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Email client


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win 7 mail program.what do you use and why .?


i have downloaded Thunderbird and seems to work.but cant get any email

or perhaps do not have any yet the set up seems very easy

but would like to know what is the easy,and safe client to use

i am uneasy using this.and don't have a clue what and how ta use it..

and how to let it pass my filters.i amuse i need to allow port 25? 110?

(not happy about this)

i am not kidding around when i say i have no idea,

and want sound advice please..



what a little scary is i need ta use my own ip (non proxcy) ok now how safe is this as far as the client Thunderbird and what will it pass outwards.

can it be intercepted? or got at some how.if so how do you protect your self?

i toyed with it quickly with using a proxy and my filters but as i knew it

would timed out..and did..before i use my own i need ta know a few things.

this is a big step for me




oh yes and what this thing about checking? is this needed? and what is this doing .as in linking? i read a lot of things about emailing and the scamming s,

intercepting,and so on.

the proxy client i use 90% of the time is free and have cleaned up and filters

the bad side of the net now protecting one from a lot of garbage..

thy are really a clean safe free proxy.


look thy may log and i think thy do.

but i do not care about this. so long as thy keep me hidden and from prying eyes,i use them properly and thy provide a good service.that all that matters.

but not that i would use a Email client .using them or any proxy.and not filter.

so that is why i am asking all about using a EMAIL client..

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thank you kindly for allowing the post.


i now am able to receive,but cant send out ! even with every protection off

its all correctly edited in the Email client. pop and stmp. yet cant post a email.out.

the ip stopper i use is in of mode..so all ports are accessible..not what i like to do..but still nothing.and yes all filters are of.using my true ip this is painfuller


no realy is there something i can do?


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Hi jjj,


Did you play with the authentication part of it, ask your ISP if the incoming mail and outgoing mail needs authentication.

Also, in the last couple of years, some of the ISPs have changed the working ports for the e-mail client, ask them which ports are used for incoming and outgoing mail.



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authentication yes that was good we did check over the telephone and went step by step as i got zip.when i received i amuse i could get out as well

but that's i will check that out..never crossed my mind.

i just want to try to send a message ,knowing it will work.

is there a way ta post to one self and receive ? i know it sound silly ..

i mean send out and get it back?


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authentication. ya hit it on the head! thanks a bunch !!!

this is very good news!


and who said ya to old ta learn!!!

need a few apps that protect the client? any one point me to them.and what are very good free preferably..

i have yet to study this client and learn it properly.or do i not need one.




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well having a good look at the client its to easy .its very similar as its browser


fire fox and comet bird.in its behavior .barring its not a browser as is surfing.

as to tweaking it.

but i just spent a few hours resetting editing, the internals.and the similar workings fit perfect with my system.leaving all as i have it ,my system default settings.i do not need to turn any thing of

this is a very good client.and fits the needs i was looking for.

got rid of the plug ins as thy leak out info

no add in or plug in..as thy are not needed

so just to let you all know and save you time on helping me .

this is a very good Email client ..


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Hi jjj,


I know you're happy with what you have now, and it's a good one too, but I have an alternative if you ever need one :


Windows Mail can be installed rather easily on Win7. I'm not taking about "Windows Live Mail", but the "Windows Mail" app that is found in Vista.

There are some parts of it present in Win7, but you need to do some tweaking to get it going. Only one feature of Windows Mail doesn't work on Win7 machines : the updating of the spam filters. The filters work Ok, but they won't update like they do in Vista ; you can still add rules to it yourself though.


I've installed Windows Mail on a few Win7 machines, mostly because some people really like the MS program (similar to Outlook Express) and they don't want to migrate to Windows Live Mail.



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Windows Mail


yes i did read up on this client.and that some links favored it over the live mail app.and there reason why.spent 4 hours or so surfing around.


i did give it a shot and had to pull out Malcuim to reinstall .this my personal pc.


so decided to try the one i have now ,its a peace of cake to use .not a problem with the OS i use.and very easy to tweak.i cant say more than that.

but its doing what i hoped for.and better than i hoped for..that is why i asked for help. for and what type to try.

the version i have is a little out of date but a very good client..

thanks for your kind help..

i shall try it later on my other pc.and test it out..

the ad dons i have disengaged .for now as i do not yet need them..and may never want to use them..and thinking to rid them..

agian many thanks for fore your time..




thanks for the warning on the flash player plug-in to version

but i disengaged them..the minit i spotted them..and cant yet see why i would let them use or link to the net..

i have been very tense when trying this form of technology.this is a hard time for me,yet rather fascinating.so i need to be sure what i do pass out.

and if so what ,bar a Email text type message.

if its a worry for me rather than pleasure See how fast i rid this! and kill the mail thing..

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Hi So_sad,


Since you have the experience of using Windows Mail on Windows 7, and this thred is about e-mail, why don't you describe "how to" of that?


It will be beneficial to user if anybody wants to use it.


Thanks and cheers.

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Hi enoskype :smile:


I got the method from a colleague who knows people on the MS newsgroups and forums. You can find the quick answer here :



I could provide a step-by-step method, but won't, and there are a few reasons for that :


- Windows Mail is not an official Win7 supported application. It works just fine, but it shouldn't be there. The main thing is that some folder permissions have to be altered to allow the program to work in Win7 ; that can be tricky for some with little or no experience.


- If someone already has a computer with Vista, they can use the WM folder already present on the Vista box and transfer it over (with tweaking). But if someone doesn't have a Vista machine, then they'll need to download the Vista WM folder from the internet. I can't encourage that.


- There is a bit more to do if Win7 is 64 bits.


- I know jjj well enough to trust him and provide him with a step-by-step guide. In private. I also know he's careful with making images before doing stuff like this so I wouldn't need to worry about his system crashing from a small mistake made (mine or his), or whatever.


- A recent MS hotfix borked WM in Win7, so a .dll file had to be replaced in order to fix the problem. Easy to do, but you need to know what's going on and who to ask for help, when things stop working. This happened because the update did not factor in people using WM in Win7.


I hope this all makes sense.

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I use WM on my Vista machine because the wife likes it :mrgreen:


I installed WM on a few Win7 machines because those folks wanted WM.


I use Gmail a lot, but for my own use (forums, etc...). I still prefer WM for the features and, well, you know what they say about old shoes ; I had used Outlook Express for ages, so...

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