few between now..


thanks to the new rules on keeping dogs!.

like i say i hope you and the pup are and be good for each other.

and yes thy seem to come from a good breeder.????

lets hope so..


but not impressed with the bull .

and this sort of advert.


{modern Bulldog}, he set about crossing Stafford’s, Bullmastiffs, Bull Terriers and the healthiest Bulldogs he could find.

makes my skin crackle and reach for my hunting weapons..lets hope this joker got it right! if not .well??????



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bravo guys!


Small appeared announcement in the press in these terms:


Young black searches companion.

Unimportant ethnic origin.

I am pretty and I love having a good time.

I am crazy about big promenades in wood, about walks in 4x4, of hunt, camping, of exits, of peach and of parties where I am comfortably lengthened to fire.

I shall be in your door when you will take in the job, carrying on me only what nature gave me.

Kiss me and I belong to you.

Tel (404) 875-6429 and ask Daisy.


More than 15.000 men answered this announcement and discovered that they had called SPA about a bitch Labrador of 8 weeks...

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