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tidy a drive..


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the best way to def-rag.have you ever wondered about this?


some say dayly.others say 2 times a week.or 1 time a month...


now if you own a large drive.say 800gig plus...and you have large files this can take a very long time...or if you uninstall.play games this also will take a while..


so the best way to defrag a drives or drives..turn of the modem.close your fire wall and every application running.run your cleaner,clear all the stored junk from the net..

.and just have your defrag app running.

then go have a cup of tea,and watch some TV...and be patent .this could take hours,do a soled deep defrag.so your file are one continues file.and are knitted side by side in on long string..no gaps in between them....



ok when its finished.do 1 more .this should be now very fast..then reboot

and turn on your modem..


what one should consider if say moving a large file,3 or 4 gig derfarg the drive first.. applying this to a usb drive..Mostly.


now do not run it if downloading of the net.or copy past any files.if defraging..thy become scattered ,all over the drive..

plus you could end up in downloaded corrupted files..as thy can lose data,or Cris cross.overlapping..same as running software.when defraging...


just something to ponder over..

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Re: tidy a drive..


now lets talk a bit more here..

boosters --to speed up ones pc...i personalty don't like them..or apps to so call speed up a system..

its preference,and many do use them..i myself prefer DE fragmenting a drive,

say every other week.and that is plenty.yes use cleaners,and rid junk files.

and run something like ASC.

or what ever,one uses..or likes and find best for the user..


speed is not a problem any more on the modern systems..boot up well how fast should this be.4 seconds? i don't think so..usually round the 15 to 25 seconds is fast ..and then the system runs according to how its tweaked.and what one runs..

but yes defrag a drive is the i feel important thing to apply ..and keeps the system sharp..


so what program (defrag) to use?

there are many .and what ever you find best for you .is it..


i use 2..one for heavy work. 5 times a year.

1 for the normal fast defrag..every 2 weeks..


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Re: tidy a drive..


now speed is determined by ? yes what you use.

at boot up the less apps running the faster the boot up.we all know this..?


yet some want to push a system harder.make it run faster..is this a good idea?

well i don't think it is.all you do is force the pc mother board to heat up.and the CPU run harder....

bit like holding the foot on the break and gassing a car .so why would one make a pc run hard.?


i also read the complaints Many that do.as the system breaks down,

so what are the main apps to use for a smooth system,running at normal speed.and no slow down...


ok a Os of your choosing. then a fire wall,now be patent and test it out..

ok now 1 browser.test that out..

1 virus program,test it.

1 utility test that.

1 cleaner

1 defraging application...test that out..


you should not of noticed a slow down...if any...


ok booting will be a bit longer..


so as you and i add programs there has to be some slow down..

until thy load and run..note when and if there is.when installing a app

if there is , that sllowed your system,then

re-image the drive with your back up..you would of made with each install.

defrag the drive ,try a other app similar to what you wanted..till you find what you are happy with..


the big thing that i find is updates are all manual,to stop slow downs.

any linking is blocked that Do attempt to link,if thy persist,without my

interference,( BLOCKED)then i get rid of them..


as a example iobit defrag is block from linking,(Fire wall option) i don't need it to link to work.

if i think its time to update then i download a new version..

this applies to any and all apps..

you think about this every day how many app want to link.

staring with the OS and then every other.every hour on the hour..


this just slows a system down,besides changing my configured system i do not allow,


just something to ponder over..


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