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"Antirus Software Alert" Virus?...wont' allow IOBit 360 or AVG run!! [Fixed]

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i turned on my desktop ... opened nothing ... some sort of virus scan started which at first I thought was IOBit360 or AVG. Suddenly I started getting messages popping up about my computer being infected.


There was a Windows Security Warning that "reports that computer is infected ... Antivirus software helps tio protect your computer against viruses and other security threats, Click here for the scan your computer. Your system might be at risk now."


There was an "Antivirus software alert" about an Infiltration Alert ... "Your computer is being attacked by an internet virus. It could be a password-stealing attack, a trojan - dropper or similar"


I tried to click on my IOBit 360 program and got the "Security Warning, Application cannot be executed. The file is360.exe is infected. Do you want to activate your antivirus software now?" I clicked the 'x' and closed the window.


I tried to run AVG abd got the same message about it being infected and application cannot be executed.


I shut down the computer and unplugged everything for several minutes and plugged it all back in and tried again. It went right into the same popups.


I tried to open the Control Panel and open Add/Remove Programs to delete whatever anti-virus program installed itself. Add/Remove Programs will not open.


There is a new little green Anti-Virus Program icon now in my toolbar.


The computer has been on since I have been writing this post. New "Attentionb! Spyward Alert" messages are on my screen. The Address line has changed to http:wwwDOTpornoDOTorg (and I have NEVER in my life looked at pornography on the internet!!)


Security Warning ... Application cannot be executed. The file avgui.exe is infected. So you want to activate your antivirus software now? just came on the screen.


I am on my daughter's old "rather unstable" laptop at the moment. I am NOT good at typing on a laptop...so I am slower and make more typos than on a desktop. Sorry.


What can I do? Please help!!!


Edit by wozofoz: For safety reasons, I changed the link so it can't be clicked.

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sorry about the link. Although the address was in the address bar, nothing was on the screen,


On the "Antivirus software alert" message there are 'Details:"


They keep changing ...


They were


Attack from port 3311

Attaqcked port: 8640

Threat: BankerFox.A


Then .. Attack fromL 125,40.22.175 port 53869

Attacked port: 56871


Attack from: ...


This detail information is changing rapidly


Should I turn off the computer?????

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Turn off


I'm not an expert on this, but yes, I would turn Off the computer, I can't see any good reason to have it running.

I would also disconnect completely from the internet, which means pulling out the plug from the back of the Tower or Router.

If that is too difficult then unplug or turn off the main power switch (on the wall) that the computer is plugged into.

I don't think it's a good idea to leave any possibility of internet connection open.


If you have used a USB Flash Drive or Expansion Card etc on this infected computer do not plug it into the Notebook.


Hopefully someone will be along soon to help, good luck.


All the best, woz of oz

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Since this window called "Antivirus software alert" has been changing all the detail information but BankerFox.A comes up a lot, I looked up that virus but i see other "Threat"s coming through now, too


I am panicking here!!!!!!


Now IE is changing addresses to things about viagara ,,,,


IOBit Security is RUNNING!!!! Security alerts keep popping up in front of it, but it keeps running!!! It is almost finished with a full scan, but it has detected bi threats yet! It finished ... no threat


This laptop that I am on was the oldest one my daughter had ... The cd drive door won't open, so I can't try to download anything on to a disk,


I tried that "Hijack Scan' and it did it,...but Internet Explorer won't let me open anything to post it here.

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Hi again --mom--,


As wozofoz and myself said previously, best practice is to wait for a Malware Fighter, but if you are not that patient, you can read something about that rogueware program.


Our fellow member atailor1 has pointed out to me THIS link, so you can have a read in the mean time.


If there is not a response from one of the Malware Fighters, then you can post the same problem in IS360 section for some other members to respond.

It can also be moved here if the necessity arises.



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Thank you both, enoskype and wozofoz. Sorry I panicked and sounded so impatient. (I AM panicked, but I can wait for help.)


I turned off the computer and disconnedted it from the cable in the wall for a little while, but I had to plug it back in to use this laptop to check back here.


While the desktop was unplugged from the cable, I tried doing anything with it. Everything I try to use comes up with a "is infected' message (i.e., iso360.exe is infected; control.exe is infected; avgui.exe is infected; rundll.32.exe is infected; ccleaner.exe is infected; etc.).


The one 'program' which DOES seem to work EVERY time is 'Actvir Solution Pro". It just keeps scanning. It is NOT something I intentionally downloaded to my computer. A description that comes up with it says: "This demo version if Antivir Solution Pro. Please note that removal feature is disabled in demo mode, To be able to remove viruses found and protect your PC, you should purchase a license."


I will wait, and thank you so much!

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Problem solved thanks to Mongoose!!!


After several hours of following Mongoose's advice and directions, the infection which had taken over my desktop computer was uninstalled/deleted/eradicated! :-) It's gone!


A BIG thank you to Mongoose! He was patient and tenacious in giving me instructions to fix what seemed like an IMPOSSIBLE problem to fix.


This is just the greatest forum ever!!!...with the friendliest, most knowledgeable, techs (and non-techs) on the planet!!!


Thank you, Mongoose! And, a big thank you to the moderators and other people who so willingly give their time and help to ordinary people like me!

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Thank you, enoskype.


I can certainly try to do such a synopsis in the hope of helping someone else in the future. I have asked Mongoose if he would prefer to explain the solution or if he would like me to do it. (Mine won't be as good as his because I'm not too technically proficient, but I would do the best I can in describing the process.)


I have just posted another question in the Lounge because I see that (since the deletion of the fake antivirus program today) I have lost access to all my 'Favorites' (and the ability to bookmark anything there) in the toolbar across the top of Internet Explorer. The loss of that feature is a small price to pay for the use of my computer back; but, if it's an easy fix, I would love to get this feature back.


EDIT: Please check that thread in the Lounge section.

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